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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Talk about a perversion. Communists, Socialists, and Marxists assembling on a busy street in New York City to protest in support of illegal aliens who break the law. Bertha Lewis, Executive Director of the Association of Community Organisms for Reform Now is arrested and led away in handcuffs while her fellow Socialists actually have the gall to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Here's a photo of Bertha emphasizing one of her pointless points some time ago. See if you can spot her in the video. Word of Caution: Unless you have an interest in listening to people who can't sing belt out, "We Shall Overcome" over and over and over again, fast forward to the 7:30 mark.

That's when the Socialists decide to change their tune to America's national anthem. Aside from utterly butchering it, apparently lost on all of them is the fact that it represents everything they're protesting against - an America free from tyranny and the rule of law.

This truly is Twilight Zone stuff. Keep watching to see Bertha led away in handcuffs.

h/t to Verum Serum for posting the videos.

As Verum Serum points out, it wasn't all that long ago that Bertha spoke to the Young Democratic Socialists - a group with strong ties to Communists and Marxists. Look no further than THIS page of the the YDS website. It starts out with, "Dear Comrade".

Here is Bertha speaking to YDS in March.


This thing is - metaphor alert - BLOWING UP. CNN's John King, to his credit, continues to press David Axelrod about Joe Sestak's claim that he was offered a job by the White House in return for dropping out of his race with Arlen Specter. At one point, King actually refers to the charge as a "felony" and Axelrod has to deal with it.

He does so by conceding that if Sestak's charges are true, it would be very serious. That may seem innocuous but it almost eliminates a possible future course of action for the White House to take. If the claim is true, the White House will not be able to minimize it and say it's just politics. Axelrod eliminated that potential by saying it would be serious.

Another revelation given by Axelrod here appears to be the elimination of himself as the source of the job offer. If it was Axelrod, why would he put himself on the hook by saying - as he did in this exchange - that he wasn't involved in the conversations?

Sestak is on video, countless times saying that he answered "honestly" the question about being offered a job by the White House as a bribe. Axelrod tells King there is "no evidence of that". Unless I'm wrong, that's the equivalent of calling Sestak a liar.

This exchange is VERY damaging to Obama's administration.

h/t to Hot Air


While it is certainly noteworthy when anyone at MSNBC asks a member of the Obama administration about 'Jobsgate' - a scandal involving allegations that Joe Sestak was offered a bribe, this exchange between Chuck Todd and David Axelrod, while brief, is revealing.

Axelrod changed the subject quickly but it's how he did it that struck me as a possible microcosm for the tactics used by the Obama administration to co-opt the media in general. Watch as Axelrod abruptly changes the subject while mysteriously having a copy of the Washington Post on hand, featuring a story about Chuck Todd.

Axelrod proceeds to heap praise on Todd, who embarrassingly melts in front of the audience.


Via Hot Air Pundit

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UPDATE: In the context of that video and the rubbing of Todd's belly by Axelrod, take a look at Todd the next morning on MSNBC'S Morning Joe. In this exchange, Chuck couldn't be any more of an apologist for the administration. Is it a coincidence that shortly after receiving fawning praise by Axelrod, he's defending the White House?

Video via NewsBusters

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