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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Commentary on Andrew Breitbart

As someone who has had the opportunity to write for Andrew Breitbart's Big Government and Big Peace websites, it's truly sad to see such an iconic and fiercely patriotic figure leave us today. I never met Andrew but thanks to his vision for fighting the left, I was able to be a part of his team.

With his BIG sites, Andrew gave thousands of people megaphones and platforms. In an age when so many Americans are angry about what's been happening to their country, Andrew gave so many the power to be heard and informed. He called his writers, which numbered in the thousands, an 'Army of Davids.' As best as I can tell, that's how he saw this fight.

All anti-venom must consist of a bit of venom. Breitbart was a former liberal who knew how liberals thought; he was inside their heads and they knew it.  In a world filled with increasing amounts of liberal venom, Breitbart was like conservative anti-venom. The Alinsky-style tactics used by the left proved ineffective when used on Breitbart. I remember watching him stare into a camera phone held by a progressive blogger and yell, "F**k you John Podesta." When it came to the Alinsky rule that said when you ridicule others, they react to your advantage, the opposite was true with Breitbart; he reacted to his own advantage whenever he was ridiculed.

If Al Gore invented the internet, Andrew Breitbart invented the blogosphere. It was Andrew who got on the internet while it was in its infancy and helped form it into what it is today. He posted excerpts from left wing arms like the Associated Press and Reuters. He then highlighted their absurdities by commenting on their liberal propaganda masquerading as news. Such entities have been on defense ever since. Breitbart was a true trailblazer who found a way to bring righteously indignant Americans into the fold of political discourse. He gave people the tools they needed to fight lies.

If there was ever someone who built a system that groomed his replacements, it was Andrew Breitbart.

The best way for Andrew Breitbart's fight to continue is for his Army of Davids to continue fighting it.

Carry on, soldiers.

Are we already Arming Syrian Rebels?

According to the Syrian rebels' leader, both France and the United States are already arming them, despite the fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed opposition to doing so during an interview with CBS (video below). During that interview, Clinton said it would be a mistake to arm the rebels because they consist of both al-Qaeda and now Hamas, which recently pledged support for the opposition.

So how do we explain this, Mrs. Clinton?

Via Russia Today / Eurasia Review:
A general in the opposition militia known as the Free Syria Army has told journalists that the rebels have received French and American military assistance, amid reports of worsening violence in the stricken nation.

In Homs on Tuesday, a general claiming to be from the rebel group appeared on camera and told a journalist from Reuters news agency that “French and American assistance has reached us and is with us.” When asked to elaborate on the nature of the assistance he added, “We now have weapons and anti-aircraft missiles and, God willing, with all of that we will defeat Bashar [President Assad].”
A little further into the article...
This is not the first report of the US covertly supplying the opposition with arms. In December, FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds said she believed the US had been training the Syrian opposition in neighboring Turkey and supplying arms to the country from Incirlik military base close to the Turkish-Syrian border.

In addition, Qatar and Saudi Arabia reportedly held secret meetings to offer financial support to the Syrian rebels to buy weapons.
Turkey's involvement is key because the Islamic caliphate sought by the Muslim Brotherhood would be based in Turkey. If these reports are true, it means the United States is actively working with Turkey to further the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So why would the Secretary of State claim that arming the rebels would be a mistake while her country is arming them at the same time? Amid news reports that al-Qaeda and Hamas are among the rebels she couldn't come out publicly and say we're doing it if, in fact we are. Say, isn't that mentality similar to the one that seems to have been prevalent in Operation Fast and Furious?

Either way, even if the Russia Today report is false, it's still propaganda that can be used by Russia, China, and Iran. All three of those entities support Assad and our arming of the rebels provokes all of those countries unnecessarily while aiding an increasingly powerful Muslim Brotherhood.

***UPDATE*** 3/1/12: Sibel Edmonds cannot be considered a reliable source for this story. She is also a 9/11 Truther. Until there are more credible, corroborating reports about the U.S. supplying arms to the Syrian rebels, the claim cannot be confirmed.

Here is the CBS interview with Clinton, via Shoebat:

h/t Weasel Zippers 

Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton in agreement over Apology for Qur'an Burning

Ron Paul is really courting that Muslim vote. I no sooner posted the link to the Big Peace article in which his campaign volunteers posted a flyer in Arabic that touted him as the candidate who would cut-off aid to Israel, when I noticed this.

He is in agreement with the apology Obama issued to Hamid Karzai over the Qur'an burnings. He expressed this sentiment while questioning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.

Via the National Journal:
Bringing up the scandal provoked by a viral video depicting American Marines urinating on Taliban corpses, Paul voiced his overall opposition to the war that created thousands of refugees in the country.

"Does it ever get to the point where apologizing about the Koran is rather minor, considering some of the other problems we have created in [Afghanistan]?" Paul asked.

Clinton said she appreciated Paul's measured comments about Obama and other presidents offering apologies "when we are deeply sorry for unfortunate incidents that occur, that were not intentional, and which we know have emotional resonance with people."
The premise a vast majority of the Pauliens operate from is one that says the U.S. Government (not Islamic terrorists) is responsible for the 9/11 attacks. As such, the inclination is to believe that the former is a greater threat than the latter. By their own admission, the Pauliens will tell you that the Islamic threat is overrated.

Again, the only way these comments by Paul are not viewed as out of bounds is if you believe the government is worse than the terrorists.

The 9/11 Truth crowd has found that the springboard for its conspiratorial beliefs is placing them in the camp of America's true enemies.

Apparently, as an added bonus, the more Paul talks like this, the more he garners Muslim / anti-Semitic votes.

h/t Weasel Zippers 
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