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Monday, August 2, 2010


Billy Joel sang that 'Only the Good Die Young'. After watching Lt. General Jerry Boykin talk about why the Ground Zero mosque cannot and should not be built and Lt. Colonel Allen West talk about why he left the military, you'll wonder if only the good Generals and Colonels retire. As for Boykin's message, it's crystal clear. Construction of the Cordoba House mosque would not only be a symbolic victory for the Islamic world but it would serve to unite Muslims against the United States and put our security at much greater risk.

This really isn't hard to comprehend but for some reason, not nearly enough do.

Via Erik Stakelback at Big Peace:

Also via Big Peace, is this highly inspirational video featuring Lt. Col. Allen West, also retired. However, West IS running for Congress in Florida:


Make no mistake. Sides are being chosen and lines are being drawn. Government officials are being held accountable at all levels to uphold their oaths to protect and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. An Arizona sheriff in Pinal county named Paul Babeu has now publicly stated where he stands and it is against the Federal government, which he has identified as the enemy in his state's battle to deal with the illegal immigration problem which, as he says, has serious implications for the entire country.

Via CNSNews:
“Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help,” Babeu said.

Babeu and Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County Ariz., spoke by phone with last week about the May 17 ACLU class-action lawsuit, which charges the law uses racial profiling and named the county attorneys and sheriffs in all 15 Arizona counties as defendants. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on July 6, charging the Arizona law preempted the federal government’s sole right to enforce immigration law.

“If the president would do his job and secure the border; send 3,000 armed soldiers to the Arizona border and stop the illegal immigration and the drug smuggling and the violence, we wouldn’t even be in this position and where we’re forced to take matters into our own hands,” Babeu said.
Dever said the federal government’s failure to secure the border and its current thwarting of Arizona’s effort to control illegal immigration within its borders has implications for the entire country.
It cannot be overstated that our Federal government is not only refusing or unable to do its job to enforce immigration laws. It is now actively preventing that enforcement; it is literally a lawless government by definition and SB 1070 has proven it, regardless of Judge Susan Bolton's attempt to de-fang it.

Read it all.


Ok, forget birtherism for a minute; I've long come down on the side of it being a blind alley. That said, there continues to be red flags about Obama's past that continue to be ignored by those charged with looking into them. It's like the driver of a bus speeding through through barricades with signs that say, 'Bridge Out Ahead' while passengers keep screaming to pull over. In the case of Obama's past, we just rammed through another barricade.

We have the issue of the Connecticut Social Security numbers and the questionable Selective Service application. Obama's passport has been off-limits too. Now we have a new development involving his mother's passport records, made available in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by a man named Christopher Strunk.

Via WND:
Last week, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother – but those records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

The State Department claims that a 1980s General Services Administration directive had resulted in the destruction of many passport applications and other "non-vital" passport records, including Dunham's 1965 passport application and any other passports she may have applied for or held prior to 1965.
Taken alone, this particular issue wouldn't raise many eyebrows, especially if all of the other questions about Obama had been answered. In fact, if the other discrepancies were reconciled, this one either would be as well or would be viewed as insignificant. Taken together, with those discrepancies, it just raises more questions.

A curious fact revealed by Corsi is that the documents released to Strunk via the FOIA prove that Dunham applied for a passport in 1965 because she tried to re-new it in 1968. However, that 1965 application was not included with the documents and the reason given by the State Department doesn't square with stated policy. Strunk was told that those records were destroyed. However, the State Department website - according to Corsi - highlights a pretty obvious discrepancy with that claim:
The claim made in the FOIA response letter that many passport records were destroyed during the 1980s comes despite a statement on the State Department website that claims Passport Services maintains U.S. passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present.
As I've said before, I'm not in the birther camp and this doesn't put me there. However, there are several very questionable - and unanswered - aspects to Barack Obama's past; this only adds to the already existent pile of question marks.

More at WND


If nothing else, Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) serves as a good barometer for what members of congress are really thinking. Unlike the savvy spinmeisters, Stark usually blurts out the most absurd things without running his thoughts through a filter. That's both good and bad but it at least provides the American people a look inside the corrupt sewer that is our government. In this case, he says the Federal Government can do anything it wants.

Perhaps most disturbing is his reaction to how well that statement goes over with the people at his July 24th town hall. As the crowd predictably boos loudly, the woman who asked the original question tells Stark that he and people that think like he does are "destroying this nation". He's almost nodding in agreement, with a look that says, "Yeah, so what?" He then thanks her for making him feel comfortable. He seems so calm, it almost seemed like he wasn't kidding.

Note to people who attend town halls and want to ask questions. Please be concise and try not to read from notes; it detracts from the passion we all know you feel.

Via Dittos-Rush:

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