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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


UPDATE at 9:42am CT on 9/30/09: Ok, after playing with the speed and pitch of the audio of these folks responding to the call for prayer, I am now convinced that Barack Obama's name was NOT being invoked and I think it would demonstrate a strong bias to believe otherwise. I regret posting this video on my site in the context of the original post. Even if there is a debate over what was said, the benefit of the doubt must be extended to those involved in this case, in my view. I have concluded that doing otherwise or saying that it's difficult to tell what the people were saying is nothing more than a face-saving measure and I will not go there.

UPDATE at 3:42pm CT on 9/29/09: There is now some debate about whether the crowd is saying, "GOD", "Obama", or a mix of both. In either case, it's at best hypocritical for a group of Community Organizers, including Acorn, to take taxpayer dollars and pray over a politically and ideologically divisive issue in a public place. Watch again and judge for yourselves.


Andrew Breitbart has just posted a video from December of 2008 at a Gamaliel Foundation meeting. The Gamaliel Foundation is a group that was started by a few of Alinsky's students. Also note the attire of the two individuals who are leading the prayers.

Be sure to listen for the following recitations being repeated:

"Hear our cry Obama" and "Deliver us Obama".

This makes the thrill running up Chris Matthews' leg look like a lone goose bump.

CLICK HERE and HERE to see how closely linked Obama is to the Gamaliel Foundation.



What else are we left to conclude after watching this clip of Barack in 2008 while in Afghanistan during an interview for Bob Schieffer's "Face the Nation"? The words Obama used to describe the situation there were "Precarious and Urgent". His solution at the time? More troops. His solution now? Voting "present".

If, as Obama said, that Afghanistan needed to be "our central focus" and "the central front" in the battle against terrorism, why is he not listening to his Commanding General there, Stanley McChrystal? On a related note, if Obama believed what he said in the interview below in 2008, how does he justify only talking to McChrystal one time since he was inaugurated (claim by McChrystal)?

Maybe the administration's claim that the phrase "war on terror" not be used anymore was a pre-emptive strike against the notion of needing more troops. No war on terror = no need for more troops, right?

"You Lie!"
- Joe Wilson, 9/9/09

Here is McChrystal discussing how many times he and Obama have spoken, which can be counted on a hand missing four fingers:

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