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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Evidence In Marc Rich Pardon!

If there are any good men left in our government who hold positions of power, you are being called to action.

Why is this new evidence important? Because it involves two individuals president-elect Barack Obama has named as appointees. Hillary Clinton is being nominated as his Secretary of State and Eric Holder is being nominated as his Attorney General.

This evidence could seriously implicate both of them. As the wife of president Clinton and new Senator-elect at the time, Hillary had to have known about this. Eric Holder, as Deputy Atty General was VERY involved in the process of pardoning Marc Rich and it's believable that he may have even known more of the details than Hillary did.

Everyone remembers the flurry of pardons signed by Bill Clinton in the days before he left office in 2001.

Possibly the most egregious one (certainly the most well known) was the pardoning of Marc Rich, who actually renounced his citizenship to escape prosecution while a fugitive..

NOW a witness has come forward with a sworn declaration claiming to have been present in meetings with Denise Rich (Marc's wife) in which she spoke of a fund created by her husband for the sole purpose of granting him a pardon. That fund, according to the sworn declaration was $250 Million and was to get president Clinton to, in effect, buy Rich's freedom.

Click here to listen to the witness give that sworn declaration.

Witness is willing to testify under oath and take a polygraph. The voice has been disguised.

If true, this could mean that Bill Clinton would have accepted a substantial bribe to exercise executive powers to free a very bad dude..

Lest we not forget, Mr. Clinton also pardoned members from the FALN and Weather Underground (yes, Bill Ayers' gang) terrorist groups. Does this sworn declaration call into question Mr. Clinton's motives with regard to those idividuals as well?

Here's more information on the sworn declaration from Doug Ross' site...

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