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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FBI Vault: Hitler in Argentina After War, Didn't Commit Suicide

This one certainly beats the one page FBI document that reported - second hand - that three flying saucers crashed in New Mexico and contained three three-foot men in each saucer. How about a 203 page FBI file that reports Hitler did not commit suicide after WWII? Instead, he allegedly fled to Argentina via submarine with the help of six top Argentine officials, two weeks after the fall of Berlin. There's quite a bit of detail here so this isn't like the voluminous number of Elvis sightings. The King of Rock and Roll died in his bathroom and there was a body. Hitler's body was never found.

Via the FBI Vault:
According to (redacted) he was one of four men who met HITLER and his party when they landed from two submarines in Argentina approximately two and one-half weeks after the fall of Berlin. (Redacted) continued that the first sub came close to shore about 11:00 p.m. after it had been signaled that it was safe to land and a doctor and several men disembarked. Approximately two hours later the second sub came ashore and HITLER, two women, another doctor, and several more men, making the whold party arriving by submarines approximately 50, were aboard. By pre-arranged plan with six top Argentine officials, pack horses were waiting for the group and by daylight all supplies were loaded on the horses and an all-day trip inland toward the foothills of the southern Andes was started. At dusk the party arrived at the ranch where Hitler and his party, according to (redacted) are now in hiding. (Redacted) most specifically explained that the subs landed along the tip of the Valdez Peninsula along the southern tip of Argentina in the gulf of San Vatias. (Redacted) told (redacted) that there are several tiny villages in this area where members of HITLER's party would eventually stay with German families. He named the towns as San Antonio, Videma, Neuquen, Muster, Carmona, and Rason.
That's just a sampling. Plenty more HERE.

Countdown to the first Hitler rant about why he was forced to go to Argentina instead of being allowed to commit suicide begins now.

h/t Web Today

Obama Thumbs his Nose at Boehner, keeps Czars, Breaks Another Promise

One of the knocks on House Speaker John Boehner is that he caves and doesn't have the political courage to confront Obama and the Democrats. His response to Obama's refusal to honor the terms of the budget deal reached at the 11th hour - relative to the part about the elimination of 'Czars' - will either assuage some of those concerns about Boehner OR it will reinforce them. There are four 'Czar' positions in the Obama administration that were to be eliminated as part of the terms of the deal. Obama has chosen, instead, to thumb his nose at Boehner.

Via the Daily Caller:
In marked contrast to vows as a candidate not to use presidential signing statements as “an end run around Congress,” President Obama released a statement on the just-signed spending bill saying despite the law’s restrictions on “czars,” he will “construe” the law not to interfere with “presidential prerogatives.”

The move is an aggressive power play by Obama to gain an added advantage from the deal struck a week ago between the president, Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to narrowly avert government shutdown.

The legislation prohibits government money being spent on four Obama “czars,” newly created positions with far-reaching sway over federal agencies but facing no confirmation vote in the Senate.

However, some of the czars banned in the bill have already stepped down, and it is unclear whether replacements will be appointed.

Obama in his signing statement says the provision in the legislation prohibiting funding for the salaries of the four czars runs afoul of the president’s “well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch, and to obtain advice in furtherance of this supervisory authority.”
The DC piece has one short excerpt on Boehner's reaction to the thumb in his eye that made a pass by Obama's nose first.
A spokesman for Boehner, Michael Steel, said “It’s not surprising that the White House, having bypassed Congress to empower these ‘Czars’ is objecting to eliminating them.”
Nowhere in that statement do I see any kind of commitment from Boehner that he will refuse to accept the signing statement. If that's all he's going to say or do about this, we have yet another indicator that Boehner is not willing to pick a righteous fight. Doing so here would be symbolic, yes, but the crying Speaker really does need to instill some voter confidence in his ability to do this job. So far, he's not having much luck.

Here is Obama in 2008, saying he will not issue signing statements to get his way. At minimum, Boehner and company should be hammering Obama on this. Breathe freely because holding your breath in hopes that Boehner will go after Obama on this is hazardous to your health.

Read it all.

Video: Chevy Chase Crashes and Burns during Interview

This is really quite the sight to behold. While attending an eco-wacko event, Chevy Chase was asked a few questions about Obama, his environmental policies, and their success. Shockingly and unwittingly, throws the anti-apocalyptic cause of the eco-wacko movement under the bus by saying it has dropped down on the list of priorities because there are so many things that have become more important. Uh, Chevy, if the climate change movement is so important to mankind's existence, why would it EVER drop on the priority list? The answer is that it's been exposed as a fraud.

Perhaps that might help explain Chevy's excruciatingly long brain shutdown beginning at the 1:48 mark. I almost felt sorry for him. Then, he makes up for it by extolling the virtue of his own wisdom by saying he understands the 'nature of man.'

Via CNS News:

Perhaps THIS is where Chevy's downfall started.

h/t Sharp Elbows

Video: Jesse Jackson Jr. says iPad is a Job Killer

This makes for a nice little precursor to this week's Rod Blagojevich retrial. If there's one thing we learned from the first trial, it's that Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a 'bad guy.' I had no idea he was this bad. In the world of JJJ, the iPad is a job killer because it puts books in digital format. He bemoans the loss of bookstores, publishers, and librarian jobs because technology is able to make books paperless. What a visionary. Then, shockingly, he decries the reduction in paper. Uh, wait a minute. I thought Jesse played to the eco-wacko crowd, which is full of tree huggers.

Hypocrisy alert: Note that JJJ admits to buying an iPad for himself.

JJJ does stumble across one good point and if it had been the focus of his speech, he might have been onto something. Specifically, he highlights the fact that the iPad is made in China but he doesn't explain why. Perhaps the answer to that question involves the government body to which he belongs.

I believe we've come fool circle.

JJJ is lucky these wackos live in North Carolina or he would certainly lose their vote.

h/t to Gateway Pundit
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