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Monday, June 20, 2011

Video: Issa Shines on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Dumbfounds the Hosts with Project Gunrunner Info

It is truly phenomenal that Joe Scarborough and Company seemed to be completely oblivious to the Project Gunrunner scandal. After all, they are in the news business. Trumping that was a deer-in-the-headlights look on the face of the panelists as they were having the scandal explained to them for apparently the first time. CBS's Sharyl Attkisson first began reporting on it BACK IN FEBRUARY!! Scarborough's reaction to the very basic details of the scandal was inexcusable for a morning news show host.

Issa did very well here, in every regard.

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h/t Fox News

Video: Jon Stewart Tells Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace he is 'Insane'

Once Chris Wallace and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart get the niceties out of the way, this interview begins its trek into the absurd rather quickly when Stewart actually asserts that he doesn't believe the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, and other mainstream media outlets do not have a liberal agenda. Yes, he said that. He excuses MSNBC by saying that it is attempting the Fox News Channel model for programming. In other words, MSNBC is 'attempting' to push a liberal agenda because Fox is making them do it.

It goes even further downhill after Stewart tells Wallace the latter is 'insane.' One note before watching. During the interview, Stewart cites unnamed 'polls' that show Fox News consistently has the most misinformed viewers. Unfortunately for Stewart, George Soros is behind at least one of those polls.

Via Fox News:

Texas Sanctuary City Bill Getting closer to Passage

Texas State Senate bill SB 9 would make it illegal for municipalities to enact policies that prevent police officers from checking on the immigration status of individuals who raise suspicions about whether they're in the country legally. Aside from the fact that the Democrats have only themselves to blame for this bill coming to the floor in a special session caused by a Democrat filibuster, the teeth in the bill are starting to show. Municipalities who fail to comply face the prospect of losing state funds.

Via Texas Tribune:
The legislation, by state Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, prevents cities, counties and other governmental entities from adopting policies that prevent law enforcement officers or other employees from inquiring into the immigration status of a person arrested or lawfully detained. Authorities can subsequently report individuals to federal immigration officials if they are thought to be in the country illegally.

If Senate Bill 9 passes both chambers of the Texas Legislature — which could happen as early as next week — communities that prohibit such immigration screenings would lose state grant money. But how much is uncertain.
The controversial bill is a huge win for those who support immigration enforcement but the Democrats have only themselves to blame for its passage. State senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) filibustered a school spending bill that could not be left unresolved. The regular session ended, Perry had to call a special session, and SB 9 is likely to pass. Sometimes pride and partisanship bites you in the behind.
The bill is mired in controversy. Republicans say Texans need to know who is living within the state, especially when a bloody cartel-fueled drug war rages just south of the state’s border and the federal government refuses to secure it. Others, mainly Democrats and minorities, claim the legislation is nothing more than chest-thumping conservative xenophobia.

Under the proposed legislation, local law enforcement would be required to assist federal immigration officers in certain investigations and allow them access to municipal and county jails for enforcement activities. A provision of the bill would allow any citizen to file a complaint against a government entity if it is believed to have violated the sanctuary cities law.
Typical communist (Democrat) tactic. Demagogue as xenophobes, those who want their sovereignty protected.

More at Texas Tribune.

Audio: KFI Talk Show Host Having Difficulty with Questioning Huma Abedin's Loyalties

On Friday, June 17th, Walid Shoebat was interviewed by Bill Carroll of KFI 640 in Los Angeles about Huma Abedin's familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Carroll has significant difficulty connecting the dots and insisted this was nothing more than a case of 'guilt by association.' That argument falls flat on multiple levels. First and foremost, the fact that someone with such ties has access to State secrets should raise concerns about how much Hillary Clinton's closest adviser was vetted. We all know this administration's track record when it comes to the vetting process. Are you satisfied that Huma has been sufficiently vetted?

The second reason these connections should be of great concern involves Huma's failure to renounce the Muslim Brotherhood or her family members who have ties to them. Shouldn't we, the American public, been made aware of such a renouncement before agreeing to give her such access to our secrets? Click HERE for the audio but be advised the interview doesn't start until about five minutes in.

Walid tries to explain to Bill Carroll Talk show host of KFI the second largest station in Los Angeles the issue concerning women in Islam and the potential problems having someone who has close associations with the Muslim brotherhood advising our Secretary of State as well as having access to sensitive information.

We are not picking on Bill Carroll but he epitomizes the ignorance of Americans and the American mindset concerning Islamic deceit, remember one of the 99 names of Allah is "the great deceiver". America must stop thinking like Americans when it comes to the threat of Islam but understand the thinking of Middle Easterners and Muslims. Be as wise as a serpent but peaceful as a dove!

A women who marries a non-Muslim based on the fundamental principles of Islam should be killed. Since Huma Abedin is a "practicing Muslim" and her family are Muslim Bortherhood and Muslim Sisterhood operatives and players then why has she not been killed or ostracized for marrying a Jew.
The notion that these questions lay the foundation for some conspiracy theory is seriously misguided. HERE is the article that started the discussion.

Read it all.
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