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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Verum Serum does it again. This time all of those clips of Obama and company, in their moments of truth, when they're not afraid to say what they really mean, are put together in a brady bunch montage for your viewing.

The only thing missing is the music but you get the idea.

h/t to VS


Have you ever asked yourself how despicable it must be for the parents of suicide bombers to groom their children to strap bombs to their chest to kill themselves and others in the name of religion? Well it appears that the religion of vanity and secular humanism may be worse.

Imagine a company that uses the fetal tissue of aborted babies in its anti-aging cream products. Welcome to the consequences of Roe v. Wade - the most despicable consequences, actually. CHRISTIAN NEWS WIRE reports:
TENNESSEE, Oct. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Children of God for Life announced today that Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams.

"It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting the remains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain," stated Executive Director Debi Vinnedge. "There is simply no moral justification for this."
Anyone remember Al Pacino's line in Devil's Advocate?

h/t to GP


It may well be time to revisit this one.

Considering all of the radicals Obama has surrounded himself with consist of people who revere Mao Tse Tung, Larry Grathwohl’s words from 1982 are carrying added significance.

As an informant for the FBI into Weather Underground, Grathwohl tells of their plans. Two minutes long. Parts of it seem outlandish but they seemed much more outlandish one year ago. That fact alone warrants another look.

This next part about a shared address between Ayers, Obama, and a Chinese Maoist courtesy of VERUM SERUM from last year.

In addition to Obama sharing a business address with Ayers and a Chinese Maoist for 3 years in the 1990’s (95-98), Ayers got the title of his book, “Prairie Fire” from a Mao quote.

"A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire"
- Mao Tse Tung

The address Obama shared with Ayers and Klonsky (Maoist) from 1995-1998 is:

115 South Sangamon Street (pictured)
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607

Note the letters in the windows of the 3rd floor. They spell H-O-P-E. The Verum Serum link above provides further proof.

This is getting very important. It would seem to be the time for O'Reilly, Hannity, or Beck to pick up on it.


UPDATED ON 10/29: Original post from 10/28 below the dotted line. Yesterday (28th) we learned that a Democrat Representative from Michigan found it unacceptable to have taxpayer funded abortions as part of any healthcare bill. He even seemed to feign indignation over the president's inconsistencies and semantics on the matter.

Now video of Stupak on Saturday, October 24th at a town hall has surfaced. At that town hall, he says that if the bill has everything he wants except the provision that prohibits taxpayer-funded abortions, he would still vote for the bill. At worst, these two positions are hypocritical and Stupak is doing the same thing he accused Obama of doing. At best, the reaction he got from those in attendance at his town hall caused him to change his position days later.

Either way, Stupak appears to be posturing and constituent heat on the issue of abortion is exposing some inconsistency on his part.

h/t to H4A

When Joe Wilson shouted, "You Lie" at Obama during the Joint Session of congress in September, no one realized how right he was. In addition to the statement Wilson responded to, there appears to be another one that seems to validate the same charge.

The claim made by Obama at that session in which he said "our plan" would not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion appears to be a bald-faced lie as well. Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) in this video explains why. Stupak does not want taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. HR 3200, the only plan available at the time Obama gave the joint session speech, consists of language that would allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortion is not going to be changed according to Stupak.

According to Stupak, Pelosi will hear no amendment calling for that change while Obama told him (Stupak) that he supports such an amendment. Uh, if Pelosi asks, "how high" when Obama tells her to jump, why is she so insistent that taxpayer dollars fund abortions?

Joe Wilson was right and probably could have shouted throughout the entire speech.

For greater detail, CNSNEWS has it.

h/t to VS


Yes, Campbell Brown gets Valerie Jarrett to step out of her chair and do that funky backward dance. Well, not exactly but she does walk back very quickly when Campbell Brown asks Jarrett if MSNBC is biased after getting Jarrett to admit that Fox is biased. In fact, it may just be the walk back of the year.

What on earth would cause CNN to entrap the other half of Obama's brain? We could be witnessing the beginnning of an internal battle between the leftwing media. Pride is a very powerful thing and CNN's ratings are cratering. In fact, as their promos tout them being the most watched cable news network, they're actually in the basement looking up at, of all things, their sister network Headline News which airs re-runs all day.

Meanwhile, Keith Olbermann at MSNBC is airing promos saying that because Fox is no longer a news outlet, the race for #1 is among all of the remaining networks. During and after the promo, Olbermann gloats about how CNN and Headline news are being left in MSNBC's dust.

My guess is CNN doesn't like this one bit and it was manifested in this interview of Jarrett by Campbell Brown, who deserves high marks for the questioning.

Something else caught my eye too. We all know how much the left detests Sarah Palin. Putting Valerie Jarrett in that camp is a very safe bet.

Is it me or has Valerie Jarrett decided that she likes the eyeglass frames that Palin wears?

CLICK HERE to watch video.

h/t to H4A

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


45 years ago, Ronal Reagan gave a speech in support of then-presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and it may be more salient now than it was then.

For some reason, a Barack Obama quote from January 21st, 2008 comes to mind:

I've spent a lifetime fighting Ronald Reagan's policies.
- Barack Obama

That would mean he disagrees with at least the majority of what Reagan said in this 1964 speech.

h/t to BG


This ad will continue to hurt Crist and bolster Rubio because it serves to put the former in the same box as Obama, and rightfully so. Crist is opposed to offshore drilling and supported the $787 Billion stimulus bill as he hugged Barack Obama in a demonstration of that support.

Rubio has exploited "the hug" in an ad that will hurt Crist. As Obama's poll numbers continue to fall, look for Rubio's to rise because part of his strategy is obviously to tie the put the two on the same sinking ship. Have you seen Obama's poll numbers lately?

Another thing this ad does is demonstrate what's wrong with the stance of Gingrich and Steele which is party before movement.

The American people seem to be rejecting that idea very strongly, looking for a new direction.


Though still too early to draw conclusions, the nephew of sitting president Roberto Micheletti has been found dead in his country. Enzo Micheletti was not just found dead. His body was found with his hands tied behind his back and he appears to have been executed. The BBC reports:
The nephew of the interim President of Honduras Roberto Micheletti has been found dead in what the police are calling an execution-style killing.

Enzo Micheletti's body was discovered on Sunday in woodland near Choloma, 250 km north of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

Police say his hands were tied behind his back and his body was riddled with bullets.
The TIMES OF INDIA is also reporting on the story as National Police spokesman Orlin Cerrato provided more details about another man that was killed.
Col. Concepcion Jimenez was gunned down Sunday night in front of his Tegucigalpa house....Col. Jimenez died Sunday night at Tegucigalpa's Military Hospital shortly after being shot while getting out of his car in front of his house in a southern district of the capital.

The suspects in the killing are "three or four young men who were in a taxi", Cerrato said.

Jimenez headed the Honduran armed forces' Industria Militar, which makes uniforms and other equipment for the military.
It will be very interesting to see how Micheletti deals with this news. While reports are that there is no evidence of a connection between the Honduran crisis and this murder, tell that to Micheletti. Until all of the facts are known, he's got to be wondering and is quite possibly being very hard on himself. As difficult as it would be, it will show an even deeper level of courage and strength if Micheletti continues to hold the hard line and not give in.

The reaction of the White House will be interesting to see as well. I can't believe there won't be sympathies expressed by the Obama administration. If there isn't, it will reveal an even deeper low.

h/t to DRUDGE


Wow! Talk about a strong statement (not). Nearly one year after Obama was elected, Bill O'Reilly says, "I'm starting to lose a little confidence (in Obama)". Wow, Bill! That's brilliant. What took you so long?! The Frank Marshall Davis story was brought to your attention before last year's election and there were plenty of people who knew what you're just now starting to realize.

I'm not going to pretend to know what's inside O'Reilly's head but he seems to be more concerned about being perceived as middle of the road so he can alienate both sides of an issue and be above both. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's just holding out and building capital so he can lay the hammer down with more force but if that's the case, he's doing so at his own country's peril.

Ignoring the truth on one side merely for the sake of being viewed as an independent is an ends-justify-the-means mentality. Feigning objectivity for the sake of appealing to a larger audience is disingenuous. I'm not saying that's what O'Reilly is doing but it has appeared to me that way for quite some time.

In light of that clip, Cliff Kincaid's slamming of O'Reilly at ACCURCY IN MEDIA'S 40th anniversary event on 10/23 takes on added significance.

h/t to GP

Monday, October 26, 2009


I love this guy, John Ziegler. He has a knack for getting under people's skin in a nice, hold-them-accountable kind of way. He asks tough questions comfortably and with a constant smile / smirk on his face that just seems to prompt laughter.

This interview with CPAC Chairman David Keene (who also heads the American Conservative Union) is a must-see. At WCPAC in Newport Beach, CA recently, Keene was in attendance and agreed to an interview with Ziegler. It's a safe bet that Keene was well aware that Ziegler has spent a significant amount of time fighting in defense of Sarah Palin and expected a polite exchange based on some statements Keene had made in opposition to Palin.

What he got was something entirely different.........and WAY more entertaining. Keene was right at first. Ziegler started out with soft jabs asking about Keene's stance that Sarah Palin was "whining" too much about the attacks against her.

The interview is in three parts and gets better with each installment.

Here's part 1. Remember, starts out with soft jabs and slowly escalates.

Ok, so Keene's buttons have been sufficiently pushed at this point. Here, Ziegler follows Keene through the hotel as Keene tries in vain to escape. I can't decide which part is the best. When Keene says Ziegler needs punched or Ziegler's exchange with the blogger.

Decide for yourself but I laughed the hardest at Ziegler's exchange with the blogger.

You know you can't help yourself. Here's part 3.

Check out ZIEGLER'S website


Every time Victor Davis Hanson writes, it's usually very profound. However, today he writes what could be the most salient and telling prose in the fewest words. In fact, in what he calls "A Modest Suggestion", Hanson provides the best argument for those who hold that the best points are usually the shortest.
I think the president could improve his poll ratings markedly if he simply took all the things he has said about Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News, the town-hallers, and his domestic critics and instead applied that invective to Iran, radical Islam, Russia, and Venezuela, and, in turn, took all the outreach things he's said the latter and applied them to the former.
Quite telling, isn't it?

h/t to NRO


You know Jane Hall, right? Often appeared on Fox News Channel during the weekend programming with Cal Thomas, James Pinkerton, et al. She's one of those liberals who like to appear moderate, never really tipping her hand too much. She showed her true self this weekend when pointing to Glenn Beck's "scary" language as one of the reasons she left.

CLICK HERE to hear Beck go after Hall on his radio show. You will notice that he never mentions her name and says that he's never heard of her. I find that less believable than him pretending to be ignorant of her name as a dig at Hall. Nonetheless, for those who don't know who she is, there is a picture of her to the left.

There are certainly different degrees of liberalism. On the far left you will find the likes of Mao Tse Tung. Coalesced around the moderate center are people like Jane Hall who seem to be on a constant quest to avoid conflict. They provide "analysis" without challenging. Well guess what. Conflict is inherent in human nature. Simply not telling the truth because it's too ugly is called kicking the can.

Applying the Jane Hall model to real life, she's like someone who is told her house is on fire and attacks the person who brings her the uncomfortable news instead of putting out the fire.

If you're interested, you can watch the panel on CNN where Hall made her comments about Beck. My favorite quote comes at about the 3 minute mark when Kurtz asks Hall if she considers herself a liberal. She says she considers herself a "moderate" and a "journalist" and "not really a liberal".

Not really a liberal? Is that like kinda sorta liberal but not really?

As if you needed it, further proof that liberals don't like being called liberal.

Another very telling moment comes shortly after the 5 minute mark. When talking about Obama's war on Fox, Hall says, "Trust me (yeah, right). It is not Nixonian."

h/t to H4A


On Friday, October 23rd Accuracy in Media held its 40th anniversary conference, which was shown on CSPAN2 and featured AIM editor Cliff Kincaid along with the man who broke the Van Jones story, New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon. This video is an absolute must-see!

Though it's a little long, if you're at all interested in learning what's truly wrong with Barack Obama as POTUS, this pretty much sums it all up in about the least amount of time possible.

CLICK HERE to watch and take note of the fact that Kincaid says there is much more to come.

Probably the most glaring aspect of Obama's background is his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who Kincaid spends significant time discussing at the beginning of the video. The National Enquirer actually covered the Frank Marshall Davis angle more than any other mainstream media outlet (including Fox) and the Enquirer only did one story on it! Here's the description of the AIM event from the CSPAN website:
Accuracy in Media, a self-described conservative media watchdog group, hosted its 40th annual conference. Cliff Kinkaid, the editor of the Accuracy in Media newsletter, and Trevor Louden talked about the alleged reluctance by the media to investigate President Obama’s background. Mr. Louden is a New Zealand blogger whose work led a White House staffer to step down. They responded to audience members' questions following their remarks.
Towards the end, Loudon explains why he's spending so much time and effort investigating a foreign government and has some sobering thoughts for anyone interested in escaping the American government by moving to New Zealand.

Kincaid's sarcastic swipe at Bill O'Reilly notwithstanding (Kincaid mockingly gave O'Reilly credit for being smarter than a light bulb), he is obviously angry that the media did not listen before last year's election when so much information about Obama was already available. Justifiably angered, Kincaid makes reference to O'Reilly's surprise last week that Obama has been so far left and does everything to express it short of holding up a picture of O'Reilly in a dunce cap while saying, "DUH!".

Loudon and Kincaid broke the story about Frank Marshall Davis in early 2008 and no large media outlets, including Fox, did anything with it. Even last year, prior to the election, the National Enquirer did more work on the Frank Marshall Davis story than Fox News did.

But hey, at least O'Reilly still has the Body language lady.

h/t to NEW ZEAL and AIM


Ah, the legacy of Carter's Community Reinvestment Act from 1977. Beginning in 1998, Bill Clinton gave it a steroid injection, which opened the door for ACORN-types to bully banks. Then the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (otherwise known as the $787 Billion stimulate nothing bill) came out. Check out this video thanks to BREITBART, which shows SEIU thugs at the American Banking Associates conference.

Keep in mind that SEIU is protesting banks taking bailout money yet seems completely ignorant of the fact that their Community Organizer-in-Chief is the one responsible for giving it to them. Then once you consider that groups like the Apollo Alliance, who actually contributed to writing the stimulus bill are in bed with the same SEIU thugs who are raising a ruckus at this conference, you have to scratch your head even if there's only a grain of sand in your logical hourglass.

It's just like the UAW protesting outside one of its UAW owned plants. These people are so high on anger that they can't even take a two minute break to realize how unbelievably insane their position is.

Of course, if government is responsible for giving the banks all of this money, why aren't the union thugs going to Washington, D.C. to protest the government instead of going after the people the government gave the money to? Well, to do so would mean tea partiers have a point and pride trumps facts when you're drunk on it.

So why would these nuts love Obama while getting mad at the people Obama is responsible for giving money to?

1.) They just like to be angry
2.) They want in on the action
3.) All of the above

And to think that THIS video actually came out BEFORE Obama was elected.

h/t to MICHELLE MALKIN who has much more on this story (be sure to click and read the links within her post - powerful).

Sunday, October 25, 2009


John Podesta and Laura Ingraham on the same panel? Interesting to say the least. The former runs Media Matters and is president of the Center for American Progress (CAP). That would be the same CAP that hired Van Jones back after he resigned from his job as Green Jobs czar. Not only that but Mark Lloyd (FCC Diversity czar) was a senior fellow at CAP as well.

It was obvious that Podesta wanted to play nice. He hasn't a leg to stand on when it comes to ACORN, considering that he was on-hand for their recent 40 year anniversary celebration. Moreover, Media Matters recently defended ACORN's story that James O'Keefe was thrown out of the Philadelphia office when the recently released video shows that is a lie.

Best part of this clip though, comes at about the 2:30 mark when Ingraham singles out Charlie Gibson for not knowing anything about the Acorn scandal. Stephanopolous actually defends Gibson by pointing to how many years he's been in the business.

Uh, George, that's the problem. May I refer you to Dan Rather?

Ingraham does well.


Friday, October 23, 2009


This really was awesome. As the race in New York's 23rd District begins to draw increasing national attention, Gingrich seems to be wiping more and more egg off of his face. In short, the Republican candidate is a far lefty. Her name is Dede Scozzafava and Newt has officially endorsed her.

Newt's problem. The conservative candidate (you know, the guy who should've gotten the nomination) is Doug Hoffman. With news that Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have endorsed Hoffman, momentum is definitely going his way. Now we learn that Pawlenty may be supporting Hoffman as well. My guess is Santorum learned his lesson when he endorsed Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey in the 2004 primary. The result? Santorum loses in 2006 and Specter defects in 2009, leaving both Senate seats in Pennsylvania in control of the Democrats.

It would appear that the paradigm of the old Republicans needs to be tweaked a bit. If Hoffman pulls this off, it will be a HUGE warning shot not only to Democrats but to Republicans as well.

Anyway, Newt's strength is speaking. At a Dallas Town Hall on October 22nd, however, an every day citizen put him in his place as far as I could tell.

h/t to H4A


Obama's 'Doctors in white coats' visual stunt on the White House lawn so pales in comparison to Beck's 'red phone' with carrier pigeons. Beck continues to out-duel the White House when it comes to visual imagery to make a point. Obama uses it to deceive and mislead while Beck uses it to make you laugh and tell you what Obama is doing.

Beck is kicking Obama's butt in this department.



In addition to having the strong opinion that Obama never should have received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pravda columnist correctly points out that while Josef Stalin and Benito Mussolini didn't win the prize, both were nominated. How anyone can take the prize seriously, regardless, is beyond me.

Almost as laughable is the fact that one of the actual three prizes Obama will receive includes a prize for his handling of economics.
Obama is scheduled to receive three Nobel Prizes, two for Peace and one for Economics. His second prize will be in Economics, while third in Peace. After receiving his prizes, Obama will be the only man in human history to receive three unshared Nobel Prizes.
As for the Hitler comparisons, some are irrefutable, others intriguing, and a couple merely coincidental reaches. Nonetheless, check out what PRAVDA has to say about them:
Both Obama and Hitler share similar ancestries: Obama German, Hitler Austrian.

Both leaders had been surrounded by many controversies concerning birth certificate, citizenship and religion.

Both had the father figure issues. Obama’s parents separated when he was two years old and they divorced in 1964. His father returned to Kenya and saw him only once more before dying in an automobile accident in 1982. Hitler had a troubled relationship with his tradition-minded authoritarian father, who frequently beat him.

During their teenage years both leaders had problems with alcohol. Obama called the alcohol phase "greatest moral failure", Hitler called it “most humiliated experience in life”.

Both are unloved by the Jewish, for Hitler is well known why, for Obama, well, his victory in Presidential elections was not received with welcome in Israel.

Time magazine named Obama person of the year in 2008, Hitler in 1938.

Both had bestseller books: Obama had “Dreams of my Father” (memoir) and “the Audacity of Hope” (political convictions), Hitler had “Mein Kampf (My Struggle) in Volumes 1 and 2. It combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler's political ideology.

Obama was influenced by Martin Luther King, Hitler by Martin Luther.

Both Obama and Hitler came to power during the recession-depression; Obama in 2009, Hitler in 1933.

Both are personality cult leaders, portrayed as saviors of political and economical depression; Obama as an American savior, Hitler as German. A cult of personality arises when a country's leader uses mass media to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

Both are/were very gifted orators, having ability to attract great interest in their speeches. Both have/had hand gestures when giving a speech.

Both leaders had initiated health reforms, environmentalism and animal protection rights, among others.
As for the enviornmentalism and animal protection rights, think Al Gore, Climate Czar Carol Browner, and Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar who wants animals to have attorneys.

One additional element to all of this may be Obama's affinity for people who revere Mao Tse Tung (or at least show appreciation for the 20th century's greatest mass murderer). First, we had White House Communications Director ANITA DUNN, then it was Manufacturing czar, RON BLOOM, and then let's not forget that Mr. Obama shared a business address with MIKE KLONSKY in the 1990's (along with Bill Ayers).

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wow! On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, guest Katty Kay was opining about those who think the White House is "obsessing" over Fox News. Within seconds, co-host Mika Brzezinski interjected, saying that the White House had emailed her "to add to Katty's point". Yes, within seconds of hearing a guest speaking on the White House obsessing about Fox News, the White House emails MSNBC and gets immediate airtime "to add to Katty's point".

Are we beginning to see what's behind the curtain here? Is the White House behind the controls at MSNBC if they can get away with this in mere seconds?

The irony here is that the White House is obsessing about Fox News while MSNBC is having discussions about how the White House is NOT obsessing about Fox News.

h/t to VS


Dick Morris on O'Reilly explains, among other things, why Obama has decided to go after Fox News despite all of the conventional wisdom available that says it's a bad idea. If I'm interpreting Morris correctly, he believes Obama is basically going on offense out of desperation.

In short, if Obama doesn't keep feeding the leftwing base, he could lose them and if he does that, he is toast. The reason Obama is sensing a need to do this is because he hasn't accomplished anything after 10 months.

Unemployment - Bad and getting worse.
Afghanistan - Bad and getting worse.
Chances of passing ObamaCare - bad and getting worse.

Morris makes a lot of predictions and is often wrong (Remember Condi vs. Hillary) but he is insightful and has a very interesting perspective. In this exchange with O'Reilly, he compares Obama's tactics to those of FDR. Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end as he does a good job of summarizing his points.

CLICK HERE for the video.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Jesse was obviously irritated at being introduced as Al Sharpton but why? Was it because he assumed Contessa thought, "they all look alike" or did he take it as a personal affront to his ego? My guess is it's a strong dose of both.

Funny nonetheless. Take note of the panic in Contessa's voice as she apologizes to Reverend Sharpton, er I mean Jackson.

h/t to GP


Kind of. This is great. At a recent speech, Obama decided to use a metaphor to explain his consternation with the opposition not willing to go along. Jay Leno was able to parlay that into one of his better skits.

Watch as Jay picks up a mop and then throws it down when he learns it's of the socialist persuasion.


If you've seen any of the Acorn sting videos by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, you've probably heard excerpts of this song played at the beginning and the end of the sting videos. It's a song by Anthony Dini called, "Ridiculous" and it's very catchy. Of course, the best part is Obama's dancing with Ellen thrown in at the end.

Check it out.



In order to set this up properly, all you need to know is the last name of the lady in this video is NOT Hoffman. Actually, Hoffman is the name of the guy she's running against. Her name is Dede Scozzafava and whoever is responsible for setting her up for a press conference outside the office of Doug Hoffman is likely going to be fired.

Then again, what if it was DEDE'S IDEA?

Anyway, quite the controversy is brewing in New York's 23rd District as Scozzafava, the Republican nominee is being exposed for the radical leftist she is thanks to a more educated constituency. Unfortunately, the RNC and established Republican leadership is looking more inept than ever. Gingrich is also on record as endorsing Scozzafava.

Hoffman is the truly conservative candidate running as an independent.

The video is a must-see.



This one introduces an entirely new dimension to all of these stings. Let's see, first Washington, D.C. then Baltimore, the Bronx, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and now Philadelphia.

Frankly, what was caught on tape in Philly is no more outlandish than the others that have been released. The new element introduced here is the juxtaposition of what was caught on tape with what ACORN officials, including the woman in this video, said about the visit.

The woman in the video is Katherine Conway Russell and as is clearly apparent, she behaved very similarly to the ACORN reps in the other videos - willing to help a prostitute. The problem is that when the ACORN sting videos made the news, Russell along with ACORN Executive Bertha Lewis and others went on television saying that the reason the Philadelphia sting video isn't being shown is because O'Keefe and Giles weren't successful and were quickly ushered out of the building.

That is NOT what this video shows.

Caveat: You will notice that the audio of Katherine speaking is absent until the video stops due to a dead battery. I'm assuming the reason for this is a legal one. Then again, perhaps to increase the tease factor.

h/t to H4A


At some point, Anita Dunn may actually feel comfortable expressing her real views to everyone and not just to groups where she thinks she can get away with it. On the heels of the video of Dunn identifying Mao as one of the two people she turns to most for philosophical and political guidance, Oba-Mao gear has become quite popular in China.....

.....and in Washington, D.C. The left wing nuts have always been projection artists who accuse their opponents of the exact things they themselves do and are. The pictured t-shirt provides a prime example without having to utter a word. Notice that "peace sign" inside the last "O" on the shirt? Mao Tse Tung was the 20th century's greatest mass murderer, responsible for well over 50 million deaths by most accounts and the left is holding him up as a beacon of peace. I realize that evil likes to appeal to base urges while using deception to entrap people but this is so in-your-face, the notion that anyone is embracing these things is truly mind-numbing. For more photos of the Oba-Mao store, CLICK HERE.

Yes, the trappings of following that cult of personality. The Obamautomatons apparently aren't satisfied with just him anymore. There is an obvious market for and a cross section of people who'd like to mix their hero in with a guy that makes Hitler look like an amateur. Mixing Obama and Mao together is like giving Dr. Jekyl the keys to a science lab.

Let's do a quick little inventory of things that have been revealed about the Obama administration.

Of course, we have White House Communications Director Anita Dunn showing reverence for Mao Tse Tung. Less than one week later, we learn of manufacturing czar Ron Bloom's appreciation for Mao. Let's not forget congresswoman Diane Watson singing the praises of Fidel Castro's Cuba while describing her recent trip to China.

And does anyone remember why Henry Louis Gates was so tired when he was arrested by Cambridge police officer, James Crowley? He had just returned from China.

h/t to GP


To properly set this one up, think about the ending of the Happy Gilmore. Happy sinks the impossible put to win and Shooter grabs the gold jacket, running with it because he thinks it's rightfully his. He lost touch with reality and talked himself into believing that the jacket was actually his and winning was just a formality.

Now to Olbermann.

I don't think I've ever seen an encapsulation of the left wing mentality in such a short clip (1 minute). In order to appreciate it, one needs to understand how long Fox News has been consistently and thoroughly pummeling MSNBC in the ratings. As far as news networks go, it hasn't been close for years.

Ah, therein lies the rub for Fox and the way to the top of the hill for Olbermann. According to the White House (via Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod), Fox News is not a news organization which therefore eliminates them from the pool of news networks competing for viewership.

Now the clip. MSNBC actually put together a promo that claims they're #1 because Fox is no longer eligible. What further proof does one need that the liberal mind can talk itself into anything?

As you watch, your take may be that the promo was made as a tongue-in-cheek dig at Fox. However, if that's your take, you don't understand how unhinged these people are. The longer this notion floats around, the more Olbermann will believe it. To illustrate, pay attention to Olbermann after the promo airs. While sporting his "We're #1" grin, he muses that while MSNBC is not going to air the promo on other programs, he doesn't undersand why.

This goes beyond the "Everyone gets a trophy" mindset. This involves starting a new league that doesn't allow the best players to compete so you can feel better about winning.

Just when I think Olbermann has lost all of his marbles, another one pops out of his head.

h/t to HOT AIR

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


More repurcussions from O'Reilly's segement moderating a debate between Juan Williams and Warren Ballantine over the Rush Limbaugh-buying-the-Rams story. Williams was on the right side of the debate while Ballantine took the racist view not only of Rush but of Juan, telling him to "go back to the porch".

Now we have none other than Zo chiming in. Stay tuned until the two-minute mark, at which point Zo goes on an in-your-face diatribe directed at the likes of Ballantine.

h/t to JAWA


Beck continues to beat the White House in the "visual imagery" department. Today, he used a small cowaring dog to represent media outlets that are scared of the Obama administration.

The only thing that would make this show better is a split screen consisting of a live shot of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, or Anita Dunn.

Gotta love it.



It didn't take long. Last week a tape of Anita Dunn surfaced in which she said Mao Tse Tung was someone she turns to for political and philosophical guidance. Now we learn that Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom seems to share similar endearing sentiments for Mao while calling the notion of a free market, "NONSENSE".

CLICK HERE to learn more about Ron Bloom.

Naked Emperor does it again!



Perhaps the Obama administration is putting too many resources into fighting Fox News and Biden actually got loose. With unemployment at 10% and the administration flailing to find a way to spin it, Joe Biden has a moment of truth, telling a crowd that America is in a "Depression".

Aired on 10/19 installment of Hannity

Monday, October 19, 2009


This is shaping up to be quite the Rocky v. Apollo Creed story. Beck is making Apollo look foolish. Creed thought this would be easy! First up, take note of Brit Hume talking about the White House war on Fox. Stay with it all the way to the end when he makes reference to Beck's red phone and the guy sitting next to it being dressed in a "Mao suit" in order to help Anita Dunn feel more comfortable calling in.

Beck is thoroughly punking the White House, which is getting increasingly desperate.

CLICK HERE to watch Hume.

If you'd like to see the guy dressed in the "Mao suit" Hume referred to, CLICK HERE

h/t to H4A


Sheriff Joe holds his own with CNN's Rick Sanchez in this clip. At issue is that the Feds (DHS) is trying to intimidate Arpaio into backing off enforcing immigration laws. Arpaio will have none of it. We need a lot more people like Sheriff Joe.

CLICK HERE to watch.

h/t to H4A


Marisa Guthrie nails Obama and his war on Fox. While talking with Howard Kurtz of CNN, she puts it as about succinctly as it can be put. Obama is willing to talk to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but not Chris Wallace.

Another interesting theme we're seeing develop these days. Not only are cable channels like CNN getting killed by FNC in the ratings but now they are helping to send viewers over there by continuing to talk about them.

h/t to GP


It appears more video of the White House communications director who turns to Mao Tse Tung for philosophical guidance, Anita Dunn has surfaced. Here she is from January, 2009 talking about how the Obama campaign wanted to "(make) the media cover what Obama was actually saying" and "making the press cover what we were saying".

Also take note of her reference to the David Plouffe videos. She admits the focus was to "make" the press write what Plouffe said on a video as opposed to letting Plouffe do an interview.

Effective? Obviously. Obama was elected.

Ethical? Hardly. It clearly shows a campaign that wasn't comfortable with itself or its message.

You would think that people within the media establishments would actually take offense to all of this, since Dunn is clearly saying that they were played.

But alas, the sense of shame within such outlets was extinguished long ago. Odds are good they wouldn't even recognize it if it bit them on their collective butts.

If there are any MSM journalists who have the ability to feel shame, they should watch this video.

This is where it gets really good. Keep in mind the whole notion that the Obama campaign wanted to control what the media reported by not responding to questions or granting interviews. Based on Anita Dunn's own words in the video above, the campaign wanted the media to be reactive while the campaign was continually on offense.

Enter Glenn Beck's "red phone", which was installed on his set the day after Anita Dunn told CNN that Fox News was an arm of the Republican Party.

This clip will quickly give you the answer to the question of whether the Obama campaign strategy with the media is effective as a White House strategy.

Dunn's love for Mao's philosophical guidance notwithstanding, Glenn Beck is embarassing her relentlessly, the White House by extension, and rightfully so.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


The passion is obvious. Rove is not simply making a point. He's unhappy as he does it. To be fair, as a Fox News contributor, Rove is also defending an employer but he's also right. After watching this short clip of the exchange between he and Terry McAuliffe, I was curious about McAuliffe's responses so I checked out the entire segment.

No need to do so. McAuliffe's points were very lame and his spin was very weak but it didn't stop him from trying. He knew he was on the wrong side of the debate but had to defend the White House stance on Fox News.

Nonetheless, if you're a glutton for the punishment of watching McAuliffe defend a completely untenable position, have at it.

Part 2


Without question a better skit about Obama than last week, which came from an angry left wing perspective that was less than enthralled with Obama's failure to meet his radical promises. This week, Obama's anger itself is the focus.

In fact, if Obama was watching last week, he might have had sympathy for the view that he needs to get tougher. If he saw the skit last night, he was being out and out mocked.

Pro wrestler, The ROCK does a very decent job and his features are perfect for this bit. I know the Rock has been somewhat apolitical publicly these days but I seem to remember him on the Republican side of things in 2000.

How long before CNN runs a fact check on this one?


Saturday, October 17, 2009


Have you ever found yourself wondering where GOP Chairman Michael Steele is? If he has a message, no one is getting it. The GOP is rudderless and Steele is the guy in charge of the ship. Either he needs to take control or he needs to step down.

Where has he been?

Why is he letting Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck battle on the front lines?

It doesn't get much more pathetic.

Send an EMAIL to the GOP and let them know. It is

By the way, the GOP WEBSITE is so pathetic. Visit at your own risk.



You know it's gotten bad when conservatives who normally roll their eyes at the points made by Juan Williams suddenly find themselves in the position of having to defend him against racists like Warren Ballantine who love to play the game of, "Heads I win, tails you lose".

Translation? If you agree with him, he's right. If you disagree with him, you're wrong.

Utterly pathetic that it's fallen to this level. So many thanks must go to our post-racial president.

In the first exchange (Thursday), O'Reilly does some excellent work by stepping back and letting Ballantine and Williams debate the point. Sure enough, Ballantine hangs himself with his last comment which comes out of the mouth of the defeated. Williams cornered Ballantine who instinctively went for the uncle Tom reference by telling Williams to "go back to the porch".

CLICK HERE to watch what led to Juan's irritation.

So on Friday, Juan Williams fills in for O'Reilly and it's obvious rather quickly that Ballantine's comments have stewed in Juan's pot a bit. Williams is visibly agitated. One of his guests is Ken Hutcherson, a former NFL player and friend of Rush Limbaugh, who lets Williams know that he's "been there, done that". Sensing Williams' anger, Hutcherson takes that ball and runs with it.

As Bruce Willis said in Die Hard, "Welcome to the party, Pal", Hutherson does the same thing with Williams.

The good news?

Ballantine may have hacked off the Juan Williams Hornets' nest.


Friday, October 16, 2009


You apparently won't be seeing Dr. Marc LaMont Hill on the Fox News Channel anymore. Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media, who owns stock in News Corp. attended their annual meeting prepared to hold Rupert Murdoch accountable to keeping Hill on as a Fox News Analyst. There is a press release about his exchange with Murdoch on AIM's website (link below).

According to Kincaid, Murdoch stopped him before he was finished expressing his concerns about Hill and informed him that Hill had been fired last week. What's so bad about Hill? Nothing unless you find something wrong with his association with radicals and love of cop-killers.


I blogged about this back on OCTOBER 3RD.

As always, Cliff Kincaid at ACCURACY IN MEDIA doing excellent work.


If not for the lyrics, you'd never know the difference. Music complete with visual aids, including the 9mm, necklace, crooked hat, and baggy pants. In fact, if a non-english speaking rap fan and Obama supporter in a foreign country watched it, he might put on his iPod.

I particularly enjoyed the mean-looking dog.



Looks like what James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles did to ACORN has been done to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry with a new book called Muslim Mafia. While both ACORN and CAIR are proving destructive to America, concern about the latter may be more immediate - in the form of the situation involving Rifqa Bary.

Rifqa Bary, the 17 year-old Christian who fled to Florida to escape her Muslim parents who she claims will kill her if she is returned to them in Columbus, OH needs to have these revelations about CAIR introduced into her case. Bary's parents were represented by attorneys from CAIR. Now we learned this week that she is being ordered back to Ohio.

The FLORIDA BAPTIST WITNESS has up to date information on Bary's current status. Meredith Heagney at the COLUMBUS DISPATCH, who has shown a bit more deference to Bary's parents than she should in past articles, also reports on the latest. As Heagney points out, Bary is not being sent directly to her parents but she is one step closer by being ordered back to her local child protective services office, who will no doubt be subjected to more pressure from the local Muslim community than their counterpart in Florida.

It appears that the Florida judge is passing likely what he perceives as a hot potato in the form of a young lady to another judge, who happens to be much closer to Rifqa's parents. Heagney reports,
Franklin County Children Services will have temporary custody of religious runaway Fathima Rifqa Bary once she returns to Ohio.
Back to the MUSLIM MAFIA. What this book does is draw much clearer connections between CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas. What many suspected and even knew, looks to be now confirmed thanks to some undercover work reminiscent of what happened to ACORN recently.

For some perspective, the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in the early 20th century and later was led by a man named AMIN AL-HUSSEINI, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was also an ally of Adolf Hitler. CLICK HERE to see the minutes of a meeting between Husseini and Hitler.

So what does it all mean for Rifqa Bary? Phyllis Chesler has a piece at PAJAMAS MEDIA that gives some concrete examples of the Honor killings Rifqa Bary is afraid of being perpetrated on her if she is made to go back to her parents.

And of course, we also have the infamous Facebook Threat against Rifqa as well.


Awesome. The best part comes in the last three minutes but don't fast forward because from the beginning until that point, you get to watch what causes Maddow to unmask her true self - specifically, she's losing the debate.

Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity does more than hold his own. He comes across as the one in the interview clearly most comfortable within his own skin. It becomes quickly apparent that Maddow was attempting to disparage Phillips and get a rise out of him as a result. Instead, Phillips' heart rate didn't seem to go above 70 bpm.

Conversely, Maddow's anger rose as a result. Also note who hurls the insults (hint: Maddow). Watch the video to see why MSNBC hosts so infrequently have guests with opposing viewpoints on their programs. I can only imagine how Keith Olbermann would have responded to Phillips' calm demeanor.


CLICK HERE to watch.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director charged by Obama to go after the Fox News Channel and whose words on CNN earlier this week prompted Glenn Beck to install the Red phone on his set. While it has been humorous watching Beck totally shred Dunn and the Obama White House and then asking her to call the red phone that continues to remain silent, the video he played today is not humorous at all but it IS important.

Anita Dunn speaking to High School students on June 5th. Take note of the cross to her left as she informs the audience that China's Mao Tse Dung is her philosophical hero.

Here's the video that inserted Dunn into the latest fracas between the White House and the Constitution.



Nobody's been closer to what's going on in Honduras than Fausta, which is why this report, while unconfirmed, should be considered credible speculation. Earlier today, it was reported that ousted Honduran president, anti-semite, and Hugo Chavez stooge Manuel Zelaya may be returning to his former position as president.

However, FAUSTA'S BLOG is now reporting that Zelaya may actually be headed to Spain as part of the deal. If this is true, all of the cowards in the world who would otherwise do the right thing should read the Roberto Micheletti memoir whenever it comes out.

If this is true, it will have meant that the leader of a small country (Micheletti in Honduras) took on not only the Organization of the American States, the United Nations, and the United States AND DEFEATED them all.

Yes, it's early but if this ends up being true, it would be a MAJOR slap in the face to the Obama Administration and Hugo Chavez. Have no fear you Obamautomatons. Your leader is getting good as distancing himself from his own embarassments.

C Ya, Manny! Buh Bye now!


White House mouthpiece Anita Dunn is looking more and more foolish by the day and Glenn Beck, go figure, is responsible. I don't know who came up with the Red Phone idea but it is working brilliantly.

Beck has a red phone on his set every day and tells the audience that the White House is the only entity with the phone number. He asks questions, puts forth theories, and relays facts about the Obama administration that are incredibly damning. He then points to the phone and asks when Anita is going to call.

The visual imagery communicates a powerful message - specifically, the longer the red phone doesn't ring, the longer it looks like Beck's points are vindicating him as the White House looks more and more foolish.

Michelle Malkin has an EXCELLENT PIECE on the White House decision to go after Beck.


I can add the perspective of someone who was living in south Florida at the time of the incident Rush spoke of on 10/14 in response to CNN anchor Rick Sanchez continuing to report, as factual, comments attributed to Limbaugh that still have not been substantiated. Oddly enough, the incident is tied to an NFL game. It was a very memorable game actually, played between the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles. It was Dan Marino v. Randall Cunningham.

Rush went nuclear on Sanchez, relaying the facts of an incident Sanchez was involved in on December 10th, 1990. After the Miami Dolphins defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Overtime by a score of 23-20, Rick Sanchez who was then a news anchor for WSVN, channel 7 in Miami left the game in his Volvo. Sanchez had been drinking and was later found to be above the legal limit.

While driving, he struck a pedestrian who went into a coma for two months and woke up partially paralyzed. Not only that but Sanchez left the scene of the accident and returned after two hours. The MIAMI NEWS TIMES published an article about Jeffrey Smuzinick on August 7th, 1991.
Minutes after midnight on the morning of December 10, 1990, an intoxicated Smuzinick darted out in front of a Volvo on a residential street near Joe Robbie Stadium. The driver of the car, WSVN-TV Channel 7 anchorman Rick Sanchez, became the subject of a subsequent January 16 New Times story that described the odd circumstances of the accident. Sanchez, whom a Metro-Dade police officer said "smelled strongly of alcohol," first stopped his car but then later left the scene. A blood test to determine Sanchez's sobriety was not administered until an hour and fifteen minutes after the collision. Though Sanchez says he tried to aid Smuzinick at the scene of the accident and flag down motorists, eyewitnesses claim the anchorman ignored the injured man and loudly told police and bystanders that blood tests were pointless, and would hurt his public image.
Smuzinick would die in 1995. Sounds like Smuzinick's injuries largely contributed to his death. Rick Sanchez is a wealthy man who wasn't doing too bad back then either. I wonder to what extent he helped Smuzinick financially.

Again, interesting that the incident Rush chooses to bring up to fire back at Sanchez involved an NFL game. As a Dolphin fan, it was one of those that has stuck in my memory. Sunday night game on ESPN with Dan Marino leading the Dolphins back from a 10 point 4th quarter deficit to tie the game in regulation. The Dolphins went on to win the game in OVERTIME.

Also worth noting that Limbaugh likely would never have attacked Sanchez over this matter had he not felt that Sanchez slandered him with unsubstantiated quotes attributed to Rush.


Members of congress have refused to respond to phone calls, faxes, emails, tea parties, or town halls. Janet Porter of FAITH 2 ACTION believes that they might just respond when boxes of pink slips start showing up via FedEx and they start tripping over them.

BY JOINING UP, 535 pink slips are sent to each member of congress in your name. As this campaign picks up steam, it could get interesting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Best part? Your call. There are too many really GOOD parts to pick the best one. Using a sharpie to identify where the enemy of the White House is? Holding the map down with a jar of M&M's and a coffee cup with a U.S. flag on it? A border fence around Manhattan? Perhaps it was the toy tanks or maybe the toy air force jet he refrained from using to illustrate his point after giving it a second thought.

Whatever you choose, just know that as you are laughing Barack Obama and Anita Dunn are seething.



Check out these high resolution photos (in Color) of Nazi Germany that should have an effect on anyone who chooses to look at them. The frustration that comes from watching so many Americans lulled into some form of apathetic complacency can really get the better of those who are wide awake.

Perhaps seeing the face of evil IN COLOR will help them put down that Biggie-sized #4 with a Diet Coke.

You are urged and encouraged to check out all of them (link above) but here are a few.



This may be a sign that Roberto Micheletti's government is beginning to win the stand-off. Reuters coverage of what's going on there seems to have moved away from implied support of the Obama administration's policy of reinstating ousted president Manuel Zelaya and toward blatantly biased reporting.

Quoting REUTERS:
Suspicious deaths. Beatings. Random police shootings. Life under the de facto government of Honduras at times feels uncannily like Latin America's dark past of military rule.

In the three months since soldiers overthrew leftist President Manuel Zelaya and marched him out of the country in his pajamas, international and Honduran human rights groups say security forces have committed a litany of abuses.
Lost on Reuters, apparently, is all of the reckless behavior of Zelaya who is the individual who should be feeling the most heat over all of the unrest there.

Between crossing into Honduras by foot to make some statement and his recent surfacing in the Brazilian embassy, it is clearly Zelaya who is inflaming any tensions in Honduras. Check out THIS verbiage!!
Repression of protests against the coup increased after Zelaya slipped back into the country on Sept 21, took refuge in the Brazilian embassy and called his backers onto the streets.
Note how repression increased after Zelaya surfaced in the Brazilian embassy and not BECAUSE of it.

UTTERLY PATHETIC, yes but it may indicate that Micheletti may be winning the standoff. Be sure to read the whole article.

Case in point. WND is reporting that Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas appears to be making a plea to the United Nations for more attention.
"It is getting worse every day," Rodas explained to a sparsely attended news conference at U.N. headquarters today.

The meeting with reporters was viewed as an attempt to gain attention for a campaign many have seen as "losing steam."
How interesting that the Reuters piece comes across as an attempt to carry the water for the likes of Rodas when it had been much less subjective in the past. This seems to indicate that Zelaya is losing (by extension, so is Obama) and Micheletti is winning.

Micheletti needs to KEEP HOLDING ON! He is on the right side of this fight.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ever notice how right before someone gets fired for incompetence, their boss usually says he has the "fullest confidence" in the guy on the chopping block? Ever notice how right after a football coach says, "There is NO quarterback controversy", there ends up being one?

Enter Hillary Clinton who says the notion that Obama has marginalized her is "absurd".

Yeah, right...



Stephen A. Smith railed against any NFL players for saying they would not play for the Rams if Rush Limbaugh had anything to do with owning the team. Quite refreshing to see a black ESPN analyst call out football players like this. I've also heard Smith on Mark Levin's show and he "gets it".

Aside from Smith's argument - that any player who says he wouldn't play for the Rams if Limbaugh owned them is lying through their teeth - lost in all of this is the biggest slam on Limbaugh by the players. Of course, the straw man for these righteously indignant players is what Rush said about the media elevating Donovan McNabb because they wanted a black quarterback to succeed.

Limbaugh was vindicated by what the media did and continues to do for Barack Obama.

CLICK HERE to watch the exchange.

Here's another Stephen A. Smith clip in which he called in to Mark Levin's show:

h/t to HOT AIR

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This role used to be played by Linda Douglass, who has been an unequivocal disaster as a spinmeister for the Obama Administration. The fact that Anita Dunn is actually doing no better (perhaps worse) than Douglass, might provide fuel to the argument that the problem is not with people like Douglass or Dunn but with the president whose case they're tasked with making.

There is a whiney tone to Anita Dunn, for sure but perhaps she wouldn't be needed if Obama would actually respond to the very legitimate questions posed by talk radio, conservative blogs, and people like Glenn Beck instead of ignoring them.

I find it interesting that CNN has been airing panels and interviews in which it serves as the neutral bystander when the Fox News Channel is the topic. I guess if you're not going to carry programming that challenges the president, the next best thing is to talk about the network that does.

h/t to HOT AIR


Laughed out Loud several times watching this. As someone who rarely misses Beck's program, I took no offense to this roasting at the hands of Colbert. On the contrary, this segment on Beck would likely garner him more viewers. I particularly liked when James Carville's analysis of Beck was shown. Carville called Beck "nuts" and a "blatant hypocrite".

As he did so, I think Glenn Beck was inside his head.......yelling.

Bend It Like Beck
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h/t to LGF (Even if Charles doesn't seem to think much of Beck)
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