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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Video: Does Michele Bachmann Agree with Impeaching Obama?

It will be very interesting to see what this does to Michele Bachmann's poll numbers because if it helps her, it ups the ante for the other candidates. While meeting with voters in Iowa after a stump speech, a man she was talking with brought up the issue of impeaching Obama. Bachmann said that she agreed. Her campaign team is apparently already trying to back away from her comments. This may not be the best course of action for a few reasons.

First, she said it. She should stand by it. If members of the Tea Party who agree with the sentiment see her back away, they may become a bit disenfranchised with her as a candidate. She needs the opposite right now.

Second, with her sagging poll numbers, she needs to take a few more rhetorical chances. Perry did that early on and it helped him greatly.

Third, whether team Bachmann likes it or not, there is a significant contingent within the voting bloc whose support she seeks, that wants Obama impeached. If she goes on record as rejecting those concerns after appearing to have expressed support for them, it could lose her votes, instead of keeping her in the game.

Conversely, if she is going to stand by the comments - which she should - she needs to put forth solid, credible reasons why Obama should be impeached. If she were able to do that, she would probably take some of Cain's support away.

VIa MediaIte:

Audio: CBS Fast and Furious Reporter says White House Screaming at her

CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been on the Fast and Furious for several months and provided the venue for ATF whistleblower John Dodson to spill the initial can of beans back in February / March. CBS has basically relegated her to the internet save for a few instances when they feature a few of her reports on the evening news. Now that the scandal is breaking wide open with evidence that Eric Holder may have perjured himself in front of the House Judiciary committee on May 3rd, the Justice Department and White House are becoming increasingly frustrated with Attkisson's investigating.

The clip below is from her interview with Laura Ingraham. Attkisson tells of a Justice Department spokesperson - Tracy Schmaler - who yelled at her over the phone when Attkisson asked for a written statement. She then said a representative from the White House - Eric Schultz - screamed at her, saying that she was the only 'unreasonable' reporter he had to deal with. Hats off to Sharyl Attkisson for being all over Fast and Furious but an additional hat tip for naming names at DOJ and the White House who took their frustration with her OUT on her.

h/t Hot Air

Note: Since her interview with Ingraham, there have been reports that CBS has been attempting to keep Attkisson away from the media. This apparently is not at all true. It seems she has been so inundated with requests for interviews, there is no way she can do them all. This bodes well for this story continuing to grow.

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