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Friday, January 8, 2010


Steven Crowder of PJTV delivers another humorous performance as he bludgeons, with sarcasm on steroids, anyone who refused to acknowledge "Islamic" terrorism. It's been absurd as a notion for a long time but inexcusable since 9/11. Imagine if after 9/11, we had confronted the real threat - Islamic terrorism.

Now that you're sufficiently angry, have a laugh.

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When you're in a senate race, lack of publicity means an increase in obscurity. The inverse is also true and currently being experienced by the Republican candidate for the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, Scott Brown.

From the NYT:
BOSTON — Martha M. Coakley, the Democrat running for Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts, had seemed so certain of winning the special election on Jan. 19 that she barely campaigned last month.

But the dynamic has changed in recent days. The news that two senior Democratic senators will retire this year in the face of bleak re-election prospects has created anxiety and, even in this bluest of states, a sense that the balance of power has shifted dramatically from just a year ago.
It's still a very long shot but with public opinion on Obamacare growing increasingly passionate and more lopsided, anything is possible. Brown has also committed to stopping the bill if he is elected.

Think about it for a second. By Ted Kennedy staying in office until he died, the seat he vacated when doing so will have gone to someone who will have prevented Kennedy's dream of government run health care from becoming a reality.

Can you smell the irony?

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The senator responsible for the $300 Million Louisiana Purchase, Mary Landrieu needs to start preparing for the wrath of her constituents, who have thrown down the gauntlet in the form of a recall petition.

The effort is both daunting and admirable. It looks to be legally sound as well based on the claim that Lousiana's Secretary of State Jay Darden has agreed to accept the claim.

The man behind the push to get this going is Ruben T. LeBlanc and you can see the case he makes HERE.

There are several sites out of Louisiana that are covering the story but CAUGHT HIM WITH A CORNDOG lays out the basics for what needs to happen:
"On Dec. 29, a recall petition was filed by Ruben Leblanc of New Iberia, for the recall of Mary Landrieu. Sec. of State Jay Darden stated that he WILL accept the filing."

Kinda like chicken fried bacon, this limited time offer won't last. Citizens have 180 days starting Dec. 29 so get with it today if you would like to see Me-ry "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu hit the bricks before her service is up.
So what needs to take place in those 180 days?

MOVE ON MARY explains:
Our legislators, no doubt, did not want recall petitions to be used willy-nilly everytime someone gets annoyed by current office holders. They've made it difficult enough by requiring at least 33% of the voters who were registered to vote at the time of the office holders election.

What this translates to, in this attempt to remove Mary Landrieu, is the collection of 981,873 signatures of voters who were registered to vote on November 4th 2008.
Like I said, it's daunting but how many times have you heard people say they know there is something very wrong but don't know what to do. This is an actionable thing that the citizens of Louisiana can actually DO.

If you personally know someone in Louisiana, send them a link to this post and encourage them to get involved.

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Beck's impersonation of Pelosi is flat out sardonic - and very funny. In fact, it's worth watching even if you've already seen the Pelosi press conference about Obama going back on his promises that C-SPAN will be allowed to show the health care negotiations. The other really good part is at the end when he makes the case that these lying politicians are so egregious, they should go to jail.

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