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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ATF Director Blows Subpoena Deadline, Issa Escalates

ATF Director Kenneth Melson has been blowing off deadlines in letters from Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for a few months now. Count a blown subpoena deadline from Issa among Melson's list of instances in which he refused to comply. On March 31st, Issa subpoenaed Melson and gave him a deadline of April 13th. That deadline came and went. Now, Issa is issuing a stern warning to Melson that contempt hearings may take place.

In his most recent letter, Issa refers to the ATF's previous reasons for non-compliance, that there is an ongoing investigation. Issa's argument, which is quite sound, is that the ATF may have the right to withhold documents in a case that Congress is aiding them with but not in a case where ATF is the subject of the investigation.

Perhaps the final paragraph in Issa's letter is the most scathing:
While I am certainly sensitive to protecting the integrity of pending criminal investigations, the Department has not provided information to substantiate its claims or produced other documents unrelated to specific cases. Therefore, I am hereby informing you that the Committee intends to enforce the subpoena issued to you on March 31, 2011. If you do not comply with the subpoena, the Committee will be forced to commence contempt proceedings.
The longer the ATF stonewalls, the worse this will look for the administration. Courtesy of whistleblowers at the ATF, it is charged that ATF Director Melson was aware of Operation Fast and Furious, a program that allowed guns to 'walk' into Mexico. Two of those guns were found at the murder scene of Border Agent Brian Terry.

Also, the longer the administration does not find someone in the ATF who authorized the program without approval, the worse it looks for the administration itself. If this extends to Obama - or even Holder - it is Watergate with murder.

Read it all.

Video: Leftist Calls for Guillotines

This one is despicable. While at an anti-Tea Party rally, this rabid leftist invokes the good old days of the French Revolution, when there was an uprising not birthed by a desire for freedom but by animus toward the aristocrats. It was bloody savagery. This whacko then goes a step further by calling for actual guillotines to be placed in front of every bank, chamber of commerce, and Republican Party Headquarters. This did not sound like a metaphor or an allegory intended to make a point. This appears to be very close to incitement and threats.


h/t Weasel Zippers

Video: Whack Job Leftist Tells Reporter his name is 'Drop Dead'

This is destined to become a classic case study in projection. To set this up, Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray held a press conference to discuss the recently resurrected school voucher program there. As part of the budget deal in Congress, that voucher program was put back in place after reportedly being voted down. Kerry Picket of the Washington Times was on hand to ask Gray some questions after his statement. Soon thereafter, two men standing behind Pickett can be heard talking to her. When she turns the camera around (about the :45 mark), viewers are face to face with two angry leftists. The one on the left has his dander up while telling a very calm Pickett that she is 'obviously hostile and filled with contempt.'

It is this guy's hostility that makes this clip so hysterically funny.

Check it all out at Washington Times.

Trump's Conflicting Views on Reagan

To Donald Trump's credit, he had a meteoric rise among the Tea Party. More than anything else, that rise should tell the establishment what voters want - a candidate who will fight, not a leader who will cry (Boehner). To Trump's detriment, his flirtation with the Tea Party is saying more about the power of the latter. Trump was challenged on his abortion stance and suddenly, he's pro-life. In 2000, he wrote very strongly about his support for universal health care. It now appears Trump has a Reagan problem.

Check out this excerpt from Trump's The Art of the Deal. In particular, pay attention to the last paragraph in which Trump questions Reagan's honesty.

Big h/t to Free Republic for this image.

Contrast that with this interview Trump gave to Sean Hannity last week. Via Townhall.

Video Shocker: Obama Lies again

Most of us remember the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota in 2007. This just goes to show how some crises can be exploited long after they've taken place. While speaking to students in Annandale, VA Barack Obama pointed to the bridge collapse as evidence of what can happen without sufficient infrastructure spending. Turns out, it was just a shameless attempt not to let a three year-old crisis go to waste. The collapse of the bridge had NOTHING to do with insufficient infrastructure spending; it had to do with a design flaw according to the NTSB, an agency under Obama's direction.

Via CNS News:

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