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Friday, November 18, 2011

Napolitano in 2009: Right Wing Extremist Report; Napolitano in 2011: Silent

To call this a double standard would be a slap in the face to double standards. In 2009, at the dawn of the Tea Party movement, a DHS document was leaked that focused on right wing extremism. It profiled (yes, profiled) individuals and groups that Janet Napolitano's Department identified as a terrorist threat. On April 15, 2009, CNN posted a story entitled, 'Napolitano defends report on right-wing extremist groups.' A photo at the top of the article showed a crowd of people in front of the Capitol holding Nazi flags. Two years later, the American Nazi Party endorsed the increasingly violent (and very left-wing) Occupy Wall Street protests.

Via CNN in 2009:
The Department of Homeland Security will never monitor ideology or political beliefs, the head of the agency said Wednesday, responding to criticism of a recent report on right-wing extremist groups.

"Let me be very clear: We monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a written statement.

"We don't have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence."

The report, "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," said right-wing extremist groups may be using the recession and the election of the nation's first African-American president to recruit members.

The report, which was prepared in coordination with the FBI, was published last week. It was distributed to federal, state and local law enforcement officials. Mainstream media picked up the story after it was reported by conservative bloggers.

Though the nine-page report said it had "no specific information that domestic right-wing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence," it said real-estate foreclosures, unemployment and tight credit "could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past."

The report compared the current climate with that of the 1990s, saying a recession, criticism over outsourcing of jobs and a perceived threat to U.S. power at that time fueled a resurgence of right-wing extremism.

However, it said, "Despite similarities to the climate of the 1990s, the threat posed by lone wolves and small terrorist cells is more pronounced than in past years."
Two years later, the OWS movement seems to have thousands of 'lone wolves' who have been arrested all across the country. There has been significant amounts of violent crime, to include rape and murder. It's also safe to say that the movement is wrought with derelicts who, in fact, are terrorists. Yet, the entire Obama administration - including Napolitano - remains virtually silent.

That brings us to the latest incident the OWS movement has to be proud of - terrorizing small children who were trying to get to school.

Via Breitbart:

Send me an email if you spot a DHS Report on Left-wing Extremism. I'll be here, holding my breath.

h/t Free Republic

Failed Krauthammer Prediction: 'Newt Gingrich is Done'

For those inclined to put significant stock into what right wing establishment pundits say and become concerned when what they say is not good news, breathe a little easier today. Six months ago, Charles Krauthammer adamantly asserted that Newt Gingrich was 'done.' Today, Gingrich is at the top of the polls.

Also, six months ago, George Will said the Republican nominee would be either Mitch Daniels or Tim Pawlenty.

h/t Hapblog

Number of Congressmen Calling for Eric Holder to Resign Climbs to 51

This is what we call inertia. As the scandal known as Fast and Furious continues to dog the Obama administration in general and Eric Holder in particular, the number of congressmen who are calling on Holder to resign continues to climb, almost on a daily basis. Just two days ago, the number stood at 43. It's now at 51.

Via Daily Caller:
The number of congressmen calling for Holder’s immediate resignation is now 51. New additions to that list include Republican Reps. Todd Akin and Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri, Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia, Steven Palazzo of Mississippi and Jeff Duncan of South Carolina.

Rep. Westmoreland said Operation Fast and Furious was a disgrace to the American people and that Holder needs to resign immediately.

“Fast and Furious played fast and loose with the American public’s safety, leaving a U.S. Border patrol agent dead and DOJ-purchased guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords,” Westmoreland told The Daily Caller. “To say this program was a failure and an embarrassment to the U.S. justice system is an understatement.”

“No matter how many times the attorney general’s statement of when he was aware of Operation Fast and Furious changes — and it has changed almost daily — at the end of the day, he is the head of the Department of Justice and the buck stops with him,” said Westmoreland.

“It’s time for Mr. Holder to hold himself accountable,” he added.
The Caller also has an interesting theory about why the White House may be silent in the face of the mounting pressure on Holder to resign:
The White House and the Justice Department remain silent as pressure for Holder’s immediate resignation builds, which may be a sign that the Obama administration is prepared to force Holder out if it is politically necessary.
While this administration has thrown countless people under the bus, it does not want to part with Holder. If it does, this scandal may be even bigger than anyone thought.

Moreover, a Holder resignation should not end the investigation. There are too many questions remaining about what the heads of State (Hillary Clinton), DHS (Janet Napolitano), and the FBI (Robert Mueller) all knew.
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