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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video: Leftists Show Face of Evil

Remember the premise of the left; the Tea Party, conservatives, and anyone on the right is racist and intolerant. Keep that in mind as you watch this video from a recent leftwing protest in California billed as the anti-Koch Brothers rally to counter the Koch Brother strategy session inside. The camera man here does an excellent job of getting the protesters to reveal their true sentiment. At one point, a man is asked what should be done with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after he is impeached. His response?

'Send him back to the fields.' As for Justice Sam Alito, well he should be sent 'back to Sicily.' Then he referred to Roger Ailes as a 'bastard' that should be 'kill(ed).' Another woman recommends that Justice Thomas should be forced to eat all of his toes after they're cut off 'one by one.' She apparently views that as justice for Anita Hill. At the end, one protester says in response to what should be done to Justice Thomas: 'Hang him.'

If you're compelled to see the face of evil reveal itself in a mass of people, watch the video below.


h/t The Blaze

Not Good: Obama meets with Turkey's Erdogan about Egypt

The worst possible decision on the part of the United States relative to the crisis in Egypt is to side with the Muslim Brotherhood; that is the response Obama has chosen. After that, the worse possible decision relative to handling it would be to engage Turkey's leaders for help in doing so; that is also the response Obama has chosen. The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to restore the Islamic caliphate that was dismantled in 1924. That caliphate was known as the Turkish Ottoman empire and was based in what is today Turkey.

Until Turkey's elections in 2002, it was an unequivocal secular ally of the United States. Since those elections, the government there has been making a very hard Islamic turn. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the Prime Minister and Abdullah Gül is the president; both have been sending strong signals that they'd like to see the return of that caliphate as well.

Now Obama is enlisting the help of Turkey to help aid in the transition of power from Mubarak to the Muslim Brotherhood. It doesn't take much to conclude that Obama is behaving exactly like someone who wants to see the return of the Ottoman Empire. In light of these recent events, there is one country who must absolutely be very disappointed in Obama and that country is Saudi Arabia, which greatly fears a resurrected Ottoman empire. The House of Saud helped to sellout the Turks to the west and the Brotherhood has a long memory. This puts an entirely new spin on Obama's bow to the Saudi King; the recent events seem to indicate that it was to deceive the House of Saud, not show allegiance to it.

Via MSN:
Continuing with his global outreach on Egypt, US President Barack Obama called Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the White House has said.

"The two leaders discussed the unfolding events in Egypt and their shared commitment to a future that realises the aspirations of the Egyptian people," the White House said in a statement yesterday.
Mark Knoller, White House correspondent for CBS also confirms this via his tweets.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Video: Chris Matthews Mocks Beck for Telling the Truth

The last time I saw Chris Matthews so sardonic was when he was visibly incredulous at the notion of doing a segment on the birthers. This video montage starts out with Matthews and Eugene Robinson playing a few clips of Glenn Beck saying that the socialist left and the Islamists are allies because both have a common enemy in Israel. Whether or not hatred for Israel makes them allies is of little consequence in this clip. Matthews and his guest are more interested in painting Beck as a kook for saying it than in looking at the actual facts. The closer you get to the truth with the left, the more they try to paint you as a nut.

The way Matthews reacts almost makes me want to give the birthers a second look. Anyway, the short exchange between Matthews and Robinson is followed by a montage of other clips which more than prove Beck's point.

Via The Blaze:

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