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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honduras: Zelaya Referendum Rigged?

The sitting Honduran government continues to produce facts and evidence justifying the removal of President Manuel Zelaya. They appear to have truth on their side despite most of the world being against them. I suspect the longer they hold on, the more that will change.

Remember the June 28th referendum intended to circumvent the Honduran Constitution by putting to popular vote the changing of the part of the Constitution that forbids a president from running for re-election? It never took place because the Supreme Court ordered the military to remove Zelaya, which it did.

Now we learn that the results of the referendum (that never took place) have been found on a computer in the presidential palace and guess what? Zelaya won!

Obama is supporting the re-installment of Zelaya and as the Babalu' Blog points out, ACORN is probably taking notes. Say, who's in charge of the 2010 census again?

"An Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree."
- Barack Obama, 2008

Babalu' posts an english translation of an el Europa Press article. Here is an excerpt:
The official investigation now deals with the possible crime of fraud and falsification of documents due to the fact that some of the certified voting results had been filled with the personal information of individuals that supposedly participated in the failed referendum that did not take place because of the coup.
I wonder if this might cause Hugo Chavez' zeal for Zelaya's reinstatement to moderate slightly. Odds are very good Zelaya took a page from the Chavez manual and Hugo may want to distance himself from it.

Here's another interesting tidbit from el Europa:
The deputy district attorney, Roberto Ramirez, declared this area as a "crime scene" and, although he did not want to provide further details, said that further evidence had been found that could be categorized as crimes of fraud, embezzlement of funds, falsification of documents, and abuse of authority.
Note to the U.N., the O.A.S., and Obama. Backing Zelaya is really starting to look bad, isn't it?

Exposed truths are extremely powerful things.

Note to the sitting and very courageous government of Honduras....


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