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Monday, November 8, 2010


Aaron Klein's radio show on WABC in New York recently featured an interview between he and the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Oklahoma, Muneer Awad. In the news since the election has been the fact that a state initiative in Oklahoma that forbids judges from considering either Shariah or International Law passed by a wide margin. Awad and CAIR have filed a lawsuit to have state question 755 overturned.

After Awad explained why he thought the lawsuit was justified, Klein began asking him about his group's ties to terror groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Awad could not sufficiently respond other than by calling Klein a 'liar' who was taking quotes out of context. One of those quotes came from an FBI agent who testified at the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, at which CAIR was identified as an un-indicted co-conspirator.

CLICK HERE to hear the audio and fast forward to the 9:45 mark if pressed for time.

Here is a partial transcript:
"I condemn any organization that is involved in any acts of terrorism," Awad responded.

Awad, however, blasted back that he was "offended" by the questions and challenged, "Do you condemn the KKK?"

"Of course I condemn the KKK, but I'm not part of an organization that was founded by the KKK," Klein said. "You, on the other hand, are part of CAIR, which, there was a new book put out, 'Muslim Mafia,' which brings documentation and that the FBI earlier even testified to this, that your organization, CAIR, was funded by Muslim Brotherhood offshoots, was listed by the Muslim Brotherhood in documents as a like-minded partner."

"That has no academic basis to it," Awad answered. "Absolutely not true."
Klein continued to present fact after fact to Awad that the latter was not prepared or equipped to answer. Just imagine if these kinds of questions were asked of CAIR officials who appear on NPR.

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The anonymous blogger known as 'Ulsterman' has posted another interview he allegedly had with an anonymous 'White House insider,' who is ostensibly an extremely disenfranchised Democrat with a huge load of buyer's remorse over supporting Barack Obama and working for his campaign in 2008. The Insider predicts that Nancy Pelosi will NOT succeed in her bid to become the House minority leader and also that a huge scandal will bust open in 2011 that could reach the president. Yeah, those don't sound like overly bold predictions but this person has delivered some very specific information in the past that proved to be correct.

Via NewsFlavor:
Ulsterman….do you think the president is going to pull a Clinton and veer back to the middle of the political road?

Insider: (shakes head) I have said it many times – Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton. He doesn’t have Clinton’s intellect, Clinton’s political know-how, or Clinton’s common sense. Barack Obama is too self involved, too bored of details, too lazy. But even more important, Barack Obama doesn’t have the people around him who will allow a turn toward the political middle. Many of the moderates in the Democratic Party were taken out with this election. What is left are the far left people – the -expletive- “Progressives” if you will. They are still in denial. Never before has such a group of like minded dumb -expletives- inhabited the halls of the United States government.
Here is part of the exchange about Pelosi:
Ulsterman: I want to ask you about Nancy Pelosi. You know people in her office, right?

Insider: Maybe. I hear things, yeah.

Ulsterman: You have said more than once that she is finished as Speaker. Now she has come out and declared her intent to be Minority Leader. Have you been proven wrong?

Insider: Wrong? Is she going to remain on as Speaker of the House? No, she is not. The Democrats lost. I don’t think I said anything specifically about her being Minority Leader, or not much at any rate. But—-

Ulsterman: (Interrupts) So will Nancy Pelosi be the minority leader in the House? Is she staying on as a member of Congress, because that would seem to contradict what you were telling me earlier…

Insider: No. No I don’t think she is going to be Minority Leader. She doesn’t have the backing. That’s the word I have received from many different sources, including members of Congress. What Nancy Pelosi is doing now is trying to save face. It is desperate…and well, kind of pathetic too. I will say this with absolute certainty – if she does not get the minority leader position, she is leaving Congress. She has said that directly to members of her caucus.
Read it all.


I guess it's poetic justice that the now official, best trick play in football ever was pulled of by a middle school team. It has a hint of the old fumble-rooski and the fake spike but it's much better. The opposing team must have thought the referee had changed into football garb in the locker room and that the QB was actually marching off a five yard penalty. I think the only reason the refs didn't blow the whistle was because they didn't know what was going on either.

Via The Blaze


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