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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Videos: DHS Secretary Napolitano Grilled over Fast and Furious

Though this was a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Oversight members, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), and chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) were all present. Each had a shot at pressing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and each did so. First up is Chaffetz, who becomes visibly frustrated at Napolitano's stonewalling. In particular, he appeared to find the contention on the part of Napolitano that she hadn't discussed Fast and Furious with Eric Holder particularly vexing.

Via Oversight Productions:

Rep. Gowdy, as a former prosecutor, is quite familiar with protocol in cases that involve gun trafficking. Take note as he gets Napolitano to agree on proper procedures for how something known as a T3 is handled. When he takes the next logical step, based on what Napolitano agreed was correct, she clams up after realizing that answering in the affirmative would implicated the Justice Department:

Then came Darrell Issa's turn. In this heated exchange, Issa asks Napolitano some very straightforward questions that the Secretary refuses to answer and says she will get the answers to him in writing:

h/t to JW at Operation Gunrunner Info Page at FB

Videos: More from Occupy Oakland (Picking up from Previous Post)

In the previous post, I noted that protesters at Occupy Oakland vowed to return after being arrested and removed during a pre-dawn raid of their camp. Well, it appears they've decided to show up en masse, downtown and raise a bit of a ruckus. Again, there are a few very bad optics for these protesters. First, these flashmobs are creating the visible perception that cops are the underdogs based on sheer numbers. In the past, protesters weren't this big so the general public is likely willing to extend a bit more grace to law enforcement.

Second, the videos clearly show that police are bending over backwards to avoid being perceived as rougher than what is reasonable. Conversely, the protesters are coming across as deserving far more than what they're getting. Police are being cussed at and assaulted with paint bombs and tear gas (second video below).

Here are three videos courtesy of Verum Serum. The first is a view of the flashmob from several stories above. The second is an on-the-ground look at the same hodgepodge of miscreants who are being treated far too nicely. The third captures the moment when police have had enough and fire tear gas into a mass of humanity that had surrounded other officers. In essence, cops acted in self-defense. If these protesters are looking for sympathy, it increasingly looks like they could get much less of it. Remember, the mayor of Oakland is liberal Democrat, which brings an entirely new political angle into view. Liberal protesters being confronted by a liberal mayor in a very liberal city.

Lap it all up:

At some point, people should start finding Obama's silence deafening.

More at Verum Serum

Videos: Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland, Following Orders of Liberal Mayor

The story of the Occupy Oakland protests is so wrought with irony, I can hardly stand it. This is Pelosi-country. Though OWS protests are happening all across the country, Oakland somehow became the most problematic for local government. Liberal Democrat Mayor Jean Quan issued orders last week that protesters had to vacate the premises by 10pm or they would be removed. Police didn't start carrying out the order until just before dawn on Tuesday, the 25th but carry it out they did. Oakland is also the place where none other than Van Jones got his start confronting police brutality as a communist sympathizer.

In the case of Occupy Oakland, Quan is supposed to be a sympathetic figure to the cause, right? Being a Democrat, it's going to be hard for the protesters to rationalize where to place the blame. Protesters lost this one for another reason as well. Since the 1960's, it's always been to the benefit of left wing whacko protesters to play the part of the victim when getting arrested. The optics always seemed to favor the miscreants and make the cops look like brutal minions of the state. That strategy doesn't seem to be working as well these days, nor should it. Law enforcement has actually been far too patient with these mental toddlers.

More good news? Protesters vowed to return and 're-claim' the park. Either way, that's a win for rational people. If they come back, Ms. Quan will continue to have to confront the manifestation of the liberalism she supports. If they don't return, Occupy Oakland dies.

HERE is a link to Quan's statement.

Via Breitbart:

h/t Hot Air

Here is more video from the Oakland Tribune:

Video: Whacko Michael Moore Responds to Question about Supporting #OccupyWallStreet while being part of 1%

Ah, a peek inside the twisted liberal mind of Michael Moore. Gotta give Piers Morgan credit here for not letting Moore off the hook. In essence, Morgan wanted to know why Moore so despises capitalism when he has benefited so greatly from it. Morgan also pressed Moore about the latter being part of the 1% the Occupy Wall Streeters are protesting yet support them. For a while, Moore rejected the premise that said he IS part of the 1% but ultimately relented when Morgan wouldn't let him off the hook. The twisted logic of Moore when it came to capitalism was amazing to behold.

Moore quite clumsily attempted to turn hypocrisy into some form of righteousness by saying that, yes, he's done very well but he has been fighting the system while doing it. He's fighting for the 99% even though he's not part of them.

Via MediaIte:

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