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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Very interesting analysis of the roots of Barack Obama's narcissism by Joy Tiz, who holds a masters in Psychology. Tiz takes aim at Obama's book, "Dreams From My Father" and points to the fact that several of the people in Obama's life during his early years seem to collectively view the book as a work of fiction.

Writing for the Canada Free Press, Tiz states:
Traditionally works of fiction are identified as such. In his preface to the 2004 edition of Dreams From My Father Obama says he cannot honestly say that the voice in the book is not his or that he would tell the story much differently today than I did ten years ago (Pg. 4).

Chicago Tribune reporters Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker interviewed more than forty of Obama’s former classmates, teachers, friends and neighbors and came to the startling conclusion that “several of his oft recited stories may not have happened the way he has recounted them.”
Pointing to many examples along the way, Tiz points to this altered reality being one of Obama's biggest problems. Let's face it, the guy had a traumatic and very disturbing childhood. The resultant consequences are rarely good but not insurmountable according to Tiz. I found this explanation for narcissism particularly interesting:
When children experience overwhelming trauma, they protect themselves as best they can with a variety of defense mechanisms. There is no question that life for little Barry Soetoro was traumatic, full of chaos and abandonment as well as genuine fear. The adults in his life betrayed him and taught him hate and mistrust. Otto Kernberg, in his research on narcissism states it evolves as a defense against a cold and unsympathetic parent. The child withdraws part of himself from the unavailable parent and turns it back towards himself creating a grandiose sense of self. Healthy emotional development was just not possible in young Barry’s environment. In Toxic Parents, Dr. Susan Forward describes the “Golden Child” who compensates for feelings of inadequacy by seeking external awards and accolades rather than his own inner confidence. Golden Children are commonly found in alcoholic families.
Tiz also notes that overcoming such trauma is not impossible but it requires the individual to face fully, the truth about his / her past. Considering how Obama tells lies multiple times daily, it would appear he's not yet willing to do that but when you hear his opponents say they pray for him, it might be good to pray that he comes to grips with the tumultuous and chaotic reality he faced as a child.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

h/t to JAWA


I've really been scratching my head, wondering how much smoke there must be before the American government sees fire with these Islamic groups that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc. CAIR is one such organization and the ordered deportation of one of its board members provides another plume.

The GMBDR points to a Dallas Morning News story:
A Richardson man with links to the defunct Holy Land Foundation and the Palestinian militant group Hamas was ordered deported Friday at a hearing in Dallas.

Immigration Judge Anthony Rogers ordered that Nabil Sadoun, 50, be deported to his native Jordan. Sadoun was not present at Friday's hearing at the downtown Dallas federal courthouse. Authorities say he has already left the country.
CAIR has traditionally been willing to defend its members. Not sure what it means that Sadoun left the country before the hearing but it would seem to be some sort of admission of guilt. I wonder if CAIR will come to his defense soon.

More info at GMBDR


Actually, it can be argued that Andrew Breitbart, new media pioneer and man who helped James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles expose ACORN, merely primes the pump here. Liberal blogger Max Blumenthal confronts Breitbart and is completely smacked down before the latter leaves in disgust but it's actually Larry O'Connor who gets the best of Blumenthal when he calls him on his identifying O'Keefe as a "racist".

Initially, Blumenthal attempts to deny it but when O'Connor quotes directly from Blumenthal's blog in which the former actually said it, the squirming begins. FLAT BUSTED and Blumenthal knows it. Listen for an onlooker shout, "Oh, that internet is a Mother..."

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