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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2002 Video: Romney says the letter 'R' is only connection to Republican Party

Kinda goes right along with the Etch-a-Sketch allegory, doesn't it. Here's Mitt in 2002, saying the only connection between him and the Republican Party is the letter 'R.' It doesn't matter how much money Romney has, there is no way he should be in front.

Via The Blaze:

Video: Fox Affiliate in Tampa interviews Zimmerman Attorney

Interesting interview with the attorney for George Zimmerman, Craig Sonner. Notice toward the end what Sonner says in response to a question about whether the shooting was racially motivated. Also discussed in this interview is a New Black Panther Party (NBPP) poster that's being widely distributed. It says, "Wanted Dead or Alive" and features a photo of Zimmerman. More on that after Fox interview with Sonner.

Via Fox Tampa:

Here is video of New Black Panther Party (NBPP) leader, Mikhail Muhummud, leading a press conference in which he called for the firing of the local police chief and said that Zimmerman should be in fear for his life. Take note too that Muhummud also announced that NBPP national leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz will be making his way down to Florida as well.

From All Voices via Hapblog:

Video: New Evidence shows Jesse, Al, and Barack should shut their mouths about Trayvon Martin shooting

It looks like there is shocking new evidence to come out in the Trayvon Martin case and it involves a witness who claims to have seen the entire episode. He was interviewed by the Fox affiliate in Tampa and appears to paint a picture of what happened that is completely different from the narrative being pushed by the typical race-baiters. The fact remains that Martin was unarmed but if the testimony from this witness is accurate, it points to Martin actually attacking Zimmerman.

The meme being pushed by the race-baiters is that Zimmerman was going after Martin while talking to a 911 operator, who told him not to continue. The implication - if you listen to the race baiters - is that Zimmerman kept pursuing Martin while also being the only one of the two with a gun. This witness, who would not go on camera, seems to indicate that Zimmerman listened to the 911 operator and turned back before Martin attacked him.

Again, according to this witness, Zimmerman fits the description of the person who was on the bottom of a scrum between two people and Martin fits the description of the person who was on top, attacking him. The fact remains that Zimmerman was the only person in possession of a gun so if he shot Martin, it may have been a case of excessive deadly force in response to what Martin was doing to him. That could be offset by one possibility. Was Martin going for Zimmerman's gun?

We still don't know the answers to these questions but that doesn't seem to stop the race baiters. Anyway, here is the news report from Fox's Tampa affiliate (h/t Free Republic):

We all remember when President Barack Obama was asked about the arrest of his friend and (black) professor, Henry Louis Gates. He jumped to conclusions after admitting he didn't "have all the facts" and said the "police acted stupidly." As those facts came in, we learned that the police acted lawfully and it was our president who acted stupidly by speaking without the facts he admitted he did not have. It led to the face-saving and now infamous White House beer summit. Conclusions were jumped to based almost entirely on race.

Now, after the initial reports of the Trayvon Martin shooting painted the picture of an innocent boy returning home from the store with little more than a bag of skittles, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have already assumed their roles as bomb-throwing race-baiters who love to rub raw the sores of racial discontent. Obama, who either doesn't understand the size of his pulpit or does and loves to misuse it, said that if he had a son, he'd "look just like Trayvon."

Mr. Obama should be careful because he's coming precipitously close to saying that George Zimmerman acted stupidly. Whether he did or didn't, as Obama said prior to being proven wrong in the Henry Louis Gates case, "we don't know all the facts."

One other thing to note here. Zimmerman is Hispanic.

Via MediaIte:

Fast and Furious: Fox's William La Jeunesse provides Critical information about those two FBI Informants

On yesterday's installment of Fox's Special Report, a very short but extremely explosive segment seems to have flown under the radar for now. Sipsey Street's Mike Vanderboegh caught it live and posted it to his website but to this point, the only thing further I've been able to find on the story is a transcript posted to Lexis Nexis, which is posted below.

We first learned that the ATF allegedly let Fast and Furious ringleader Manuel Celis-Acosta free after having reason enough to arrest him twice, was so that he could gather more information on two drug lords. The Los Angeles Times reported the story and revealed that those two drug lords were actually... wait for it... FBI informants. According to Vanderboegh, the two men are brothers and one of them only has one arm. Their names are Eduardo and Jesus Miramonte and they reportedly are intimately involved in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Here is the relevant excerpt from La Jeunesse's report:
WALLACE: New this evening, the justice department is pushing back against claims that lawmakers on Capitol Hill did not receive recently disclosed "Fast and Furious" documents. Justice says they were law enforcement sensitive, and whoever leaked them is compromising the department prosecutions.

Correspondent William La Jeunesse examines some other lingering questions, including doubts about the ATF's desire to bust the gun tracking ring.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): When buying a gun, buyers must state on this federal affidavit the gun is for them, not someone else, otherwise, it's a felony. In March 2010, Uriel Patino (ph) bought eight weapons at this store and claimed the guns were for himself. Two days later, police found Patino's guns in Manuel Celis-Acosta's car, yet, the ATF arrested neither.

In fact, agents allowed Patino to lie on applications and buy another 300 weapons (ph) for Acosta, spending over $300,000 while on food stamps. Police even stopped Acosta at the Mexican border with 75 rounds of ammunition and nine cell phones hidden in his car. Still, the ATF let him go.

Why? Well, the agency claimed it wanted the big fish in Mexico buying the guns. Unknown to them, those fish worked for the FBI. The identities of Eduardo and Jesus Miramonte Esverella (ph) had been kept secret until now. Sources familiar with classified material say the two were national security assets, untouchable and unindictable. Documents they say the FBI never told the ATF.

CHUCK GRASSLEY, (R-IA) SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: One agency works hard to get information, and they don't want to share with others.

LA JEUNESSE: The Miramontes (ph) worked as informants for police in Miami, the Marshall service and DEA before the FBI say sources who believe the two spent $250,000 on "Fast and Furious" guns, about two-thirds of which are still missing.

GRASSLEY: You're getting at the very basis of our investigation, but I'm going to have to wait until I get the information before we bring down the hammer.

LA JEUNESSE (on-camera): Asked about the role of their informants in "Fast and Furious," the FBI said today, quote, "It cannot provide additional information even when inaccuracies are being reported because of a pending investigation. We do know the FBI did brief the ATF 11 months and hundreds of guns after `Fast and Furious' began."
In Los Angeles, William La Jeunesse, Fox News.
Again, the fact that this information is not being released by the Justice Department, but through back channel leaks only serves to further demonstrate just how devastating this is to Eric Holder.

**UPDATE** Video of La Jeunesse's report is below. Here is a link to an article with more detail.

Guest Writer: David Conn on Mitt Romney (Part 2)

Yesterday, I posted an article written by David Conn, a man who many believe is responsible for exposing the real Jim Jones to the world in the late 1970's. When Jones finally figured out that Conn had been tracking him for nearly ten years, he panicked and fled to Guyana shortly thereafter. Conn knows the cult mentality and what he has to say matters.

Here is the second of his two articles on why Mitt Romney would be a terrible choice for the Republican Party. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, you can view it HERE.

David Conn
March, 2012

In my previous article I dealt with why Romney would be a national disaster. I now want to explain why he is sure to be an even greater disaster internationally.

First you should understand the dangerous fanaticism of Islamic leaders and indeed most followers of their leader, Muhammad. You can count on them to respond with incredible violence whenever they believe their religion has been blasphemed (witness their recent killing of our soldiers who unwittingly burned several Korans which, by the way, had already been desecrated by Muslim detainees at Bagram Air Base and who disgraced the Koran by using them to write notes to each other). Imagine how the Islamic world will react with Romney as President of the United States, for he holds the scandalously blasphemous belief in God that is certain to enrage every Muslim in the world.

Romney believes that God (Allah to the Muslims), in the physical body of a man, had sexual intercourse with Mary and produced the child Jesus. I assure you, nothing is more outrageous to the Muslims than a blasphemy such as this. (It is even blasphemous to Christians.) I remind you that Muslims also believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Romney does not! The entire history of Mormonism does not.

Neither Rick Santorum nor Newt Gingrich holds this blasphemous belief about God, and thus would be merely the President of a country the Muslim world already is taught to hate. Neither, however, would enrage Muslims to near the extent Romney would. They will think that, with Romney, the United States is happy to have a President who not only has blasphemed God for all his life but who continues to purvey that blasphemy by encouraging the work of Mormon missionaries throughout the world. Rest assured that the Muslims already see Barack Obama as the Western World’s great defender of Islam. To see him replaced by the blasphemous Romney would foment their anger intensely.

It is important to realize that the Muslim world presently has little to no understanding of the Mormon cult. But it will all come to light if Romney becomes our candidate. I assure you that Obama’s team, along with the liberal media, will waste no time in flooding the world with Romney’s cult mentality and, especially, with what an outrage he is to the Muslim community. The only hope for Romney is to deny his Mormon faith. But that is something he cannot do, for he simply does not have the intellectual courage to engage in a dialogue with any expert on cult mentalities.

Romney’s Mormonism does not affect his business profession. He has spent his life under the tutelage of Mormon leaders who are among the shrewdest and most ambitious in the world of business. But it is not totally surprising that Romney did not foresee his predicament, for one of the key characteristics of a cult mentality is the inability to see the obvious. Romney’s cult mentality disables him from giving thought to the severe problem his Mormonism brings to his international obligations. It prevents his remaining intellect from thinking, with courage and honesty, about his cultic entrapment. However, I am certain that the Muslim world will obsess about it with a maniacal intensity.

(David Conn is an expert on cult mentalities. He has a standing offer to debate the Mormon hierarchy at any time and place of their choosing. He co-authored THE CULT THAT DIED, Putnam's Sons of New York, and is the author of LEDNORF'S DILEMMA. His email is and his web site is
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