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Sunday, September 19, 2010


The good news for Democratic Socialists is that Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) isn't registered with their caucus - unlike 30 of the other 41 members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). The bad news for the CBC is that Meeks has allegedly aided and abetted an ally of Osama bin Laden; if we were actually fighting an enemy we'd identify, Meeks would be getting tried for treason right now. Here's the tally so far. CBC has 42 members - 30 registered socialists, 1 traitor, and two members facing corruption trials.

Anyway, more on Meeks via the New York Post:
US Rep. Gregory Meeks scolded immigration officials for questioning a Muslim scholar whose nonprofits have been linked to financing terrorism.

The Queens Democrat contacted federal agencies -- finally appealing to then-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff -- asking why Anwar Hajjaj faced "unwarranted scrutiny" when he returned to the United States from trips abroad through JFK Airport.

Meeks described Hajjaj as a "highly regarded" professor of Islamic studies who leads Friday Muslim prayers at the Capitol.

Meeks said Hajjaj was "a pioneer in distance-based learning of Islam" through the American Open University in Virginia, according to a copy of the Sept. 30, 2006, letter to Chertoff, which was obtained by The Post under a Freedom of Information Act request.
That's not all.
The Post has learned Hajjaj also headed the Taibah International Aid Association, a charity that has been accused of funding Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. The group was co-founded by Abdullah A. bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's nephew, who has been investigated for his ties to groups that have funded al Qaeda and Hamas.
Perhaps one of the more interestingly telling excerpts from the article is this one:
Hajjaj, 65, told The Post that he was routinely harassed and sometimes missed flights when he traveled to and from Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage to Mecca.

"It was an awful experience under the Bush administration," he said. "Now under Obama, I have no complaints."
Not that they'll care much but there's another possible explanation for those on the left who can't understand why 20% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim.

As for Meeks, he should jump to the front of the line, leap-frogging both Rangel and Waters when it comes to trials.

h/t to Weasel Zippers


Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina (R) is proving day after day to be the most ethical person in Congress. He stands up for what's right time and time again. There is no compromise when it comes to his principles (that I have seen). He continues to take the lead in endorsing Tea Party candidates and truly needs to be the Republican nominee in 2012. He doesn't play the D.C. game and is not part of the establishment.

Unlike Newt, you'll never see this guy sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi for some whacked out, nonsensical PR campaign.

The only other candidate comparable for a presidential run would be John Bolton. This guy is the real deal and you will see why in this very short video.

Via New Zeal


This video of Howard Dean from May of 2010 provides a peak behind the curtain. It also serves as evidence to back up what those on the right have long suspected about leftwing tactics. If you ever wonder if the leftwing talking heads truly believe the rhetoric they're spewing, this should clear it up. They don't. While Dean is instructing students in Austria about how to debate the right, he tells them never to answer the question that's asked. Instead, change the subject to what you want to talk about while demonizing your opponent.

The implication Dean makes in this video is that the left can't defend the indefensible and that the best way to avoid accountability is to smear your opponent. Alinsky at work, folks.

What on earth would make a person like this become a doctor? He's a snake.

Via Breitbart


At what was billed the Right Nation event at the Sears Centre in Chicago, an organized gaggle of leftists protested outside. Andrew Breitbart, who was participating in the event confronted the protesters, who were holding American flags and behaving in the same ways that they accuse Tea Partiers of behaving. In example #1, Breitbart is called a 'homosexual' by one of the leftist thugs. When he confronts the crowd about it, asking them why he was called a homosexual, the answer comes back that it's because of the way he talks.

In another video, though of poorer quality, you can see Breitbart confront the protesters over their signs. He asks them what they mean and to provide examples to back them up. They couldn't. If you can get through the early shouting, which makes it impossible to hear what anyone is saying, you can hear some good stuff.

Watch this to see communist tactics in action.

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