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Friday, June 25, 2010


The Rod Blagojevich trial is definitely starting to heat up. Audio recordings of conversations between the former Governor, his brother, his then Chief of Staff John Harris, Lon Monk, etc. are in abundance and posted on line. They are very interesting to listen to and provide a look into how Chicago style politics work.

In testimony on June 24th, Harris said he believes Obama knew about Blago wanting something in exchange for appointing Obama's choice, Valerie Jarrett to the newly vacated Senate seat. Via POLITICO:
John Harris, Blagojevich’s former top aide, testified during the governor’s corruption hearings this week that three days after Obama’s election as president, Blagojevich felt assured he had a deal from the president that would place aide Valerie Jarrett in the Senate. He offered no proof of his claim.

“The president understands that the governor would be willing to make the appointment of Valerie Jarrett as long as he gets what he's asked for,” Harris said in testimony.
If there weren't other instances - like the confirmed offer to Sestak and the "dangled" offers to Romanoff - perhaps less credence could be given to Harris' testimony. The fact that Rahm Emanuel provides a common thread to all three, Obama should have to answer questions at some point.

They appear more interested in continuing the stonewalling...
The White House has declined comment. The same claim has been made by defense lawyers in past court filings, without supporting evidence.
This is exactly why Blago's motion to subpoena Obama needs to be granted. Either Harris is lying under oath or he's telling the truth and Obama's testimony is required.

So far, repeated attempts by Blago's attorneys to get transcripts or even summaries of the interviews between Obama and the FBI have fallen on deaf ears.
The president spoke with FBI agents about the Blagojevich scandal soon after the former governor was arrested in 2008. Blagojevich’s legal team has tried to compel the FBI to release a transcript of the interview it conducted with the president, but the bureau has declined all requests.
While the FBI head reports to the president, he is supposed to be able to act independently. That's a laugher. The Department of Justice isn't supposed to protect the president either but that's actually become SOP. Is there a legitimate reason why the FBI won't turn over the contents of that interview?

In light of the recent events, I can't think of any.

More on Blago trial HERE.


Here we go again. Another example of a woman who is showing more guts than most men - including Rick Perry in Texas. In New Mexico, Democratic incumbent Bill Richardson is aligned with Barack Obama and the Justice Department when it comes to attacking Arizona SB 1070. However, the Republican candidate for Richardson's spot is likely to stand shoulder to shoulder with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The website for Susana Martinez indicates that she is a staunch advocate for immigration enforcement. Take note of her last name. It would be hispanic. The next logical question is somewhat rhetorical - unless you ask a liberal. If Martinez is hispanic and supports immigration enforcement, how is immigration enforcement a racist notion?

Via Martinez's website:
As a New Mexican and member of law enforcement, Susana Martinez recognizes how critical it is that we secure our border. With violence in Mexico reaching unprecedented levels, we must do everything within our power to protect against that crime and violence crossing over the border.

While other candidates talk about border security, Susana Martinez is the only one with actual experience taking on the issue. Martinez’s office prosecutes over 600 cases related to border security every year and works with various law enforcement agencies to secure convictions against members of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels. Martinez understands first-hand the threat these criminals pose to our state and will make securing the border a top priority.

Bordering New Mexico's eastern border is the great state of Texas, which is still being led by a Governor who is playing politics by not expressing strong public support for Arizona and Governor Brewer. As I reported HERE, a Public Policy Poll shows Perry and his Democratic challenger, Bill White in a dead heat. What Perry doesn't seem to understand is that if he started talking and acting like Brewer, he would win going away. More evidence of that is the state on Texas' western border.

Rasmussen is reporting that Martinez is in a virtual tie with her Democratic challenger. Interesingly, Martinez trailed her opponent by nearly 20% in March. It's reminiscent of Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. Her tough talk on immigration can only help her at this point.

Rick Perry, are you listening?

h/t to Barrackaid #7


In Milwaukee, WI there was a meeting recently to debate whether that city should boycott Phoenix over SB 1070. At this meeting, a County Supervisor named Peggy West, who is opposed to the new Arizona law, not only seems completely ignorant of her country's geography but actually makes a case FOR Arizona's new law because of it. Shockingly, this public servant thinks Arizona doesn't have a border with Mexico. She says if it did, they might be justified in passing such a law.

Ms. West also makes reference to a Google search for Arizona and SB 1070. Uh, perhaps she should have done a Google Maps search of Arizona before getting behind a podium with a microphone on it. Assuming she now knows that Arizona borders Mexico, she would be exposed as a complete hypocrite and ideologue to hold the same position she did before. Again, her argument is that if Arizona shared a border with Mexico - like Texas does - it would be justified in having such a law.

Well Peggy, now that you know it does, are you prepared to stand by your original argument?

Something tells me she won't.

Via Innocent Bystanders


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