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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I seriously don't know how this woman sleeps at night. She is being handed a notecard full of talking points that make Robert Gibbs look like he's a beacon of integrity. Hey Linda, Obama LIED about his intentions with Health Care and it's caught on tape. The 54 second clip from 2003 does NOT consist of words that were "cobbled together".

Enter Jeffrey Lord at AMERICAN SPECTATOR, who explains why he gives Douglass the Arthur Sylvester award:
Arthur Sylvester stepped up to glory wearing the new title of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. His new boss: the aptly named and now recently deceased Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara.

Mr. McNamara, as has been recounted all over again with his passing, was one of the architects of America's Vietnam policy. Mr. Sylvester, the Linda Douglass of his day, was charged with explaining that policy to the journalists covering McNamara and the Pentagon, not to mention to the American people.
Sylvester was presented with this opportunity by getting close access to JFK as a journalist during the presidential run of 1960 according to Lord.

Lord then seems to compare the obfuscation that Douglass has provided for Obama recently with what Sylverster did for McNamara. The problematic conclusion that Lord implies is that the revelation of very important truths could ultimately be delayed by Douglass running interference.
Alas, as the American people would slowly -- very slowly -- discover, the Vietnam policy being implemented by Mr. McNamara and JFK's self-esteemed team of "the best and the brightest" was one of the worst debacles in American history. One of the reasons it took so much time to understand what was going on was that Mr. Sylvester (among others) was being less than forthcoming about what was actually happening as the policy moved along the track.
Sounds like an argument for Obama being made to come clean and Douglass realizing a need to clear her conscience.

Lord quotes Sylvester as quoted by David Halberstam in his book, "The Best and the Brightest". Sylvester allegedly said the following about America's Vietnam policy:
"Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you're stupid. Did you hear that? -- Stupid."
Unless and until Douglass says that, Sylvester was more honest.

Lord says as much further into his article:
It is now crystal clear that the Obama administration is lying about the president's goal of achieving a single-payer health care system. Let's be even more blunt:

The President is lying.

And Ms. Douglass has specifically gone on camera to lie for him -- just as Arthur Sylvester lied for Robert McNamara and the two presidents for whom McNamara worked.
The truth is that Obama IS lying. He is either lying about his current plan now or he was lying about his intentions then. The fact that he won't clarify indicates that he's an unrepentent liar and is sending Douglass out there to take the arrows.

The whole article is definitely a MUST READ


With all of the town hall protests and subsequent interaction between protesters and politicians, my first inclination was to bypass this video after seeing the title, which said, "Democrat Calls Protesters Political Terrorists". Well, two reasons I decided to post it anyway...

1.) The music played during it is very appropriate

2.) It gives this guy's phone numbers




We know that Bill Ayers traveled to Venezuela in 2006 but we don't yet know who funded the trip. Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy In Media reports that a Freedom of Information Act request showed that Ayers did extensive world travel on the taxpayer's dime but the trip to see Hugo was conspicuously absent.
So it appears that Ayers' trip to celebrate Chavez's "Socialism of the 21st Century" was financed by someone or something other than the taxpayers who pay Ayers' $126,000 annual salary at a public university. Did Chavez pick up the tab?
Kincaid teases an August 20th conference in Washington, D.C. that will shed more light on the situation.

Central to the piece are the details of a book written by the Ayers' adopted son who is also the biological son of a convicted cop killer, David Gilbert. Chesea Boudin, who is author of a book titled, "Gringo", also worked for Hugo Chavez according to Kincaid:
Boudin, a Rhodes Scholar, writes about working for Chavez in the presidential palace in Venezuela, on subjects such as "Presidential International Relations," and being involved "in the revolutionary process" and assisting with such projects as the "Third Annual International Conference in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution." He also "worked as a freelance journalist, an interpreter, and a think tank researcher with ties to the Ministry of Higher Education."
Higher education, huh? Like father, like adopted son. I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

The implication is that Boudin just may be a foreign agent in America for Hugo Chavez, which would require him to register with the Department of Justice:
Being an advocate for Chavez in the U.S., which clearly continues with publication of the book Gringo, seems to be the textbook definition of a foreign agent, who, according to the U.S. statute, provides "propaganda" for a foreign regime for the purpose of "attempting to influence U.S. public opinion, policy, and laws." Foreign agents are supposed to register as such with the U.S. Department of Justice. But again, Holder, who facilitated the Clinton pardons of Weather Underground members, can't be expected to enforce the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which is under the supervision of the Department of Justice.
Not only did Holder facilitate the pardons of Weather Underground members but he recently dropped an AIR-TIGHT CASE against members of the Black Panther Party who were caught on video intimidating voters on election day in Philadelphia. In fact, the prosecuting attorneys had already won a default judgment prior to the case being dropped.

Excellent work, as usual, from Kincaid. Be sure to read the ENTIRE ARTICLE.

When you consider the similarities between the paths both Chavez and Obama have taken, is it really all that surprising they each share one degree of separation from Bill Ayers?

Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya is Chavez' guy too. Does anyone doubt for a second he's also Ayers' guy? Some day the common nefarious affiliations all of these guys share is going to rear its head for all to see. My personal hope is that it's not too late when they do.

Be sure to visit ACCURACY IN MEDIA


Well, I guess that title is a bit misleading. MSNBC anchor Nancy Snyderman may have duked it out with Obama mouthpiece and former ABC reporter Linda Douglass but it was only over which one of the two was the bigger Obama sychophant.

Utterly shameless to see a news anchor this deep in the tank for the boss of the person being interviewed. NEWSBUSTERS points out that like Douglass, Snyderman worked for ABC. She also contributed to Democrats: should come as no surprise that Snyderman is in the tank for ObamaCare. According to an Aug. 5 Media Reality Check about TV news doctors' donations to Democratic politicians and tilt in favor of ObamaCare, Snyderman gave two contributions totaling $800 to Democratic candidates while working for Johnson & Johnson (after leaving ABC News and before joining NBC). Following Obama's July 22 press conference, Snyderman even said "I was rooting for the President to hit a home run."
July 22nd? Isn't that the press conference where Obama said the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" in how they dealt with his racially-focused friend Henry Louis Gates? Wouldn't you like to know Snyderman's take on that incident? Far be it from me to speak for Snyderman but I'd lay dollars to doughnuts that it's very similary to Douglass's take.

It's also interesting how both Douglass and Snyderman latch on to the word, "cruel" in this exchange. It's a powerful word used by those who oppose Obama-care. One way to neutralize its effectiveness is to claim it as your own. Pragmatically speaking however, it doesn't resonate. The accusation that a new health care system may lead to cruelty toward senior citizens is one thing. Calling that accusation cruel for being uttered strikes me as a tactic intended to diminish the charge more than being a word used as an honest depiction of what's actually happening.

Then again, would you expect anything less from these shameless shills?


Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-HOU) paid zero respect to a constituent whose lone opportunity to speak to Lee directly was taking place. The arrogance Lee was exuding was so palpable that I wouldn't be surprised if audience members choked on it.

It struck me as a childish and feeble attempt to lash out at someone who was making her feel very uncomfortable. What better way to do that than to answer a cell phone while a lowly constituent is offering forth heartfelt concerns you could care less about.

I'd say this provides a perfect example for why town halls via telephone are a bad idea.

If Lee is willing to rudely gesticulate with a cell phone where people could see her, imagine what things she might do if she decided to use the "conference call town hall" format. She'd probably have call waiting and roll her eyes when others were talking.

h/t to DRUDGE


Those punditzes at MSNBC (Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow, et. al) are propagandizing like no one's business. Feigning indignation over posters showing Obama with a Hitler moustache has proven to be journalistic negligence at best and journalistic malpractice at worst because the poster originated from a group so far to the left that their belief is Obama is not doing enough to enact gov't run health care.

Now we learn that the man holding this poster is actually a supporter of Democrat Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) who supports Obama-care. The same John Dingell who said these protesters reminded him of the KKK. I wonder what this supporter of his reminds him of?

Perhaps it's time for people to begin to seriously question the origin of the swastika that appeared outside the office of Democrat congressman Dennis Scott (R-GA). Might it be one of his supporters?

This whole Obama-Hitler poster charade is really beginning to remind me of Pallywood, which is a term used to describe Palestinians faking injuries for two reasons.

1.) They love competing for news camera attention
2.) It furthers their cause of demonizing Israel

Compare that to far Lefties who hold Obama-Hitler posters at Town Hall protests.

1.) They love competing for news camera attention
2.) It furthers their cause of demonizing conservatives

Read the entire chronology of the Obama posters at the BLOG PROF


I am not jumping to conclusions here. On the contrary, I am urging anyone interested in pinning the act of painting a swastika outside the office of black congressman David Scott (D-GA) on the angry conservative "mobs" to step back and not jump to conclusions themselves. The truth is that the thug who did it is still unknown.

Two examples illustrating why assumptions should not be made come to mind. The first goes back to the origins of WWII. The second is a personal experience I witnessed back in 1992.

HILMAR von CAMPE was a former Hitler youth in WWII and has written a book called, "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie". If anyone is qualified to give an accurate depiction of what happened in Nazi Germany, a man who lived through it as a soldier in Hitler's army would be. von Campe quotes Hitler in 1939 as saying the following (p. 50):
"I shall create the necessary propaganda reason to explain the beginning of the war. It doesn't matter whether it is credible or not. Nobody will ask the victor later whether he spoke the truth."
Ask yourselves a question. Based on that premise, would it be possible for an angry leftist to paint the swastika on Scott's property even though such a person might be in support of gov't run health care?

No? Continue reading on page 50 of von Campe's book:
Hitler, top SS leader Heinrich Himmler, and SS Lieutenant-General Reinhardt Heydrich had agreed on a plan to draw Poland into war at the beginning of August 1939....

On the night of August 31 to September 1, 1939, three SS units that had been formed for an elite mission donned Polish uniforms and mobilized. The units then attacked the Radio Station Gleiwitz; the custom building Hochlinden; and the forester's house Pitchen, all located in Silesia close to the border on German territory....

To add a touch of realism and demonstrate that there had been a battle, a number of political inmates held in the nearby concentration camp Sachsenhausen were murdered and outfitted in Polish uniforms then distributed around the three targets as fallen enemy combatants. One German civilian, Franz Honiok, who had done nothing wrong, but lived in the area, spoke polish and was known to be friendly with the Poles, was arrested by the Gestapo, killed and left lying at the doorsteps of the radio station. His death was carried out to make people believe that he was the person who had given a victory speech over the radio. The bodies of these murdered people disappeared once the press had registered, and reported on them. The commandos quietly buried them in a mass grave.
von Campe maintains that the citizenry of Germany was deceived to believe that they had to fight for their country's army to defend the nation, not knowing that they were partaking in a war of aggression.

The second and more personal example came in 1992. While living in an apartment complex in South Florida, we had an interracial couple as neighbors (White male and black female). One morning, the couple woke up to find spray-painted on their door, the term "n-lover" (or some racial epithet similar to that). A local television news crew came out and did a story on it. It's been a long time but if my memory serves me right, it was discovered that the husband ultimately confessed to doing it in the hopes of getting a person he was in a dispute with blamed for it.

So how does this all tie back to the sign outside of David Scott's office having a swastika painted on it? Read the AP ARTICLE on what happened to Scott's sign and ask if it's at least possible that a supporter of Gov't Run health care could have put the swastika on the sign. While it's too early to jump to conclusions either way, stoking these kinds of fires by doing something against your own cause so the other side can be blamed while the actual perpetrator can maintain plausible deniability is certainly consistent with things the left engages in constantly (like race-baiting).

The KKK was created to be the armed wing of the Democratic party yet conservative Republicans are the ones who end up being accused of being the racists. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. were Republicans yet their legacy has somehow been commandeered by the Democrats.

The word "Nazi" is derived from the phrase meaning National Socialist Party. The current debate over health care in this country has the socialists wanting a government option. It is at the very least conceivable that a leftist could have painted that swastika on David Scott's sign. The truth is that we don't know either way so to assume either side in this health care debate is responsible is presumptuous and out of bounds.

Representative David Scott MADE NEWS this past weekend when he got into a heated exchange with a Doctor over health care.


Linked by Drudge, this story carries more than just a touch of irony. A small town in Central Florida (Clermont) had to deal with Obama-as-the-Joker posters affixed to Post Office property, including mailboxes.

I personally have a problem with defacing the property, regardless of what's used to do it. That's over the top in my view and shouldn't be tolerated.

Separate from that, however, the poster resonates with people in an extremely eery way. There are striking similarities between Obama and the Joker in last year's film, "The Dark Knight" just as there are similarities between George W. Bush and Batman in the movie. Couple that with the fact that there is much about Obama's past we know nothing about, which is an allegory for a mask, thus giving the image added relevance.

Obama's gaffe at the town hall yesterday about the Post Office having problems while UPS and FedEx are just fine was not lost on this story. However, these posters showed up at the Clermont Post Office prior to Obama's comments at the Town Hall unless they did it in broad daylight. If correct, it's even more ironic in its foreshadowing of the gaffe.

You can watch the LOCAL NEWS REPORT here.

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