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Monday, June 22, 2009

Walpin-Gate Getting Legs?

Whether Democrat, Republican, or an Obama sycophant, it's denying truth to deny the likelihood that thug-like tactics were used against an American patriot when Obama fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin.

In fact, by whipping out the "confused and disoriented" defense, Obama used Saul Alinksky tactic #5, which states that Ridicule is your most potent weapon and forces your opponent to react to your advantage. The problem here seems to be that Alinsky didn't put a caveat in there to use Rule #5 ONLY when on offense. When your hand is caught in the cookie jar, a more conciliatory tone is often a better tactic.

What I do not understand is how a man charged with blowing the whistle on taxpayer dollars being wasted is not embraced by ALL TAXPAYERS when he does his job! The left appears so invested in making the right feel as miserable as they felt, they're willing to sign on to firing people who want to protect their money.

Take that, you mean right-wingers.
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