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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Video: Paul Krugman and his audience eerily similar to Jim Jones and HIS audience

This is just plain creepy. It's definitely a softer version of what Jim Jones got the more than 900 people who followed him to commit suicide but it's very similar in two respects. The leader - in this case Krugman - espouses "death panels and higher taxes". The reaction he got was one of laughing approval. Who in their right mind cheers for death and taxes?

No one, which is more than enough evidence that these people are not in their right minds.

It's extremely bizarre to see and hear people cheer or laugh at something that will lead to either their own premature deaths or the premature deaths of their loved ones. It's a macabre form of groupthink and it's exactly what happened when New York Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman told an audience at an historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C. last week exactly that.

Listen not to what Krugman says at about the 2:15 mark but also to how the crowd reacts.

h/t Breitbart:

Here is video of Rep. Leo Ryan (D) in Jonestown the night before more than 900 followers of Jim Jones ended their lives. Note how loudly the crowd cheers when Ryan states people in the cult think it's the "best thing that ever happened to them in their whole life".

One day later, Ryan was shot dead by Jones' thugs and all of the people who cheered, took their own lives. Is that something to cheer about?

Think it's a stretch? Do you remember the reaction Robert Reich got when, in 2007, he advocated death panels and higher health care costs while speaking at Berkeley?  In fact, the laughter Reich elicited was even more pronounced than what Krugman got. The students cheered the premature deaths of their parents as well as a future in which they would live fewer years as well.

Three weeks before Rep. Ryan showed up in Guyana in 1978, the people held a vote - led by Jones - in which they unanimously voted to commit suicide. How is what Krugman and Reich have advocated any different?

Oh, and another similarity... Jones ingratiated himself with Democrats.

Relevant portion starts at the 4:40 mark


Maddening Video: Ted Nugent FAILS to bring up Fast and Furious in debate when Piers Morgan serves up the opportunities

Why. Do. Gun. Rights. Activists. Refuse. To. Go. On. Offense. In. Debates?!

The latest very frustrating example takes place in a debate between Ted Nugent and Piers Morgan.

Take note at the 5:40 mark when Nugent is asked to respond to Barack Obama's gun control argument. Instead of bringing up Fast and Furious - a very deadly gun walking operation, led by the ATF / DOJ - he brought up Benghazi:
"...the Scammer-in-Chief, who claims that just to save one life would be worth this... He had a chance to save four American lives in Benghazi and refused to do so and now he's sending F-16's to Egypt..."
Both valid arguments to be sure but neither drives a stake into the heart of the administration's position on Gun Control. The ATF knowingly placed thousands of assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels who used those guns to commit hundreds of murders. On top of that, just a little over one month ago, the ATF in Milwaukee allowed a machine gun (automatic) and a 9mm to be stolen from one of its vehicles. Those two weapons are still loose on the streets of Wisconsin.

There were plenty of opportunities for Nugent to hammer on this. He got very close when he made reference to a 'gun free zone' in Mexico that isn't working. It was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how defenseless Mexican citizens were when the U.S. Government flooded that 'gun free zone' with assault weapons (AK-47's and .50 Calibers) that were used by criminals to kill innocents. Nugent missed a huge opportunity.

Beginning at the 7:10 mark, Morgan actually tees up a Fast and Furious reference that Nugent completely missed. When talking about the increase in gun sales nationally, Morgan said:
"Do you think America is going to be safer because gun stores like this are selling so furiously and so much faster, weapons and ammunition increasing both in America?"
Talk about a slow, high-hanging curveball right in Nugent's wheelhouse! Guess what? He whiffed. Instead of saying something like, "Let me talk to you about Fast and Furious, Piers..." Nugent apparently didn't see the natural connection.

I love Ted Nugent but frankly, it is getting beyond tiresome to see second amendment proponents like him completely blow by the slam-dunk argument in the gun control debate.

A take-away line begins at the 3:30 mark when Nugent says, "Leave us the hell alone!" This perfectly captures the problem with gun rights proponents in these debates. They're never on offense and the best way to do that is to highlight the deadly irresponsible / nefarious operations of Obama's ATF / DOJ.

h/t MediaIte:

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