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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Perhaps you've seen Dr. Hill on Hannity, Greta, or Huckabee. Odds are better that you've seen him on the O'Reilly Factor, where he makes the majority of his appearances. In any case, Hill is a paid Fox News Contributor who should perhaps be out of a job soon.

David Horowitz and Cliff Kincaid have uncovered a multitude of very disturbing things about Hill, not the least of which involves scrubbing his website after he's been busted.

It all started when David Horowitz posted on his NEWSREAL blog that Hill was severely underqualified to discuss American foreign policy relative to Iran. Hill apparently took issue with this and responded to Horowitz via Twitter. In reading Hill's response, Horowitz noticed something very disturbing about Hill's wallpaper - it included several photos of Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who ended her victim's life by shooting him "execution style" in the head two times. Shakur was convicted but escaped thanks to help from both Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. She is currently in Cuba, thanks to being granted asylum by the Castro government.

As is quite common, Cliff Kincaid has picked up the ball and is running with it, exposing far more disturbing facts about Hill. So far, Kincaid has written three articles on Hill and Fox News continuing to retain him as a contributor. In Kincaid's SEPTEMBER 28 article, he provides the details of an interview he conducted with Hill:
While Hill disputed reports that Shakur shot Foerster in the head, the website of America's Most Wanted, a Fox program, describes what happened this way: "On May 2, 1973, New Jersey State Police Troopers James Harper and Werner Foerster were patrolling the New Jersey Turnpike in the East Brunswick area. They stopped a car with three occupants and began to question them. The female passenger, JoAnne Chesimard, was a member of the Black Liberation Army. She suddenly pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and opened fire. Trooper Foerster was struck twice in the chest and Trooper Harper was hit in the shoulder. Chesimard then picked up Trooper Foerster's service weapon and shot him twice in the head, execution style, while he lay in the road."
Yet, Marc Lamont Hill seems to revere Shakur based on Horowitz' claim that his Twitter wallpaper consists of several pictures of her. Uh, well, that was before Hill was outed. According to Kincaid, Shakur has been taken down and replaced by the rather innocuous photos of Muhammad Ali.

In Kincaid's September 30th article titled, FOX NEWS HAS A VAN JONES PROBLEM, we learn a bit more about Hill.
In the same way that Van Jones was exposed originally by New Zealand blogger Trevor Loudon by using Internet search engines to look into his controversial background and writings, over the course of just a few days Accuracy in Media has been able to determine the following about Hill from public sources:

He called the notorious anti-white, anti-Jewish Khallid Muhammad a "mentor, teacher, and revolutionary hero," and believes that the black racist died not from a brain aneurysm but was assassinated. Muhammad was so extreme that he was ousted from the Nation of Islam because of his hatred of Jews.
He gave a lecture on "The Importance of Ideological Training in the New Millenium (sic)" at the Polymathematic University's "Political Education Program for the Poor Righteous Communist Party."
He declared on a "MySpace" page that the people he'd like to meet personally include Assata Shakur, Louis Farrakhan, Fidel Castro, and Mumia Abu Jamal, another convicted cop-killer.
He speaks on "The Importance of the Nation of Islam to Hip-Hop Culture" and says that he once belonged to something called the Ansaaru Allah Community, an Islamic sect with doctrines similar to the Nation of Islam that has been accused of being a religious cult.
Hill's "MySpace" page features a slide show of such figures as Assata Shakur, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Ella Baker, who just happens to be the namesake of the Ella Baker Center, founded by Van Jones.
The Marc Lamont Hill website includes a graphic and obscene "Sex With Timaree" segment that features advice from a "Sexpert" on how to enjoy the "Land o' Anal" or anal sex.
Hill also spoke at Polymathematic University according to Kincaid and this is easily verified. What's quite disturbing about PU is a link on its website under the heading of "Comrades". When you click on that link, you are directed to the website for the POOR RIGHTEOUS PARTY OF THE BLACK NATION, which has photos of Mao Tse Tung, Malcolm X, Nicolai Lenin, and some other really sweet dudes.

Be sure to check out Kincaid's OCTOBER 2ND ARTICLE as well.

The most telling things about Hill are his actions after being confronted about his allegiances. Among things deleted or altered include his My Space page, Twitter, and Homepage.

Fox News in general and Bill O'Reilly in particular need to denounce Marc Lamont Hill and do so publicly while pledging never to allow him to set foot inside the Fox News Channel again. To this point, O'Reilly deserves the benefit of the doubt. He will be severely tainted if he continues to provide Hill with a forum.
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