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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and chairman of Barack Obama's presidential transition team, John Podesta, has welcomed former Green Jobs Czar back to his old job as a Senior Fellow at Podesta's Center for American Progress.

NY DAILY NEWS reports:
For fallen White House aides, the rallying cry apparently is John Podesta to the rescue! The Obama administration’s former green jobs czar Van Jones is headed back to Podesta’s Center for American Progress after stepping down from his White House post four days ago amid controversy over his leftist affiliations, the Daily News has learned.
The brashness with which the left is operating never seems to disappoint. This means that at best Podesta didn't know about Jones' past before but would have had no problem with it even if he did. At worst (and most likely), he knew about Jones' past then and approved.

Either way, this means that the man Barack Obama put in charge of his transition team has no problem with the views of an AVOWED COMMUNIST, TRUTHER, and supporter of COP KILLER Mumia Abu Jamal.

Guess who else has experience as a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. None other than FCC Diversity Czar, MARK LLOYD.

Lloyd is on record (and video) praising the way Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez managed to successfully shut down media outlets that aired opposing views. He also wants to implement a plan that would ultimately bankrupt private broadcasters by requiring them to DOUBLE THEIR EXPENSES in the form of licensing fees.

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Frank Marshall Davis was under FBI investigation for 19 years and moved from Chicago to Hawaii in 1948, leaving behind a colleague named Vernon Jarrett. Both wrote for a leftwing newspaper called the Chicago Defender. In 1971, Davis was introduced to a 9 year-old Barack Obama and mentored him for 9 years.

Oh, and in addition to Frank Marshall Davis being a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), he wrote pornogrpahic books that even delved into child molestation. One book in particular, 'SEX REBEL' did just that.

Trevor Loudon now has more on THIS STORY. So why is Vernon Jarrett important? For starters, he's the late father-in-law of Barack's most trusted confidant, Valerie Jarrett who was also the alleged "Senatorial Candidate #1" for Obama's soon-to-be vacated Senate seat when Patrick Fitzgerald announced the investigation back in December. Ok, so the father-in-law of the woman identified as the other side of Barack's brain was a colleague of Obama's childhood mentor. That's what we call one degree of separation. What about Jarrett's mother?

Jarrett's mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman (pictured kissing Barack) was on a Board with the father of another notorious figure according to Loudon.

Much of what Loudon writes about was also covered in his June 1st post, which I COVERED HERE. However, he now has new information on the connections of Valerie Jarrett's mother and none other than Bill Ayers' father, Tom Ayers.
Valerie Bowman's marriage to Vernon Jarrett's late son only lasted five years but the Bowman and Jarrett families had been life long friends.

Valerie Jarrett's mother, early childhood education authory Barbara Taylor Bowman also has some interesting connections.

For several years she has run the Chicago based Erikson Institute. An early Erikson board member was Chicago businessman and "liberal" activist Tom Ayers-father of Weather Underground terrorist leader and long time Obama colleague Bill Ayers.

Bernardine Dohrn, wife of Bill and reputedly the real leader of Weather Underground has also served on the Erikson board in recent years.
Think about this for a moment. In addition to Barack Obama serving on a Board with Bill Ayers, the mother of Obama's most trusted political confidant (Valerie Jarrett) served on a Board with Bill Ayers' father (along with Ayers' wife Bernadine Dohrn). As if that weren't enough, Valerie Jarrett's father-in-law was a close colleague of Barack Obama's Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

Loudon then quotes Bill Ayers from page 82 of his own book showing reverence for Valerie Jarrett's mother.
"Just south I see the Robert Taylor Homes named for the first head of the Chicago Housing Authority, whose daughter, a neighbor and friend is president of the Erikson Institute."
Sounds like Bowman may have viewed Ayers as someone more than just "a guy in the neighborhood."

Be sure to read the WHOLE THING because there is definitely more.


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is funded by you, the taxpayer. Bill Moyers is paid to report his version of the news on PBS. Therefore, you are paying Bill Moyers' salary. As his boss, are you satisfied with his performance? As his boss, are you willing to accept being lumped into a group he calls, "right wing kooks"?

In a shocking display of arrogance, generalizations, stereotyping, and very dangerous behavior, Moyers openly labeled anyone who disagrees with Obama's socialist agenda as "crackpots" who are "praying for Obama to die". Guess what. If you disagree with the Obama administration, you're subsidizing your own demonization at the hands of someone whose salary you pay. Quite the boss/employee relationship, isn't it?

Public Broadcasting will be receiving $400 million in taxpayer dollars in 2009 and when you couple that with what FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd wants to do, they'd get more. Lloyd doesn't want to raise taxes though. He wants to double the expenditures of private broadcasters in the form of fees, knowing that this will bankrupt them.

Those fees would then go to outfits like the one Moyers works for. Not only that, but who would fill the vacuum left by the bankrupted private broadcasters? Well, people like Moyers of course.

I don't know who Moyers thinks he is but he sure is showing us what he is - A man who needs serious help.

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