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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Video: Sports Writer quoted by Bob Costas outed as a Racist

Not sure how I missed this but the letter written to Bill O'Reilly by Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock in response to a request to be interviewed on O'Reilly's show was nothing short of over-the-top racist. Whitlock is the same guy whom Bob Costas quoted after the Jovan Belcher murder / suicide that found the NBC sportscaster in hot water almost two weeks ago.

In the days after Costas' elevation of Whitlock on a national stage, he went on Whitlock's radio show and didn't do himself any favors.

The good news? One of the consequences of Bob Costas' decision to line up with Whitlock on national television over a second amendment issue following a high profile case is that Whitlock is being exposed for the racist he is. The bad news (for Costas) is that aligning with Whitlock on any issue - especially one as controversial as the Belcher case and gun control - is a poor reflection on Costas.

If you haven't seen this, it's a must-watch.

Via the Daily Caller:

Is House Majority Whip coming clean on that 'purge list'?

The stonewalls coming from House Republican leadership - and Paul Ryan - about the secret 'purge list' that led to the booting of true conservatives from the Budget and Financial Services committees may be starting to crack. Matthew Boyle at Breitbart is reporting that the man identified as being the one who created the list - House Republican Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy - has agreed to meet with the Republican Study Committee (RSC) to explain it.

Via Breitbart:
Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp said in an interview that McCarthy has agreed to explain to the conservative members of the House his role in drafting the scorecard used to purge conservative House members from their committee assignments.

“They’ve requested McCarthy to come tomorrow to RSC to explain his scorecard,” Huelskamp told Breitbart News. “I’ve seen the stories about ‘McCarthyism’ and it is his scorecard. Who put it together and how? What’s on it? That’s what we’re trying to get a hold of.”

“He [McCarthy] told [RSC Chairman Rep.] Jim Jordan he’d show up at RSC tomorrow,” Huelskamp added. “He said he would come. But, until he shows up, we’ll see. If he doesn’t show up, he’ll have to answer to Jim Jordan about misleading him. But I hope he shows up. They still don’t have the guts to release the scorecard.”
When you get right down to it, House Republican Party leadership is doing what it has long decried Obama for doing - backroom deals and political payback for those who aren't in lockstep. If that's the culture the GOP is creating in the House, it should prepare to lose the majority in 2014.

The movement to replace Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy continues but the candidates of choice seem to be reluctant.

Frankly, reluctant leaders might just be a breath of fresh air. They usually make better ones anyway.

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