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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This trend is becoming extremely disturbing. America's leaders are showing an ever increasingly blatant tendency to side with the true and likely criminals against those who expose them. California Attorney General Jerry Brown appears to be siding with ACORN in his investigation - before it's actually launched - based on an alleged audio recording of ACORN San Diego head David Lagstein saying Brown's office has assured him the Atty General will find fault with the "filmmakers and not Acorn".

Now we have what could be the biggest scandal to befall mankind thanks to someone who decided to expose it by leaking damning emails from East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit and California Senator Barbara Boxer wants to give the potentially fraudulent scientists a pass while targeting the individual who released the emails.

THE HILL reports:
"You call it 'Climategate'; I call it 'E-mail-theft-gate,'" she said during a committee meeting. "Whatever it is, the main issue is, Are we facing global warming or are we not? I'm looking at these e-mails, that, even though they were stolen, are now out in the public."
Unbelievably despicable but it does give us a clearer picture of just how personally invested America's leaders are in their own country's destruction.


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Michael Mann, inventer of the faux "hockey stick" chart spoke with and let's just say that if you're looking for contrition, you will be disappointed. The smug and bullish man that appeared to be involved in those countless emails at the CRU comes across as just that in person too. Mann says the emails are taken out of context and that this whole episode is just a "distraction" and "policy-makers, in general are smart enough to recognize that".

Let's see... A discredited and debunked chart that Mann came up with, emails calling for the stonewalling of FOIA requests, ignoring peer review papers that disagreed with the agenda, emails calling the failure to account for global warming a "travesty", and bully tactics aimed at those who dared to question.

This guy is a disgrace.


Oh, and if you think Michael Mann seems to look familiar, this is where you may have seen him before.

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The U.S. Attorney's Office in Denver, CO may have something in common with Mike Huckabee. Both decided to see a man go free that would be involved - either directly or indirectly - with multiple murders of people charged with protecting the citizens of this country. In Huckabee's case, it was granting clemency to a man named Maurice Clemmons, who would later execute four Seattle police officers.

In the case of the USAO in Denver, an arrest warrant for the radical Imam who provided spiritual counsel to Nidal Malik Hasan and who also met with at least two of the 9/11 hijackers was rescinded. The DENVER POST reports:
An arrest warrant for a radical Islamic cleric who has become an important figure in the Fort Hood shooting investigation was withdrawn in 2002 by the Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office in Denver — possibly preventing his prosecution years before one of his followers killed 13.

An arrest warrant was issued for Anwar al-Awlaki in 2002 on charges from Denver's federal court of making a false statement and passport fraud, court documents show. Those charges were withdrawn before al-Awlaki, who was living in Yemen, was served the arrest warrant.

When al-Awlaki passed through JFK airport in New York City in October 2002, he was briefly detained. But after authorities there saw that the federal warrant from Colorado had been withdrawn, they released him, according to ABC News.
al-Awlaki preaches Jihad and three of the 9/11 hijackers heard him do it. Instead of being identified as a soldier of one of America's enemies, a warrant is issued for him. After that warrant is rescinded, al-Awlaki flees to Yemen where his tentacles reach a major in the U.S. Army who ends up killing 14 people.

These are the consequences of not identifying a real enemy after a real enemy attacked us.

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While Barack Obama was attempting to communicate his plan for Afghanistan, cadets seemed less than thrilled with his delivery. In one instance, a cadet got to the point where he was no longer even fighting sleep. Breitbart has the video. Why on earth would Obama have this kind of an effect on people? Perhaps his ability to hypnotize was put into overdrive.



Lord Christopher Monckton took the internet by storm this past October when he spoke in St. Paul, Minnesota on the dangers of the Copenhagen summit taking place next week. Before referring you to his extraordinary expose on Climategate, I invite you to watch this four minute video of him in St. Paul to provide the proper context for Climategate. Monckton understands better than anyone what the true agenda is in Copenhagen.

Now to Monckton's report on CLIMATEGATE. It's aptly titled, "Caught Green-Handed". This fraud being perpetrated on the entire free world has so many layers and Monckton lays it all out in very simple, easy-to-understand terms. He begins by pointing to the timeliness of the release of the CRU emails, which were revealed just weeks before the Copenhagen summit.
The whistleblower deep in the basement of one of the ugly, modern tower-blocks of the dismal, windswept University of East Anglia could scarcely have timed it better.
In less than three weeks, the world’s governing class – its classe politique – would meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss a treaty to inflict an unelected and tyrannical global government on us, with vast and unprecedented powers to control all once-free world markets and to tax and regulate the world’s wealthier nations for its own enrichment: in short, to bring freedom, democracy, and prosperity to an instant end worldwide, at the stroke of a pen, on the pretext of addressing what is now known to be the non-problem of manmade “global warming”.
At this point, the individual responsible for making all of these incredibly damaging emails available via the internet is still unknown but his / her efforts are resulting in a snowballing scandal.

Monckton also addresses the whistleblower's attempt at alerting the media weeks before deciding to take matters into his / her own hands:
He had caught the world’s politico-scientific establishment green-handed. Yet his first attempts to reveal the highly-profitable fraud and systematic corruption at the very heart of the UN’s climate panel and among the scientists most prominent in influencing it’s prejudiced and absurdly doom-laden reports had failed. He had made the mistake of sending the data-file to the mainstream news media, which had also profited for decades by fostering the “global warming” scare, and by generally denying anyone who disagreed with the official viewpoint any platform.
Considering the MSM's blatantly conspicuous absence on this scandal, that's as good an explanation as any. Perhaps Glenn Beck should install another red phone.

If you have the time, I urge, encourage, and implore you to read Monckton's entire report. It is a homerun.

CLICK HERE for the pdf.

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