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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Sermon, Catholic Bishop compares Obama to Hitler and Stalin

Those concerned that the Catholic Church's response to the HHS contraception rule was going to be a flash in the pan got a bit of a reprieve courtesy of Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of the Diocese of Peoria, IL. Jenky compared Barack Obama to Hitler and Stalin.

Via Washington Examiner:
"Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care," Jenky said. "In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path." Jenky added.

Jenky reminded the men of the Catholic Church's history of surviving threats from Jihadi, Nazism and Communism and called them to stand up for their faith.

Denouncing the "entrenched corruption and sheer incompetence" of the Illinois state government, Jenky also criticized Catholic politicians who "pretend to be Catholic."
Here is the relevant excerpt from Jenky's sermon.

Santorum not Endorsing; Newt insists Primary not over

These two developments seem to compliment one another quite nicely. First, Rick Santorum said on a conference call that he is not endorsing any candidate at this point.

Via KGO:
Rick Santorum said Monday night there is “no question Barack Obama has to be defeated,” but did not say he would back presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, instead revealing he had only spoken to Newt Gingrich, not Romney yet.

“As far as going with a particular presidential candidate right now -- I mean -- had a chance to talk to Newt, I haven’t had a chance yet to talk to Gov. Romney,” Santorum said on a conference call. “But we’ll be talking to both of them and we are going to go out and deal with who we believe is in the best interest of our country and winning this election and make sure that we have a conservative platform, conservative message and they follow through with that conservative message after the election.”

This is a not-so-subtle jab at the man about to become the party’s standard bearer. Santorum consistently would say on the campaign trail that in 2008, Romney convinced him of his conservative bona fides before he backed him and then Romney quickly changed his tune.

Although Santorum is expected to eventually back Romney -- both longtime adviser John Brabender and top donor Foster Friess told ABC News last week they expect him to endorse Romney -- he was specific Monday night that he was not endorsing anyone in the presidential race.

“I haven’t supported any candidate at this point,” Santorum said, when asked who his supporters should vote for in the Pennsylvania primary on April 24.
Another interesting aspect to this is that Santorum is saying he will not release his delegates. If he released them to Romney, it would all but be the final nail in the coffin for Gingrich's chances.
Santorum also made it clear he won’t be releasing his delegates to whomever he backs, saying he wants to “make sure” the delegates “go to the convention and have a say,” to influence the platform of the party and have an “impact on the convention process” making sure both the platform and convention “reflects the things our campaign stands for.”

Although he did not give any clues on his new venture, Santorum did say there will be a “place for people to organize and rally,” and he is working on the project and will share more information in one to two weeks. He stressed he will be active not only in the presidential, but down ballot races as well.
Contrast that news with Newt's comments in Richardson, TX. Note that Newt is still using the tortoise metaphor.


This short clip is from early March:

Newt obviously sees himself as the tortoise. He also understands the underdog story of George Washington better than most.

h/t Free Republic

Video: Conservative talk show host nails Romney on Liberalism

Former WHO talk show host, Steve Deace, was on MSNBC to talk about Romney's electability. Aside from the fact that MSNBC is obviously giving him air time because it helps their cause, Deace does a good job of explaining why Romney is a terrible choice for conservative voters.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Four years of Jimmy Carter essentially gave us Ronald Reagan. Four years of Jimmy Carter on steroids is giving us Gerald Ford.

There is one undeniable truth that comes with a Romney nomination. We, as a nation, still have not learned our lesson after four years of Barack Obama.

Via RCP:

Video: Did Bob Beckel flush his career down the toilet on Live TV?

For a long time, I've wondered why Bob Beckel gets so much air time. He started off as a novelty that wore off very quickly but for some reason, those with decision-making ability decided to give him his own show on Fox.

Coming back from a break on Hannity's television show, Beckel thought he was arguing with talk show host Neal Boortz off the air and dropped an "F" bomb. When Hannity demanded that Beckel apologize, the liberal - in typical liberal fashion - became indignantly childish and refused.

The best part came a short time later, when Beckel was assured that he did indeed curse on live television. He apologized and then quickly blamed Hannity for not doing a better job of letting him know they were on the air.

There are several clips of this exchange out there but MediaIte has the best one because of its length. The entire exchange is worth watching.

That clip reveals the typical liberal mind. Beckel did wrong and blamed Hannity. If you want to know why no Democrats voted to throw Bill Clinton out of office after impeachment, Beckel's mindset explains it perfectly. It was the Republicans' fault for demanding accountability.

Take note of Boortz spinning the football.

h/t Mitch

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