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Monday, February 8, 2010


While throwing red meat to conservatives in the form of a keynote speech at the Tea Party convention, Sarah Palin is also preparing to stump for John McCain against J.D. Hayworth in the run-up to the August 24th primary. Hayworth is undoubtedly the preferred candidate among the Tea Party movement, an awkward position for Palin to be in but it's of her own making.

It could be getting even more awkward for the former Alaska Governor in light of John McCain's daughter, Meghan going after the Tea Parties while seeming to imply that her book - due out on August 3rd - is not going to be kind to Palin. I expect the book will be more favorable to her dad than to Palin. One of those indicators is her appearance on ABC's The View.

While being very well received by the table of liberal ladies, Meghan laughed when asked by Barbara Walters what her father would think of Sarah Palin's behavior at the Tea Party convention and told Walters she'd have to wait until her book is released.

Then later in the exchange, daughter McCain basically called Tom Tancredo, who spoke at the convention, a racist. She says that the former congressman's words are indicative of why the younger demographic is "turned off" by the tea party movement. Tancredo was asked to speak at the convention for a reason. His views are aligned with those of the Tea Partiers. By Meghan going after Tancredo, she's also going after the Tea Party movement by extension; those who watched Tancredo did applaud him.

Meghan McCain had access to the campaign in 2008 that she otherwise wouldn't have had if not the daughter of the Arizona senator. She very well could exploit that access to damage a person in Palin who is going to attempt to help Meghan's dad defeat the Tea Party candidate.


First off, I am not an apologist for Sarah Palin. I have been much more critical and skeptical of her as of late. Until recently, she has been at the top of my short list for 2012. She's no longer there and is increasingly losing stock with me. The biggest burr under my saddle has been her decision to stump for progressive John McCain in the Arizona primary against J.D. Hayworth. In so doing, she has pitted herself against conservatives in that state as well as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa county, who is on record as saying he will support Hayworth.

Arpaio and McCain aren't the best of friends and the latter's views on immigration no doubt serve as quite the wedge in that relationship.

I've already written about Palin and McCain in the Arizona primary so I won't go into it here.

With that out of the way.... While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Palin told Chris Wallace that Obama is telling his political opponents - to include the Tea Party movement - to "sit down and shut up". Wallace responded by challenging Palin to point to an example of when he said that.

Via Politico
Pressed by host Chris Wallace to explain where the president is telling Americans to sit down and shut up, Palin said: "Just kind of his general persona, I think, that he has when he's up there at, I'll call it a lectern.
Levying that kind of charge and then not backing it up with specifics made Palin look foolish in my view. That doesn't mean she wasn't right.

She SHOULD have pointed to this....

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