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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Testimony at the Article 32 hearing resumed on Monday, October 18th. The hearing is used to determine if there is enough evidence against Nidal Malik Hasan for a court martial. One of the accounts involved the pregnant soldier that was killed. Her name was Pvt. Francheska Velez.

Prosecutors, as well as media reports continue to refer to 13 people being murdered by Hasan. After reading about how Velez died, it should be viewed as an injustice not to include her baby as being among the dead.

Via the Austin Statesman:
Several witnesses recounted the last moments of Pvt. Francheska Velez, a 21-year-old Chicago soldier who was pregnant when she was shot and killed. Capt. Dorothy Carskaden, with the 467th Medical Detachment, testified she tried to comfort a young Hispanic woman.

"She was worried about her baby," Carskaden said. "She kept saying she was hit in the stomach and saying my baby, my baby."

Moments later, Carskaden was shot four times, in her hip, head and stomach but managed to survive.
Anyone who is pro-choice should read that and see if it doesn't make them re-think their views. The prosecution should be ashamed they didn't charge Hasan with the murder of 14.

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There's nothing like getting the support of the Communist Party while decrying accusations that you're a socialist. Sam Webb, the current leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is calling on his followers to turnout to vote this November 2nd. Why? To vote against the GOP and for the Obama agenda. Remember all of those people who dismissed Obama's childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis as having any real influence on him? Davis was a registered member of the CPUSA too.

Seriously, how do you dismiss this one, Democrats? Via the CPUSA website, here are Webb's own words:
Some voters on our side of the struggle are taking a powder on the elections. They claim that President Obama raised their hopes as a candidate and let them down as a president.

They expected bold action on the economic crisis, but it didn't happen. The stimulus didn't go far enough. Ditto for health care legislation. The scale and pace of change has been too slow - too many people are out of work, out of affordable health care, and out of their homes.

Meanwhile, their riff goes, bloodletting continues in Afghanistan, corporations are sitting on nearly $2 trillion of idle money, profits are up, inequality is growing, and tax cuts for the wealthy are draining our treasury and driving up the national deficit.

There is truth here, but the question is: is it enough to stay home? I say no for three reasons.

To begin with the most obvious, the elections' impact on people's lives. Even though the size of the stimulus was inadequate and a public option was missing in the new health care law, both bills bring a measure of relief to millions of people. And as a friend of mine keeps reminding me, it may make only an inch of difference, but a lot of people live on that inch.

Which brings me to next month's congressional elections. If the Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives, that inch of difference (things like unemployment insurance extensions, food stamps, relief for local and state governments, modest jobs and infrastructure programs, readjustment of tax policy in favor of working people, funding for education, a real fight over military appropriations for Afghanistan) will probably vanish - along with hope for more far-reaching measures.
So when the Democrats protest the notion that they're communists and socialists, ask them why they have the support of the head of the CPUSA. Be prepared for a response that involves changing the subject.

Commies and Democrats sittin in a tree...

h/t Free Republic


Often times, third party candidates are shunned from debates. Here we have a perfect example of why they shouldn't be - sheer compelling entertainment. Jimmy McMillan was one of seven candidates participating in a debate for the New York gubernatorial race. The name of his party? 'The Rent is Too Damn High' Party. Kinda reminds me of the XFL player a few years back named, 'He hate me.' I think it's safe to say McMillan stole the show. These are unusual times and don't forget, Alvin Greene won the Democrat nomination in South Carolina.

Via Gawker TV:

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