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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Latest Ben Barrack Show Podcast Available

On my last show, Chrislam was skewered along with the 'Coexisties.' You know who they are; they're the wackos who drive around with those 'Coexist' bumper stickers. Among the Coexisties - otherwise known as 'Chrislamists' were former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rick Warren, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Also on the docket today was the recent news that the Obama administration is not only supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but it has since been learned that they have engaged Turkey to help with the transition.

Former Muslim terrorist Walid Shoebat has been warning about the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey for years. These latest developments lend increasingly more credibility to his claims. Be sure to download the show as I've included audio clips of Shoebat from as far back as 2006 when he appeared with Glenn Beck.

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Ground Zero Mosque Imam #2 Now Out

Well, he certainly didn't last as long as did his predecessor, Feisal Abdul Rauf, but then again, Shaykh Abdallah Adhami's past words caught up with him much more quickly than did Rauf's. His views on homosexuality were apparently problematic as well. But, of course, neither of those facts are credited in the formal reason given for Adhami's exodus as the Ground Zero mosque Imam. So what was the reason? Well, apparently, Adhami is writing a book about the Qur'an and isn't that adept at multi-tasking.

Via Fox News:
NEW YORK-- A Muslim scholar recently named as the new senior imam at the Islamic center being built near the World Trade Center has parted ways with the project.

Shaykh Abdallah Adhami said Friday in a joint statement with the center's developer that he will no longer serve as a religious adviser to the center.

Adhami says he wants to devote his time to completing a book on the Quran.
Perhaps his book will get done sooner if he's not the Ground Zero mosque Imam but wouldn't he sell more of them if he was?

Not a very good business decision to step down from a position of notoriety and exposure to write a book.

It would appear that New Yorkers are winning the second battle at Cordoba.

Via Fox News

Tea Party now Officially in Scott Brown's Head

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R?) won his election a little over one year ago by riding the wave of Tea Party momentum. He played the part, driving the now infamous truck to all of his campaign stops, pledging to remember those who put him in office. Another reason he was put in office was to stop Obamacare by eliminating the Democrats' filibuster-proof majority. He did that, and voted correctly on Obamacare but it didn't matter; it was rammed through anyway. For all practical purposes, that was the last time Brown showed allegiance to the Tea Party.

Personally, I suspected this would happen when I saw John Kerry by his side as soon as he was sworn in. The Tea Party, however, is not forgetting.

Via the Daily Beast:
The strain of walking such a fine line must be getting to Brown, because as soon as he finishes his initial round of pleasantries, he launches into a peevish rant about how unfair conservatives are being when they criticize him. "The Democrats are in charge!" he shouts, his voice reaching the high, strained register that teenagers typically use when they don't want to take out the trash. "Does that mean I'm supposed to do nothing? That I'm supposed to vote with my party every single second of every single day? Why? I haven't done it for 15 years in the state legislature. All of a sudden I'm supposed to be an ideologue? I'm not quite sure what the mystery is, folks. When I hear some of the comments…I don't know what the mystery is. I said I was going down there to be a Scott Brown Republican, not someone who works for Harry Reid—or Mitch McConnell!" It's as if Brown is no longer addressing the people in the room—again, they're mostly Democrats. Instead, he seems to be fending off foes in Washington, real or otherwise. Unsure of how to react, the crowd quietly pokes at its meatloaf.
I wouldn't call an expectation from his constituents that he vote against Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, Financial Regulation, the Jobs Bill, and a flawed START Treaty a demand that he become an ideologue.

If ever there is a sitting Senator who represents Tea Party betrayal, it's Scott Brown and he hasn't even in office for a third of a term. This is a Senator in deserve of defeat in the primaries.

Read it all.
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