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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looks like Tea Party is Buying Rick Perry's Rhetoric

It's really unfortunate that Texas Governor Ricky Perry is siphoning off so much Tea Party support with his rhetoric. To his credit, he did it again in the MSNBC debate but as a Texan, I can tell you his words are not met with his actions. There was one specific topic that came up last night that should illustrate the point perfectly. When the subject of Obamacare came up, Perry said he would do all he can to repeal as much of it as he could. He seasoned the red meat by implying that he would use an Executive Order to do so.

This is just rhetoric and if there is any candidate who has a track record that demonstrates he will NOT be effective in doing what needs to be done when it comes to Obamacare, it's Rick Perry.

Consider this year's Texas legislative session. When the regular session began, Perry put 'Sanctuary Cities' legislation up as a priority item. However, as Governor, he could not put bills on the floor; his power was limited. Ultimately, the bill died in the regular session because it couldn't overcome the required super majorities. Then, a special session was called when some necessary legislation hadn't been passed. Perry had much more power in the special session. It was he who would put bills on the agenda and no super majorities were required to pass legislation.

He waited too long to put the Sanctuary Cities bill on the agenda and then skipped town. This legislation addressed the only remaining 'emergency item' Perry had identified at the beginning of the regular session; it should have been one of - if not the - first items added to the special session agenda. He did not use the bully pulpit and the bill died. Not only that but two of Texas' wealthiest men - Grocery store magnate Charles Butt and Developer Bob Perry - threw their weight around and threatened to withhold contributions to the Republican Party if the bill was passed. Reports were that these threats dealt a mortal wound to the bill. If the Texas governor couldn't hold firm to his principles in Texas, what makes us think he will do the same with Obamacare?

Conversely, it was Bachmann who last night best laid out her priority to take Obamacare out by its roots by pushing legislation that would do so. Perry does not have that kind of political will and if he is elected president, he will not pursue the repeal of Obamacare like Bachmann would. That said, if Congress put such a bill on his desk, he would probably sign it but the importance of repealing Obamacare is severe enough that any presidential candidate should have to lay out exactly what he or she would do.

Video: Al Sharpton Does it Again, Thinks 'Galileo' is Three Syllables

There was a downside to MSNBC carrying last night's debate I hadn't considered. It meant that MSNBC commentators would be on-hand afterward to analyze it. Of course, that roster now includes Al Sharpton, who completely mispronounced Galileo's name. Earlier in the debate, Rick Perry made reference to Galileo while defending his stance on man-made global warming. After the debate, Sharpton expressed his apoplexy over Perry invoking the name by referring to him as 'Galeo.'

Via Breitbart:

Video Rep. Darrell Issa on Grenade Angle to Fast and Furious

It was bad enough that the ATF allowed guns to 'walk' into Mexico; two federal agents are dead as a result. Earlier this week, news broke that the ATF actually allowed grenades to walk too. Bombmaker Jean Baptiste Kingery was apprehended in 2010 and held for a few hours before the DOJ instructed the ATF to release him. ATF agents begged leadership not to let the guy go but DOJ insisted. Kingery subsequently trafficked grenade making materials into Mexico and was only recently apprehended for a second time.

Based on how things unfolded, this case smacks of Fast and Furious; it carries many of the same traits, including whistleblower retaliation. Wall Street Journal broke this story on September 6th. ATF agent and whistleblower Peter Forcelli has accused the US Attorneys office of irresponsibly instructing ATF to let Kingery go. Predictably, the accounts of Forcelli and the DOJ differ but based on the track record of each, I'll side with Forcelli at this point.

Anyway, found this in my inbox; it's an interview in which Fox's Megyn Kelly talks with Oversight Committee chairman, Darrell Issa about the new grenade angle to operation Fast and Furious.

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