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Friday, November 4, 2011

Video: Two People want out of OWS Mini-Pit of Hell

This is an excellent - and very telling - video of what it's like on the ground at Occupy Wall Street. Both of these individuals - Channing and Sage - have been camped in the commune from the beginning and both appear to be waking up to what this movement truly is. Sage actually nails it when he says that all anyone does is 'focus on problems.' Remember, at last count, there were over 3000 arrests at OWS protests across the country and those are just people who got caught.

Here, Sage and Channing both offer a chilling account of how the machinations of the OWS group works but they also appear to have learned a tremendous life lesson. Gotta give them credit for packing up and getting out. How many people just don't take that step even though they want to?

Via Big Government:

Perhaps Channing and Sage have looked into the abyss and have found their character.

ACORN is Back: Follow the Sound of the Shredders

Last week it was learned that the former ACORN office in New York was operating as the New York Communities for Change (NYCC) and very involved in Occupy Wall Street. Other than the optics of a new sign above the door, nothing had really changed. Apparently, ever since Fox News reported on this, the document shredders have been running at full speed in that office. Changing the name on the door is definitely easier than changing the name on every document inside. Once again, however, these tools of the left attempt to escape accountability by telling their employees to lie.

Via Fox News:
Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York -- operating as New York Communities for Change -- have fired staff, shredded reams of documents and told workers to blame disgruntled ex-employees for leaking information in an effort to explain away a report last week on the group’s involvement in Occupy Wall Street protests, according to sources.

NYCC also is installing surveillance cameras and recording devices at its Brooklyn offices, removing or packing away supplies bearing the name ACORN and handing out photos of Fox News staff with a stern warning not to talk to the media, the sources said.

“They’re doing serious damage control right now,” said an NYCC source.
ACORN? Damage control? Nah.

Perhaps the best part of the story could be likened to ACORN's version of a 'Who's on FIrst' bit. According to sources, the NYCC's organizing director, Jonathan Westin called an emergency meeting to discuss last week's Fox report. When the subject of paying its members to protest, things got a little muddled:
“They reminded us that we can get fired, sued, arrested for talking to the press,” the source said. “Then they went through the article point-by-point and said that the allegation that we pay people to protest isn’t true.”

“‘That’s the story that we’re sticking to,’” Westin said, according to the source.

The source said staffers at the meeting contested Westin’s denial:

“It was pretty funny. Jonathan told staff they don’t pay for protesters, but the people in the meeting who work there objected and said, ‘Wait, you pay us to go to the protests every day?’ Then Jonathan said ‘No, but that’s your job,’ and staffers were like, ‘Yeah, our job is to protest,’ and Westin said, ‘No your job is to fight for economic and social justice. We just send you to protest.’

“Staff said, ‘Yes, you pay us to carry signs.’ Then Jonathan says, ‘That’s your job.’ It went on like that back and forth for a while.”
Maybe we're getting to the bottom of the left's confusion about jobs. Jobs typically refer to work that is done for reimbursement. In the case of Westin, he's telling his workers that they are not getting paid for the work they're doing; they're getting paid for doing their jobs.

Left wing insanity. More about the report from last week that prompted the document shredding can be found HERE.

More HERE.

Video: Herman Cain Ad in Response to Harassment Charges

The Democratic Party is the party of racism and the Ku Klux Klan is an entity birthed by the Democratic Party to keep blacks both in their place and out of voting booths. There are countless accounts of KKK members threatening blacks with death if they voted Republican. Once the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, Democrats needed a new tactic, since it became much more difficult to overtly intimidate and terrorize blacks. That new tactic became exploitation. If you've ever wondered why blacks vote with Democrats 90% of the time, it's because the Democratic Party has bought those votes with the empty promises of entitlements.

Liberal blacks like the ones you see in this ad - Al Sharpton, Cornel West, and Tavis Smiley - have all benefited greatly from race-hustling. It is they who are doing the bidding of the Democratic Party at the expense of anyone from their own race - like Cain - who dares to stand against it.

A very nice touch in this ad comes at the end, when video of Clarence Thomas is featured.

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