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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Video: EPA Official Stammers for Five Minutes over Simple Question

Just in case you had any interest in understanding why government bureaucrats and agencies are so thoroughly and utterly incompetent, this should clear it up for you. The bureaucrats live in a theoretical world that leaves out the most important variables necessary for that world to mirror reality. In this case, Colorado GOP Rep. Cory Gardner (R) was trying to get EPA Deputy Administrator Mathy Stanislaus to tell him if the EPA factored in jobs before it decided to implement its crippling regulations. Stanislaus's incoherent responses included an inherent admission that the livelihood of those who have to deal with those regulations had no impact whatsoever on the decision to enforce them.

Wow. After watching this, I think I'm as speechless as Stanislaus was. Gardner was actually so incredulous that he invoked the name Yogi Berra.

Via The Daily Caller:

Trump's Downfall: He Supports Universal Health Care

As Donald Trump continues his meteoric rise among the Republican base courtesy of a near hourly dose of red meat - he can afford it - and constant media attention, his potential primary opponents should begin attacking him on his past positions on health care. In fact, Journolist weasel Dave Weigel over at Slate has a decent get when it comes to Trump's past positions on things like Obamacare, the same monstrosity the people he's courting reject like the poison it is. Basically, Trump wrote a book in 2000 and there are some very disturbing quotes from it.

Here's one such excerpt via Slate:
"We must have universal healthcare," wrote Trump. "I'm a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by healthcare expenses."

The goal of health care reform, wrote Trump, should be a system that looks a lot like Canada. "Doctors might be paid less than they are now, as is the case in Canada, but they would be able to treat more patients because of the reduction in their paperwork," he writes.
Unless Trump can convince the Tea Party that he's had a 'Road to Damascus' experience on this issue, it should run away from him as quickly as possible. Trump hooked a huge contingent of the anti-Obama crowd when he began railing on the Birth Certificate issue. Though certainly not intentional on the part of the administration, this is yet another feather in the cap of those who say Obama loves the controversy because it leads people down a blind alley. Imagine if Trump somehow got the nomination - yes, it's' a long shot - and got into office only to demonstrate support for Obamacare. Surely, he will be called on it way before then. The problem is that the most extreme birthers might just allow their desire to see the elusive document 'trump' the Donald's support for universal health care.

Trump has also given some indication that he continues to hold this view by subtly attacking Paul Ryan's plan relative to Medicare. Trump said in an interview that Republicans are going out on a 'ledge' in this regard.

Also, let's not forget that in 2007, Trump expressed great support for HIllarycare, which - like herself and Obama - is a virtual carbon copy of Obamacare.

HERE is the previous post on that with video below. Fast Forward to 3:45 mark.

h/t to Hot Air

Video: Farrakhan's Back; Money Quotes too Numerous for Headline

This is definitely one of those, 'Where do you even begin' posts. In Farrakhan's latest rant - at Howard University on April 2nd - he reveals he's a 9/11 Truther; he calls Barack Obama a 'Ni***r;' he says Donald Trump is a 'thug;' the Jews control congress; and he defends the Tea Party. In fact, his defense of the Tea Party is so beyond belief that it wouldn't surprise me if his handlers originally had this speech scheduled for April 1st and had to move it because there'd be people in the audience who wouldn't take him seriously on that day.

Wait for the part where he calls Trump a thief because he took Gadhafi's money and gave it to charity. Using Farrakhan's own standard, the U.S. Government is committing theft by taxing its citizens for things they don't want their money going to.

**Content Warning**

Via The Blaze:

Did Bill O'Reilly Scrub his Podcast?

First, if it wasn't for the question raised in the headline of this post, this post probably wouldn't exist. The portion of Bill O'Reilly's television podcast that appears to have been 'scrubbed' occurred during his viewer mail segment on April 13th. After reading a viewer email inquiring about the controversy surrounding Obama using a Connecticut social security number, O'Reilly defended the president by saying his father lived in Connecticut. While there are serious reasons to question O'Reilly's answer, the real question involves that portion of the segment being scrubbed from the podcast and the transcript.

Via WND:
In September 1962, Obama Sr. entered Harvard to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. Before completing the requirements to obtain the degree, however, he returned to Kenya.

The assertion that Obama is using a Social Security number issued to an applicant with a Connecticut address because his father lived in Connecticut can be traced back to a piece Carol Bengle Gilbert posted on the Yahoo blog "Associated Content."

In that piece, Gilbert claimed, without providing any documentation, that Barack Obama Sr. lived in Connecticut after divorcing Obama's mother.

"In fact Barack Obama's dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged; is it beyond reason to consider he might have checked out his father's alma mater?" Gilbert wrote.

The story Obama told in his autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," was that he saw his father only once after he left Hawaii to study at Harvard, during a return visit to Hawaii in 1971.
I have always found the controversy surrounding Obama's social security numbers far more intriguing than the one about his Birth Certificate. In the case above, I might be inclined to be less intrigued after hearing O'Reilly's explanation if not for Fox News and O'Reilly himself scrubbing the comments from the podcast and website respectively. On its face, it looks like an attempt by O'Reilly to debunk the questions before giving 'folks' something to fact check and hold him accountable to later.

Here's the video of the entire segment, including the portions scrubbed by Fox News:

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