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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Not only is the case of the Black Panther case in Philadelphia still lingering, much to the chagrin of Eric Holder, but it appears that the blatant absurdity of how it was handled may be doing serious and tangible damage to Holder's Department of Justice. The case was about two Black Panthers dressed in military garb (one wielding a night stick) outside a polling station in Philadelphia on election day 2008.

The thugs were caught on video.

Suit was filed and the Panthers never responded to it. The plaintiffs had won a default judgment. Disturbingly, Holder's office dropped the charges against three of the defendants with the fourth getting less than a slap on the wrist.

The WASHINGTON TIMES reported that this incident and how it was handled stinks so badly that DOJ employees may be exiting as a result. Holder's deputy, David Ogden is resigning and two other top DOJ attorneys are gone as well.

Issues involved in causing this case to haunt Holder are many but perhaps most important among them is the Department's apparent decision to stonewall the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' request via subpoena for information about the case:
...a Web site called "Main Justice" reported on Wednesday (and we have since confirmed) that the Justice Department has, for now, ordered two key career attorneys not to comply with a subpoena about the case issued by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The commission, by law, has explicit power to issue subpoenas, and the law mandates that "all federal agencies shall cooperate fully with the commission." The Justice Department, however, is citing internal regulations stemming from a 1951 case to support its order to ignore the subpoena.
So a law that says entity A can issue subpoenas to entity B is trumped by entity B saying that it doesn't have to comply with the law entity A is using to issue subpoenas?

Makes perfect sense.


Marc Morano's Climate Depot website is dedicated to getting the facts about the Climate Change hysteria out. Hurricane expert William Gray has written a piece that is on Morano's site and is calling climategate an international conspiracy. When you consider the actual definition(s) of a conspiracy, it's not a leap at all. First, consider that Phil Jones, the head of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) in Great Britain steps down. Then once you realize that American Michael Mann is being investigated by his University - Penn State - the basis for a conspiracy is realized.

Remember, the definition of a conspiracy is as follows:

an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

As Gray says in his PIECE, if the East Anglia emails are the "tip of the iceberg" in this scandal, perhaps Jones and Mann are the tip of the conspiracy as there are several others involved.

According to Gray:
There has been an unrelenting quarter century of one-sided indoctrination of the western world by the media and by various scientists and governments concerning a coming carbon dioxide (CO_2 ) induced global warming disaster. These warming scenarios have been orchestrated by a combination of environmentalists, vested interest scientists wanting larger federal grants and publicity, the media which profits from doomsday scenario reporting, governmental bureaucrats who want more power over our lives, and socialists who want to level-out global living standards. These many alarmist groups appear to have little concern over whether their global warming prognostications are accurate, however. And they most certainly are not. The alarmists believe they will be able to scare enough of our citizens into believing their propaganda that the public will be willing to follow their advice on future energy usage and agree to a lowering of their standard of living in the name of climate salvation.
Gray's take on the media is as good an explanation as any but it was just about reporting doomsday scenarios, you'd think they'd want to report a huge scandal involving those scenarios. But alas, they're blatantly and conspicuously silent. Are they part of the conspiracy too?


h/t to WND


For those who thought Hillary would have been better than Barack, may I suggest she simply would have been more cunning as she's known how Washington, D.C. works better than Obama did. Both Hillary and Barack revered Saul Alinsky, both hail from Chicago, and both apparently enjoy the Chicago way.

Mark Penn, Hillary's 2008 pollster heads two businesses that received nearly $6 million of the $787 Billion stimulus bill according to THE HILL.
Nearly $6 million in stimulus money was paid to two firms run by Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s pollster in 2008.

Federal records show that $5.97 million from the $787 billion stimulus helped preserve three jobs at Burson-Marsteller, the global public-relations and communications firm headed by Penn.
Sounds "Shovel-ready" to me.

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