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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video: Joe Biden Calls for Impeaching the President

The Vice President makes a very impassioned case for impeachment here. When the president has no constitutional authority to take the United States into war and he does so anyway, Joe Biden said, it is grounds for impeachment that he would push for. Here, Biden appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews and was asked if he would call for impeaching the president if the latter attacked a country without congressional approval. Biden answered resoundingly in the affirmative.

This interview took place before Obama ordered attacks on Libya - way before. The exchange took place back when Biden was a Senator in 2007; he was talking about what he would do if George W. Bush attacked Iran without congressional approval. Bush never did attack Iran but Obama attacked Libya.

Fast forward to the :50 mark.

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Islamic Scholar Anjem Choudary says Muslim Brotherhood ready to Take Over in Libya

If there's one thing that can be said about British Islamic scholar Anjem Choudary it's that he does not deceptively mince his words with respect to the goals of Islam. Conversely, leaders of Muslim Brotherhood groups that have infiltrated western civilization deny much of what Choudary says. However, Choudary has demonstrated time and again that the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are quite obvious. Yet, westerners consistently ignore him while believing the words of groups like CAIR.

If Choudary is right, Barack Obama's attacks on Libya necessarily support the Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to oust Gadhafi so that an Islamic government can be installed.

Via World Net Daily:
British cleric Anjem Choudary says al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood have assets on the ground in Libya and are ready to take control if Moammar Gadhafi is removed from power.

The top Muslim cleric accuses the U. S. and French-led coalition trying to topple Gadhafi of working to install a puppet regime, but he says there are al-Qaida operatives in Libya who will stop the West from installing a friendly government.

"Al-Qaida has their own agents and their own people in the region who are propagating their own Islamic ideas and their agenda. At the right time they will make the move, and we will see the emergence of Islam and Shariah in that particular region," Choudary said.

"The power vacuum is very useful for anyone who has an agenda and an alternative system to put in its place," he said.

"Al-Qaida is in fact a philosophy and an idea which is franchised now all around the world. You don't necessarily have to be a member of al-Qaida. If you believe in the Shariah and if you believe in the concept of jihad, and you want Islam to be implemented, then you are adhering to the same ideas as the people of al-Qaida," said Choudary.
The question that doesn't seem to be getting asked is why the Barack Obama administration continues to come down on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in every Middle Eastern / Arab fight?

Read it all.

Video: Is this a Case for Impeachment?

Obama's attacks on Libya are quite arguably unconstitutional; even the anti-war Democrats like Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore have expressed outrage at the move. It is true that Obama did not get Constitutional approval for the attacks while George W. Bush did before going into Iraq. It's also true that Ronald Reagan attacked Libya without Constitutional approval but the argument there is that Reagan was acting in self-defense after Gadhafi's attacks on Americans.

There may or may not be a case for impeachment there; it would require substantial political will in the House of Representatives to pull it off anyway. What if the reasons to impeach the president went beyond the Constitutionality of his attacks on Libya? What if those reasons should be used to confront something far more dangerous? What if this administration is intentionally installing Islamic tyrants all over the world with an endgame that consists of destroying America?

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