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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Barack Obama has set a new (and unreachable) standard for trapping oneself in his own words. In case anyone hasn't noticed, the left has been making these town hall health care protests all about race. Something tells me they're probably going to overlook Obama saying such tactics are "a mistake" in 1995.

If you watch the entire clip, you also get to hear him say that Jeremiah Wright is the "best of what the black church has to offer".

Yikes. I'd hate to see the worst.

h/t to HOT AIR


Rest easy all of you paranoids! Barack Obama doesn't think he's God. He just thinks he's God's equal when it comes to deciding matters of life and death according to some Rabbis that were on a conference call with him.

The POLITICO reports that Obama said the following on a conference call with Rabbis:
"We are God's partners in matters of life and death."
So how does that square with your stance on abortion, Mr. Obama? If you and God are equals, does that mean determining when life begins is above His paygrade too?

Obama's ideological hero Saul Alinsky, dedicated the Community Organizing handbook, "Rules for Radicals" to Lucifer. Alinsky was an atheist and maintained the endorsement was a sarcastic joke and not a personal statement. My advice to Obama would be to look at what kinds of things Lucifer said and did that got him into trouble. George Soros, the man behind Obama has also decided to dive in to the realm of mocking God, calling it a joke as well.

Check out this TIMES ONLINE interview of Soros conducted by Andrew Billen in 2004. Here is Soros clarifying any perceived "God complex" he may have:
First of all, I said I had messianic fantasies. I do. I think we all do. Some get further than others with them but I think a lot of people would like to do good for humanity and it has been my privilege actually to do it.”

He pauses. “I mean this more as a joke than a statement but I used to say that I must not go to Russia very often because, being a god, I must remain invisible.” He is thinking of a period of hyper-inflation in the former Soviet Union during which he sent 35,000 scientists $500 each. “I mean, it is like a gift from God. In that sense I was playing God, but it can be taken out of context. People might say this man is a megalomaniac.”
No god complex would be complete without putting your pseudo-son in a position of power. Enter Barack Obama, who seems to read teleprompters like they contained scriptures. Soros appears to have extended his god complex to include his version of a messiah. He and Barack certainly don't do much to dissuade the perception.

This is all just so sick.

People on the left will excuse away what Obama said but make no mistake, that short sentence says a lot about Obama's arrogance, which is out of this world.



For those who have actually decided to open their eyes at what's really going on with this administration, they risk being immune to the level of corruption in the White House. It's beginning to make Bill Clinton blush (I know, it's hard to tell when Bubba's blushing).

Anyway, Michelle Malkin does it again as she's all over what's going on with David Axelrod, the man who made astroturfing an art form. As the Obama administration continues to refer to the town hall grass roots movement as "astroturf" or fake grass roots funded by special interest groups, it continues to accuse others of doing what David Axelrod is a master at doing - Astroturf.

As you watch Michelle explain in very clear language with quintessential specificity exactly what's going on, ask yourself a question.

What does it say about how an entity or human being views itself when it demonizes and vilifies opponents by accusing them of doing despicable things that the accuser is doing to an extreme?

Not only is it projection but it shows that entity / human being to be extremely vile.

CLICK HERE for more from Michelle on how corrupt this is.

h/t to HOT AIR for the video
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