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Monday, October 31, 2011

Video: CBS' Bob Schieffer Scolds Herman Cain on Live Television

Just when you think the liberal media has lowered the bar of bias as far as it possibly can, someone finds a new rock bottom. In this instance, Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer has seized the mantle. Last week, Herman Cain's campaign released an ad that struck most as truly bizarre; it featured his campaign manager, Mark Brock, who ended the ad with a drag from his cigarette. The reaction of most people was a bit of head-scratching. Then something happened. The ad pulled a million views in four days and Cain's campaign contributions went up as a direct result. To call the ad counter-intuitive would be an understatement.

The aforementioned reality appeared to truly bother Bob Schieffer, who questioned Cain about the ad. In a bit of childish, righteous indignation, Schieffer masked his contempt for the success of the ad behind some holier-than-thou disgust for Cain's camp featuring such an image. After all, he's running for president and such an ad should be beneath him.

Cain handled himself well but a knockout punch would have been - as NewsBuster commenter Don'tFeedtheTrolls said - our current president smokes. Using Schieffer's standard, Obama is doing something that is beneath the office while Cain isn't even a smoker.

This is disgraceful on the part of Schieffer. Via NewsBusters:

Here is the entire ad:

Video: Occupy Oakland Protester Admits Objects Hurled at Police

While being interviewed by Marxist MSNBC host, Lawrence O'Donnell, an Occupy Oakland protester singlehandedly blows the left wing narrative out of the water. That narrative is that police are brutalizing OWS protesters unnecessarily; the protesters are simply innocent victims of repression who are having their first amendment rights trampled. Lost on far too many people is that they are not law-abiding. When police tell law-abiding people to clear an area, law-abiding people do that. In this case, O'Donnell asks someone not entirely brushed up on all of the talking points, if protesters have been throwing objects at police. To the Obama administration's certain chagrin, she admits that they were.

Also, take note at the beginning of this clip, as MSNBC is running B-roll. Note the person in a wheelchair being pushed through the streets by a protester with a bandana over his face as the situation appears to be deteriorating. Why would a person in a wheelchair be smack dab in the middle of a violent situation? Uh, could it be so that any injury could be exploited like the one sustained by anti-war military veteran Scott Olsen?

Lawlessness is being championed. There's no other way to say it.

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