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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video: Liberal Media scared Romney might lose

Liberals lie. It's what they do. Once you accept that premise, this exchange on Meet the Press is much easier to process. The narrative among the establishment is that Mitt Romney has the best chance to beat Obama. I still haven't figured out the thick-headedness of the Republican establishment and why it believes that. Mitt Romney will be filleted if he wins the nomination.

Enter Helene Cooper, the White House correspondent for the New York Times. As such, she is an undeniable liberal. Therefore, she lies. Take note of what she says here. The Obama administration thinks it will "crush" Santorum or Gingrich but is just confident that it can beat Romney. Assuming that liberals lie - which they do - why would the White House issue that message? Because it really wants to face Romney. Think about it. Why would a liberal tell the truth?

h/t Hapblog:

This recent piece by CNN shows exactly why the White House wants to face Romney. His religion will become a central issue if he wins the nomination. Look for the media to pull back on pieces like this for a while, as long as Romney's nomination is in doubt:

Video: Newt in 2008 on Freddie Mac

Here is Newt in 2008 explaining how pathetically poor the operations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were. Note at the very beginning that Newt issues a full disclosure about doing work for Freddie. He then goes on to chastise both institutions.

There have been a lot of past videos of Newt that have come back to haunt him during this election season. This is one that should do the opposite.

h/t Free Republic

Syrian Rebels flying Al-Qaeda Flags, McCain wrong again

Senator John McCain's record as a prognosticator is quite sad. In 2008, he told a town hall that they did "not have to be scared" (of an Obama presidency). In April of 2011, he went to Libya and told Al-Jazeera that the rebels there were his "heroes." Once his heroes had seen the overthrow of Gadhafi, they flew the al-Qaeda flag from atop the Benghazi Courthouse.

Apparently quite thick-headed, McCain is not getting the message even as the Syrian rebels are flying the al-Qaeda flag as well.

Via al-Wasat with h/t to Jawa:

Here is Senator McCain on Hannity's February 13th television show, doing his best "Baghdad Bob" impersonation, actually singing the praises of the Tunisian government and defending the Muslim Brotherhood's rise in Egypt.

There is simply no way McCain doesn't understand what's going on so these words he's uttering have to be the result of a political calculation. There comes a point, however, when such rhetoric, regardless of how well-intentioned it is, becomes harmful. We passed that point a long time ago, Senator.

McCain's views here are ridiculously foolish. Via Global Post:

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