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Friday, November 27, 2009


Breitbart's Big Government website - along with P.I. Derrick Roach, who scarfed up 20,000 documents from the dumpster behind ACORN's San Diego office - is making life quite uncomfortable for Jerry Brown. First things first. BG posted a link to an interview Jerry Brown had on KABC on Tuesday, November 24th in which the host - Peter Tilden, asked him to comment on Roach's recovery of all of these documents.

As Charles Krauthammer said when referring to Eric Holder's attempt at explaining why Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was being tried as a civilian in NYC, Brown was incoherent. Here is THE LINK to the BG page that has the audio from the interview.

BG makes an excellent point about Brown's reaction to the 20,000 documents. Instead of viewing it as a boon to his investigation, thereby making it easier, Brown appears almost distraught by the fact that all of this evidence on ACORN has been exposed.
Considering this document dump occurred just a few days after the Attorney General had announced an investigation of this very same office, we anticipated his righteous anger at this obvious afront to the integrity of his investigation and the people of California’s right to investigate all evidence pertaining to the operations of ACORN.
Quite curious for an Attorney General to respond that way - unless you're Governor Moonbeam I guess.

Be sure to check out the latest documents Roach has posted on BIG GOVERNMENT. Jerry Brown is finding himself in quite the conundrum. In addition to being implicated by an audio tape that allegedly has the voice of ACORN California leader David Lagstein bragging that Brown's investigation of ACORN will find fault with the filmmakers and not ACORN - based on Lagstein's claim that he had access to communications from Brown's office. As Attorney General, Brown's troubles relative to that audio recording have increased tremendously as a result of these 20,000 documents retrieved from the ACORN dumpster.

You're urged and encouraged to check out this OTHER POST on Brown relative to his affinity for Community Organizing and his relationship with Jim Jones, of Jonestown fame. Jim Jones used Community Organizing style tactics to bully the San Francisco Examiner and Jerry Brown seems to have an unhealthy affinity for ACORN.
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