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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As Congress is forcing Obama to extend the current tax rates rather than let them expire, the quid pro quo is yet another extension of unemployment benefits and a reduction in the social security tax. While reporting to NBC's Brian Williams, whack job Chuck Todd bemoaned the notion that Government would suffer a significant loss of income - $450 Billion - as a result, perfectly illustrating that he's either completely ignorant of where money comes from or he's in on the scam.

Via NewsBusters:
TODD: Brian, none of this is paid for. In terms of lost revenue for the government next year, it's $450 billion, nearly half a trillion dollars. To compare this, in comparison, the stimulus that President Obama put in, enacted back in early 2009, that cost on an annual basis, approximately half a trillion dollars. So the deficit in the short term is going up. Whether it's on Social Security or all sorts of things, none of that has been dealt with with this plan.
What Todd doesn't get - intentionally or unintentionally - is that the government only wastes money; it does not save nor protect it. Conversely, businesses either MAKE money or go out of business. As a consequence, the businesses that remain in existence are ones that can actually PAY the government. It has been proven over and over again that when tax rates drop, tax revenues increase.

This is lost on Chuck Todd and once again, liberals prove they have no idea where money comes from.

More at NewsBusters


While appearing on MSNBC's Ed Schultz show, Al Sharpton provides the quintessential example of the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking - allow the free market to determine winners and losers. Liberals can't win in that arena because they're liars so their strategy is to silence the other side. That is exactly what Sharpton is calling for the FCC to do with Rush Limbaugh.

Sharpton's argument - if you can call it that - is to get the FCC to protect the pubic from the offensive speech of Limbaugh. The irony here is that it was just yesterday that we learned one FCC Commissioner (Mignon Clyburn), indignantly referred to little girls as "nappy headed."

I also enjoyed Sharpton's line of distinction between first amendment protected speech and unprotected speech. The difference between the two is that unprotected speech is "over the top." Uh, Al, can you show us that part of the First Amendment? Assuming our founding fathers had that phrase in their lexicon, they probably would have included it with all CAPS, bold font, and underlined as precisely the kind of speech they wanted to protect.

Notice too that Schultz leads the segment by calling Limbaugh's speech racist and hateful. Compared to the things Schultz has said in the past, Rush's speech is the equivalent of elevator music. Schultz is obviously supportive of the position. I find that ironic in light of his response to Jay Rockefeller's contention not too long ago that Fox News and MSNBC - Schultz's own network - should be shut down.

What Schultz obviously doesn't get is that if conservative talk radio and Fox News were ever shut down, those behind it will have no further use for the likes of Ed Schultz.

Hey Ed, see if you can finish this sentence: "First they came for the......"

Via The Blaze:

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