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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just when we thought there were enough problems to deal with, this human slug comes out and says something over-the-top stupid. Michael Moore is saying that the Cordoba mosque is two blocks too far away from Ground Zero. Moore is publicly calling for the mosque to be built on Ground Zero itself. His reason? To spite those who oppose it by showing us all that we're intolerant. Feisal Abdul Rauf and his minions are apparently the victims of hatred and bigorty.

Via CNN:
Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is weighing in on the proposed Islamic Community Center in New York City, stirring the the pot by saying he doesn't want it to be built near Ground Zero but rather on Ground Zero.

"I want it built on Ground Zero. Why? Because I believe in an America that protects those who are the victims of hate and prejudice," Moore writes in an open letter on his website. "I believe in an America that says you have the right to worship whatever God you have, wherever you want to worship.

"And I believe in an America that says to the world that we are a loving and generous people and if a bunch of murderers steal your religion from you and use it as their excuse to kill 3,000 souls, then I want to help you get your religion back. And I want to put it at the spot where it was stolen from you," he added.
It doesn't end there. Moore is urging people to donate to the mosque's construction and is even pledging to match donations up to $10,000.

If and when evidence is uncovered that these funds are going to nefarious ends, Moore should be investigated over any contributions he makes.

More at CNN


It's really shameful that a politician from a foreign country has to come to ground zero on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and deliver words no one of substantial rank here in the United States will deliver. There are some in congress that come close - Peter King (R-NY) is an example of one - but no one has been willing to go as far as Wilders has. He even does so at great personal risk; he has found himself in physical, political, and legal danger as a result of his work.

On September 11, 2010 Geert Wilders spoke at the ground zero protest, at one point even making reference to the Darryl Worley song, "Have you Forgotten?"

HERE is a partial transcript of Wilders' speech courtesy of his party's website (VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST):
Dear friends,

May I ask you to be silent for ten seconds? Just be silent and listen. Ten seconds. And listen… What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth.

No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City.

You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity.

And that is how it should be. Always.

Now close your eyes – I know it’s a beautiful day, but close your eyes. I have been told that this day nine years ago was just such a beautiful day -- and remember, or try to remember, or try to imagine the sounds which were heard here on this spot under this same blue sky exactly nine years ago.

The sound of shock, the sound of destruction, the sound of panic, the sound of pain, the sound of terror.

Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this?

What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds?

There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line.

My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago.

I have not forgotten how I felt that day.The scenes are imprinted on my soul, as they are on yours. But our hearts were not broken in the same way as the hearts of the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives here.

Many relatives of the victims are here in our midst today. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to them and to all of the people of New York and America. Humbly, I stand here before you as a Dutchman and a European.I, too, however, cannot forget. How can anyone forget?

Let me remind you of the words from Darryl Worley’s 9/11 song. Have you forgotten how it felt that day? To see your homeland under fireAnd her people blown away....
Be sure to read it all.

An interesting side note is that the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton stood with Wilders on ground zero. Earlier this week, Bolton seemed to indicate he would consider a presidential run in 2012.

Speaking of Worley, here's the video.



It was learned recently that Rep. Maxine Waters is one of 69 other Congressmen - and one of 29 other congressional black caucus members - who are registered members of the Socialist caucus. Two others also currently at the center of scandalous dealings are Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). Now we learn that Maxine's ties to socialist causes and groups goes far beyond her membership with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

New Zeal has more:
In May 1992 Waters put her name to a supplement in the Communist Party's newspaper, the People's Weekly World which called for readers to "support our continuing struggle for justice and dignity." Virtually all other signatories were known Communist Party members or supporters.

In October, later that year, she was the keynote speaker at a Coalition of Black Trade Unionists meeting in St Louis Missouri. The Coalition began as a Communist Party front.

In June 1996, the Communist Party's People's Weekly World held a tribute event for Southern California labor unionists Jerry Acosta and Gil Cedillo. Presentations to the honorees were made on behalf of Maxine Waters and (now U.S. Secretary of labor), Hilda Solis, by their staffers who were present at the event.
If there is a downside to the pseudo-fall of the Soviet Union, it's that Americans have lost there outright disgust and repulsion for communism and socialism. This woman should be nowhere near the halls of congress as a visitor, let alone as a member of it.

Read it all.
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