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Thursday, July 16, 2009

VIDEO: Hard Core! Obama = Ahmadinejad

Ouch! If you thought liberals couldn't find their logic bone before, wait until they watch this. In fact, I would love to be stationed behind some one-way glass while watching a few moonbats view this video just so I could see their reaction.


Here's the source for the Civilian National Security Force reference:

h/t to Gateway Pundit

IOUs: First California, Now Social Security??

Rising Debt, Deficits, and talk of a second stimulus even after the initial "stimulus" of $787 Billion is "falling flat" to use a Sotomayor quote. With that as a backdrop, we learn that International holders are selling our debt faster than they're buying it.

Doug Ross reports on this colossal and ongoing development. Here he delivers the anti-money quote.
The Pelosi-Obama-Reid fiscal disaster is about to dissolve the full faith and credit of the currency. And Social Security checks to our seniors, who've worked for decades contributing to a non-existent "trust fund", may be at risk. The extent of criminality involved here makes Bernard Madoff look like a shoplifter.
The good news is that the Democrats are being forcefully unmasked. The bad news is they think they have a better one and the American people will let them put it on.

When you're $10 Trillion in debt and world markets are net sellers of that debt, it doesn't bode well. I'm not an economist but I feel like our nation is on the brink of an international toxic mortgage crisis. Bad for us is that American paper might just be the toxic debt.

Compelling and maddening all rolled into one. Translation: a MUST READ

Austin Talk Show Hosts Suspended for language

I am familiar with both of these guys. Todd Jeffries and Don Pryor have a show on KLBJ 590 in Austin. Both have been suspended because one of them (Pryor) consistently used the term, "wetback". Despite Jeffries never using the word on-air and repeatedly warning Pryor to cease using it, both were suspended.

The Austin American Statesman has the story.

Having worked in downtown Austin for nine years, I know a little bit about the area. It is a city with many Hispanic leaders who hold prominent positions. A few calls from a few agitated listeners could have gotten quite a bit of attention, which it evidently did.

The Hispanic Area Chamber of Commerce chimed in on the matter:
"We acknowledge KLBJ's on-air apology, but we simply cannot see how his statements could be perceived as a joke," the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said in a statement.
Sticks and stones, right? Come on, people.

Folks, we all need to chill the heck out. While in Austin, I had several employees who were hispanic and there is no possible way I could repeat the words I heard. You know what though? We had each other's mutual respect and that is what is so lacking in this case. I'm of Irish descent (note I didn't say I'm an Irishman) and if you want to call me a Mick, have at it.

The most egregious part of this suspension is that Jeffries appears to have done nothing wrong and he is the victim of guilt by association with a man who uttered a questionably "racially insensitive" word more than once.

VIDEO: Black Leader Calls Babs Boxer Racial

We all know the left is well versed in playing the race card as if it's the right bower whenever they need to win a hand. It was fun to watch California Senator Barbara Boxer (D) overplay her hand with Harry Alford, Chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

From the beginning, Alford was ready to challenge Boxer on their differences with respect to energy policy and she apparently knew it. Which is likely why she had testimonials from the NAACP and John Grant, the "CEO of 100 black workers in Atlanta". Quoting from the latter is what set Alford off.

If Boxer wants to spar with the race card, my suggestion is she learn when and when not to use it. When you're a white female Senator trying to win an argument with the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, your best bet would be to leave that card up your sleeve for a later hand.

Boxer apparently too dumb to figure that out.

Fireworks throughout the entire video:

h/t to Hot Air

Grading Your Senators and Congressmen

Sent by Barrackaid #2, the Politician accountability website. Everyone understands (for now) the A-F grading system. We all know it (but some strive for the wrong letter). Well, our elected officials are now being subjected to some pre-election constituent accountability.

Why doesn't Nancy Pelosi getting an "F" mean this is a right-wing site?

Because even Democrats know it's true.

"If you give me an 'F', I'll give you a noogie."

Honduras: Micheletti Getting Church Support?

The truth may finally be getting its pants on. The key for the sitting Honduran government led by Roberto Micheletti is to HOLD ON. The longer this drags on, the more support he will get and the more damage it will do to those who support Zelaya. This is one crisis that Barack Obama doesn't like, which is why it should not be allowed to go to waste.

The American Spectator is reporting that a leader of the Honduran Catholic church appears to be coming out forcefully against Manuel Zelaya and the international support he's been getting:
To the Organization of American States: we ask that you pay attention to all (that) was happening outside the law in Honduras and not only what happened starting on June 28. The Honduras people are also asking why the warlike threats against our country have not been condemned. If the inter-American system is limited to protecting the system of ballot boxes but not to monitoring good governance and the prevention of political, economic, and social crises, a belated reaction in the face of these will be worth nothing to the international community.
I particularly enjoyed this quote from Rodriguez:
"Each and every one of the documents which have come into our hands show that the institutions of the Honduran democratic state are valid and that what it has executed in juridical-legal matters has been rooted in law."
How about 17 U.S. Senators writing a letter to Hillary Clinton expressing disagreement with the notion that Zelaya's removal was a coup? Hans Bader at the Dallas Examiner has more.

The lie that Manuel Zelaya was the unjustified victim of a coup is starting to be questioned more vociferously by voices that carry political weight. Had Micheletti caved to demands that Zelaya be reinstated, we would never see any of this. See what happens when you stand your ground on principle despite the odds (and numbers) being against you?

h/t to Hot Air

Honduras: Modern Day Alamo?

The standoff in Honduras is almost like a political version of The Alamo. The fact that the sitting government led by Roberto Micheletti is still standing its ground after three weeks is literally astounding when one considers that Taiwan and Israel are apparently the only governments that support them.

Sitting president Roberto Micheletti has handed an ultimatum to the Organization of the American States even while expressing concerns that pro-Zelaya demonstrators are showing signs of a rebellion. Micheletti has shown true grit in the face of overwhelming world opposition and continues to do so.

The latest development may also demonstrate who is thirstiest for power. Zelaya was removed and with the help of practically every world and western hemispheric body, has been relentless in his insistence that he be reinstated as president. He was removed because he wanted to use a referendum to bypass his country's Constitution and become 'president' for life.

Now Roberto Micheletti is volunteering to step down under one condition. That Zelaya not be reinstated. The New York Times reports that Zelaya seems much more interested in running Honduras as president than does Micheletti:
Mr. Zelaya has said that he intends to return as president, and he insists that this is not open to negotiation. On Tuesday, he said Hondurans had a right to stage an insurrection against Mr. Micheletti’s internationally isolated interim government.

Keeping in mind that there are three sides to every argument (this side, that side, and the truth), what does this information tell us?

It tells me two things.
1.) Micheletti is putting his country ahead of his desire for power.
2.) Zelaya is not

What does it say that the sitting Honduran government is so adamant that Zelaya not be renistated while Micheletti is willing to step down to ensure it doesn't happen?

The truth appears to be aligning more closely with Micheletti while the world seems all too willing to align with a stooge of Hugo Chavez.

"A lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on."
- Winston Churchill

h/t to Hot Air

VIDEO: Ted Nugent Interviewed by Austin Liberal!

Just down the road from here is the PBS station KLRU, which recently featured an interview between Liberal CEO of TX Monthly and Ted Nugent. Evan Smith asked Nugent to clarify his position on the 2nd Amendment

Smith's facial expression was reminiscent of the look on Phil Donahue's face while being dressed down by Milton Friedman over the concept of greed.

Here's the exchange between Smith and Nugent:

Just to show you what I mean about Smith looking like Donahue....

VIDEO: Illinois Senator Dick Durbin a Racist

Anyone remember Clayton Bigsby, the Black White Supremacist who was blind? He had townsfolk freakin' out because he was talking bad about his own race.

Enter Dick Durbin. If I'm Chief Justice John Roberts or Justice Sam Alito, I've got to be scratching my head at Durbin's comments. Clearly, Durbin was referring to them when he said it wasn't "in their DNA" to understand the plight of minorities.

I give you the name of Janice Rogers Brown, a conservative judge and sharecropper's daughter who happens to be black. She was nominated by George W. Bush to the Washington, D.C. appellate court and was filibustered by Senate Democrats. Among them was Dick Durbin who said this of Brown:
Janice Rogers Brown is one of President Bush's most ideological and extreme judicial nominees.
h/t to American Thinker

We MUST conclude that Durbin's DNA consists of such a structure that he CAN understand the plight of minorities and yet a minority who grew up a sharecropper's daughter apparently does not.

VIDEO: Senate Democrats Channel Chris Matthews

This "Thrill up the Leg" thing is starting to get a little contagious. I think everyone would agree that a thrill up one's leg is in the same ballpark as "goosebumps". Well, that's exactly what Sonia Sotomayor gave one Democrat Senator during her hearings yesterday.

In fact, watching Diane Feinstein give Sotomayor an A++++++ conjured up memories of Ralphie's dream sequence in "Christmas Story" when he imagined that his teacher had goosebumps and thrills over his theme on Red Rider BB guns.

If Senate Dems were channeling Chris Matthews, is it possible that Sotomayor was channeling Obama?

This is really disgraceful but like a train wreck, you need to watch it.

h/t to Drudge
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