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Monday, October 10, 2011

Video: Arab Spring's Grossly Inaccurate Recreation of Tiananmen Square, AP Virtually Ignores

Though this video is very disturbing, it's not really graphic, which should make it a little easier to watch, which I encourage everyone to do. Remember, the Obama administration supported the removal of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt; it touted the Arab spring as a peaceful revolution that everyone should rally behind. Despite the early warning signs that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to fill the vacuum, coupled with examples like the assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan, the media continued the meme which said the Arab spring was a good thing. Contrast the video you are about to see with what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The photo is legendary. A man standing in front of several tanks, dares them to run him over.

Contrast that with what happened in Egypt recently. Coptic Christians have been the real losers in the Arab Spring that saw the fall of Hosni Mubarak. They are suffering persecution the likes of which westerners cannot imagine. After staging a protest in front of a television station, an Egyptian military vehicle began mowing down protesters in the street. Meanwhile, the western media is practically silent. Folks, Barack Obama has blood on his hands here. He outwardly stood with this revolution and a coherent, forceful US Policy could have prevented this.

Seemingly never unable to spin any affront to the liberal cause, the Associated Press tends to word things a bit differently. The Headline SHOULD be: 'Egyptian Military Vehicles Mow Down Helpless Christians.' Instead, it's 'More Clashes Erupt in Egypt.' In fact, you have to get to the fifth paragraph before the subject even comes up. Prior to that, the Christians are portrayed as a violent, out-of-control bunch who seemed to bring the violence on themselves. Here are the first four paragraphs:
Several hundred Christians pelted police with rocks outside a Cairo hospital Monday in fresh clashes the day after 24 people died in riots that grew out of a Christian protest against a church attack. Sunday's sectarian violence was the worst in Egypt since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February.

Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf warned in a televised address that the riots were another setback on the country's already fraught transition to civilian rule after three decades of Mubarak's authoritarian government.

"These events have taken us back several steps," Sharaf said. He blamed foreign meddling for the troubles, claiming it was part of a "dirty conspiracy." Similar explanations for the troubles in Egypt are often heard from the military rulers who took power from Mubarak, perhaps at attempt to deflect accusations that they are bungling the management of the country.

"Instead of moving forward to build a modern state on democratic principles, we are back to seeking stability and searching for hidden hands — domestic and foreign — that meddle with the country's security and safety," Sharaf said.
It isn't until the next paragraph that the AP even discusses what should be the headline of the story. Also, take note that the forces behind the slaughter of the Copts are branded as being 'ultra conservative' by the AP:
The clashes Sunday night raged over a large section of downtown Cairo and drew in Christians, Muslims and security forces. They began when about 1,000 Christian protesters tried to stage a sit-in outside the state television building along the Nile in downtown Cairo. The protesters said they were attacked by "thugs" with sticks and the violence then spiraled out of control after a speeding military vehicle jumped up onto a sidewalk and rammed into some of the Christians.

Most of the 24 people killed were Coptic Christians, though officials said at least three soldiers were among the dead. Nearly 300 people were injured. Egypt's official news agency said dozens have been arrested.

The latest clashes Monday broke out outside the Coptic hospital where many of the Christian victims were taken the night before. The screams of grieving women rang out from inside the hospital and some of the hundreds of men gathered outside held wooden crosses. Empty coffins were lined up outside the hospital.

There were no word on casualties from Monday's clashes.

Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt's 85 million people, blame the ruling military council for being too lenient on those behind a spate of anti-Christian attacks since Mubarak's ouster. The chaotic power transition has left a security vacuum, and the Coptic Christian minority is particularly worried about a show of force by ultraconservative Islamists, known as Salafis.
Even for the left, this is an unprecedented level of bias.

h/t GWP

Video: Keith Ellison says Regulations Create Jobs

There are really only two possibilities here. Either Keith Ellison is lying, er, I'm sorry, failing to meet the duty of candor, OR he is such an economic changeling, he thinks that restricting business actually grows business. Follow the logic here. Ellison believes that because businesses have to hire people to enforce increased government regulations that those regulations actually create jobs. Apparently lost on this genius is the rise in cost without increased revenues. That's partially why the business he's in is over $14 Trillion in debt. I supposed Ellison thinks giving $535 Million to a company that produces solar panels for $6 and sells them for $3 is an excellent business model too.

I'm going with economic changeling.

Is This why Herman Cain is Rising?

The out-of-nowhere rise of Herman Cain has been a phenomenal thing to watch over the last week. Based on how he got into hot water with the liberal media after his star began rising a few months back, I've been sitting back, almost waiting for him to do it again. After all, he is not a career politician. However, Cain has been handling the latest round of liberal media 'gotcha' attempts better than ok. He seems to be squashing them while remaining on offense and maintaining a very coherent message. Cain is filling a void conservatives have been demanding get filled and no one has been interested in filling it to this point. While he and the rest of the Republican field is willing to go after Obama for the latter's class warfare tactics, Cain is actually willing to go after the masses Obama has been exploiting - the Occupy Wall Street zombies.

Via LA Times:
Republican presidential contender Herman Cain amplified his criticism Sunday of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement, calling the protesters “jealous’ Americans who "play the victim card” and want to “take somebody else’s” Cadillac.

Cain’s remarks, on CBS’ "Face the Nation," came amidst an escalating war of words between Republicans and Democrats over the merits of the movement, which has spread from New York to other cities across the nation, including Washington and Los Angeles.
This is clearly a message that is resonating with Tea Party conservatives but Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) don't appear to be willing to join Cain in these particular waters:
On CBS, Cain suggested that the rallies had been organized by labor unions to serve as a “distraction so that many people won’t focus on the failed policies of the Obama administration.”

The banking and financial services industries aren’t responsible for those policies, Cain said. “To protest Wall Street and the bankers is basically saying you’re anti-capitalism,” he said.

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who appeared on the program with Cain, offered a more measured response, but blamed the White House for the discord.

“There a lot of people in America who are angry,” Gingrich said. “This is the natural product of President Obama’s class warfare.”

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, also pointed a finger at the president, whom he accused of fear-mongering.

"He's preying on the emotions of fear, envy and anger. And that is not constructive to unifying America," Ryan said. "I think he's broken his promise as a uniter, and now he's dividing people. And to me, that's very unproductive."

Ryan cited protests in his home state of Wisconsin this year over collective bargaining legisation when asked about the Wall Street movement. “I don’t disparage anyone who protests their government in favor of better government, no matter what perspective they come from,” he said.

Asked whether Cain’s criticism was representative of the party, Ryan said, “I think Herman’s speaking for himself.”
Clearly, there is a school of thought within the Republican establishment that says what Cain is doing is a political miscalculation. So far - at least this past week - the opposite has been true. Cain is surging in straw poll after straw poll because he is going on offense when the Republican Party is historically known for playing defense in order to woo moderates.

Hot Air has more on Cain's straw poll victory.
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