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Sunday, November 1, 2009


On Wednesday, the FBI raided a mosque in Detroit and had to kill the imam who apparently wasn't willing to go quietly. What's more is that the complaint filed by the FBI prior to the raid seems to show a tight relationship between CAIR and some nefarious forces. Even Minnesota congressman KETH ELLISON, who has clear ties with CAIR couldn't remain silent.

For more information about the connections between the imam in Detroit and a convicted cop killer who has the support of CAIR, CLICK HERE.

Now there are Muslims in Detroit who seem to be trying to bully, intimidate, and establish "no-go" zones for sane human beings. Check out the video below as it shows a cameraman assaulted by a man in baggy pants. Note what the cameraman says about having covered stories for many years and basically said the Black Panthers got nothin' on these derelicts.

It's not like Europe didn't warn us.

h/t to JAWA


This is straight out of the 'lighting strikes in the same place twice' department. You might remember Dave Carroll. He was the musician who had his guitar broken by United Airlines. After countless attempts to get them to repair it, they finally told him to go away. So he wrote a song and made a video.

United has been dealing with the fallout ever since as Carroll has already made a second video and had plans to do a third. Well, it looks like he might be doing a fourth.

Why? Because United lost his LUGGAGE
After famously breaking his guitar, United Airlines has managed to cause further trouble for David Carroll by losing his luggage — just as the Canadian singer-songwriter was en route to deliver a speech about customer service.

RightNow Technologies, a company that creates customer service software, had hired Carroll to deliver a keynote speech this week at its conference in Colorado Springs, about 100 kilometres southeast of Denver.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on....

You might be wondering why Carroll would be flying United again? The answer to that question is given further on into the article.
"the only direct flight to Denver was with United. So I flew United and my bag got lost," the Nova Scotia singer-songwriter told CBC News by phone on Thursday.
Carroll is re-working the third song in his trilogy about his broken guitar experience because of the latest problem with United.

After the first song came out, I was more than a little skeptical about subsequent songs because A.) the 1st one was hard to top and B.) the appeal was sure to wear off.

However, I found the 2nd song better than the first.



Domestically, I've long viewed Ron Paul as being on-target with regard to many issues. When it comes to matters relating to the economy and immigration for example, I find myself nodding in agreement more often than not. When it comes to foreign policy, I think he's way off and needs to better understand the motivations of our enemies.

That said, a bill sponsored by Paul (H.R. 1207), which called for an audit of the Fed has been gaining momentum for several months with more and more congressmen jumping on board. Ultimately, it amassed over 300 co-sponsors and had to be addressed. Could it be? Was it possible? The Fed was finally going to be held accountable!

Uh, not so much.

It's something we've seen far too often. Washington bureaus and bureaucrats have insulated themselves with so many firewalls, everyone should have seen this one coming I guess. Paul claims the bill has been 'gutted' in committee by a Democrat congressman from Charlotte, N.C.
Paul blamed the chairman of the House Financial Service Committee's panel on domestic monetary policy, Rep. Mel Watt, D-N.C., for eliminating "just about everything" in preparation for the bill's consideration on the floor of the House.
What's more is that Watt overwhelming received the most campaign contributions from the very industries his party leaders have been demonizing - that would be banks and insurance companies.

If I may diverge slightly, perhaps the next time ACORN, SEIU, and any other union thugs decide to raise a ruckus outside a bank, they might step back and look at where the Brinks trucks are delivering the money after pulling away from the bank buildings. They may just find Watt's address programmed into the GPS.

If it's true that HR 1207 has been de-fanged, there are potentially two bits of good news to come out of the whole exercise.

1.) Further evidence that the system is broken if banking, finance, and insurance industries can prevent congress from uncovering its own corruption

2.) We now have a name in Mel Watt, of someone to investigate more closely.

Speaking of Watt, perhaps he should start feeling the heat he has allegedly deflected away from the Fed. It looks like that may already be starting. WND reports:
In fact, of $609,072 given to Watt, $217,109 – or 35.6 percent – came from the money sector, including over $187,000 – or nearly 31 percent of his total contributions – from political action committees within the finance, insurance and real estate industry. The next highest industry supporting Watt was labor, which contributed only 14 percent of his total war chest.

Furthermore, the four largest contributors to Watt's cause were Bank of America, Wachovia Corp., American Express and the American Bankers Association.

Keith Kelly, a spokesman for Watt, declined to comment and told Bloomberg Watt wasn't immediately available for an interview.
It seems like more and more politicians are refusing to comment lately. Unfortunately for them, it's a tactic that speaks volumes.

h/t to WND
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