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Friday, February 11, 2011

Memo: SEIU Thugs to Intimidate at Town Halls

Alert the Tea Party! An internal SEIU memo has revealed that the group is planning to finance purple shirted rent-a-mobs in coming town hall meetings to push (likely both literally and figuratively) their agenda. In fact, the memo shows that they will spend 'tens of millions' of dollars doing it.

Via the Wall Street Journal:
The campaign—called Fight for a Fair Economy—will focus on mobilizing mostly low-wage minority workers in 10 to 15 cities, including Cleveland, Milwaukee, Miami and Detroit, according to the memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The SEIU wants the effort to peak in the summer of 2012, with events at primaries, town-hall meetings and other campaign venues, according to the memo.

SEIU spokeswoman Inga Skippings declined to confirm that the memo reflected the final plans of the union, which has two million members, and said its strategy continues to evolve.

The cities designated for the campaign have high concentrations of SEIU members and are in states where governors have proposed cutting benefits to public-sector workers amid worries over pension costs and broader budget woes. In some of the targeted states, lawmakers are considering "right to work" legislation that would eliminate laws making union membership mandatory whenever a union is formed at an employer.
Conspicuously absent from the list of cities SEIU will bully are ones in New Jersey - at least the ones listed in the article. Such cities might exist in the actual memo but if they don't, it says a lot about how standing up to bullies actually does work.

The WSJ article says the strategy is supposed to hit a crescendo in 2012.

Civilian National Security Force = SEIU

Video: Arizona Governor Counter-Sues the Feds

h/t to Barrackaid #22. Remember SB 1070? After Federal Judge Susan Bolton issued an injunction back in July that prevented Arizona from enforcing the tough immigration law, it's been wallowing in relative obscurity, not making any news and not getting resolved. That's likely part of the reasoning behind Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's decision to counter-sue the Feds. If nothing else, it should help to get the issue back in the public discourse.

HERE are the details about the suit.

Before checking out Brewer's interview with Greta about the counter-suit, take a look at this excerpt from the Declaration of Independence that refers to King George:
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
I'd say Obama is channeling King George when it comes to Arizona.

Video: Intel Chief a Clueless Liar

In December, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was clueless when asked by ABC's Diane Sawyer about multiple terrorist arrests in Great Britain. This week, he has the unmitigated gall to call the Muslim Brotherhood 'largely secular.' Extending this man grace would necessarily mean he is clueless. The statement that the Brotherhood is anything but Islamist is a bald-faced lie. Go figure; Clapper is bald.

Listen and watch if you can:

Via HapBlog

Here is Clapper getting caught flat-footed with Sawyer back in December.

Now watch Glenn Beck in response to Clapper's claim that the Muslim Bortherhood is 'largely secular.'

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