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Sunday, January 9, 2011


It is truly and disturbingly amazing to watch the left wing twist itself into knots in order to find ways to pin the Safeway massacre on the Tea Party. They would actually do well to just shut up but they can't help themselves. In the days after the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995 Bill Clinton resurrected his presidency by painting Timothy McVeigh as a right wing extremist spurned on by talk radio in general and Rush Limbaugh in particular. The facts didn't support the allegation but the left appears to be applying the same tactics in this massacre.

One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did.

“They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,” said the Democrat. “Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.”

Another Democratic strategist said the similarity is that Tucson and Oklahoma City both “take place in a climate of bitter and virulent rhetoric against the government and Democrats.”

This Democrat said that the time had come to insist that Republicans stand up when, for example, a figure such as Fox News commentator Glenn Beck says something incendiary.
POLITICO doesn't deserve all that much credit for the report; that should have been the headline.

Imagine if we had a fully mature internet at the time of the OKC Bombing. The American public would have learned that McVeigh was an agnostic who viewed "Science" as his "religion." The false narrative that he was a Christian never would have developed.

The Safeway massacre shooter, like McVeigh was, is obviously an atheist based on his YouTube rants.

h/t Big Government


I don't know what's more disturbing - the gall of communists to carry the narrative that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are responsible for the Safeway massacre or the gall to do so despite evidence the shooter was one of their followers. This truly is very bizarre and says more about the accusers than it does those they accuse. Remember, the shooter - Jared Loughner - listed the Communist manifesto as one of his favorite books. That manifesto serves as the cornerstone for the belief structure of the CPUSA. Yet, the CPUSA decides to pop off and blame the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for this?

In no uncertain terms, the Communist Party USA strongly and unequivocally condemns this outrageous act of violence. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the victims. We hope for full recoveries for all the wounded, including Rep. Giffords.

It is reported that law enforcement has in custody a 22-year-old white man, Jared Lee Loughner, as the accused shooter. It is not clear whether the shooter acted alone or with accomplices.

Many are dubbing this a tragedy, which undoubtedly it is. But it doesn't end there.

While we do not yet know the motivation of the crime, many have surmised that the motivation is political because of the atmosphere of violent language and threats against Rep. Giffords and other Congressional Democrats. Political or not, the extreme right-wing tea party movement and their anti-government rantings and ravings helped create an atmosphere that allowed or even encouraged this attack. For instance, until the day of the event when it was removed, Sarah Palin featured Giffords on her webpage with the congresswoman's district in the crosshairs of a gun, targeting her for her support of healthcare reform.

Political hate speech has consequences. Giffords herself said, "Palin has crosshairs on our district; people have to realize there are consequences to that." She said that in a TV interview after her Arizona office had been broken into and vandalized after her vote for the national health care reform bill. Giffords was a frequent target of the tea party movement. Judge Roll, a Republican, had also received threats from the right.

Yet, the link to rhetoric and violence doesn't end with the Palin and her tea party. It extends to the political leadership of Arizona and the Republican Party, who have fomented laws and policies that logically lead to violence. Starting with the anti-immigrant SB 1070 and banning ethnic studies, leaders like Governor Jan Brewer, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have to take as much responsibility for this violence as Palin and her cohorts. All their condolences ring hollow because of their callous inflammatory rhetoric and romanticization of guns and "Second Amendment remedies". Arizona is burning. It is Ground Zero for this extreme far-right, and their corporate, multi-billionaire sponsors. In the words of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik in responding to political mood leading to the shooting shooting, "Arizona I think has become the capital. We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry."
I think it's safe to say that America has been infiltrated by communists; the leftwing has clearly been co-opted by them.

For anyone who has managed to forget why we so despised communism so collectively as a nation at one time, a better example you will not find than this.

h/t Weasel Zippers


Byron York at the Washington Examiner delivers another haymaker to leftwing logic, exposing bias so blatant that the liberal hacks might actually have to put a stop to their irresponsible narrative that the Tea Party in general and Sarah Palin in particular are the source of Jared Loughner's homicidal rage. York's point is very well taken. In a few short hours after the Fort Hood shooting, we had far more facts available about Nidal Malik Hasan's motives than we do about Loughner. Yet, the narrative from the left about Hasan was not to jump to conclusions. Now? Pile onto conservatives.

Via Washington Examiner:
On November 5, 2009, Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire at a troop readiness center in Ft. Hood, Texas, killing 13 people. Within hours of the killings, the world knew that Hasan reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar!" before he began shooting, visited websites associated with Islamist violence, wrote Internet postings justifying Muslim suicide bombings, considered U.S. forces his enemy, opposed American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as wars on Islam, and told a neighbor shortly before the shootings that he was going "to do good work for God." There was ample evidence, in other words, that the Ft. Hood attack was an act of Islamist violence.

Nevertheless, public officials, journalists, and commentators were quick to caution that the public should not "jump to conclusions" about Hasan's motive. CNN, in particular, became a forum for repeated warnings that the subject should be discussed with particular care.

"The important thing is for everyone not to jump to conclusions," said retired Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN the night of the shootings.

"We cannot jump to conclusions," said CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell that same evening. "We have to make sure that we do not jump to any conclusions whatsoever."
Ralph Peters did an exceptional job of explaining the absurdity in the days after the Fort Hood massacre.

Read it all.


Eugene Robinson, far left writer at the Washington Post was on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann hours after the Safeway shooting in Tucson, AZ and demonstrated exactly why he should have no credibility. He said that 'violent rhetoric' comes 'exclusively from the right.' Small problem, he's flat out wrong and Breitbart has linked to the quintessential example that demonstrates why. Two months prior to the shooting, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan interviewed Ted Rall, who was promoting his book, the Anti-American Manifesto and called for a Revolution.

Forget the fact that the individual responsible for the Safeway massacre appears to be from the left. At least we now know that he's an atheist, reveres flag burning, and considers the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf two of his favorite books.

This is just bald-faced lying and quintessential hypocrisy.

Via Breitbart:


The shootings that critically injured Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and claimed the life of Federal Judge John Roll are already being politicized by the left in droves. People like New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann, Viet Cong ally Jane Fonda, Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, State Senator Linda Lopez, blogger Markos Moulitas and many others are blaming the Tea Party for the actions of an obviously insanely deranged gunman. Regardless of the motives of said gunman, his actions are the responsibility of he and he alone. Making the left's claims even more outrageous is that the gunman's profile would actually put him in the leftwing's camp.

His YouTube page indicates he's an atheist, endorses flag burning, and reveres books like Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto. As an aside, the judge he murdered was appointed by George H.W. Bush in 1991.

That didn't stop these loons from blaming the Tea Party...

Paul Krugman at NYT:
We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was. She’s been the target of violence before. And for those wondering why a Blue Dog Democrat, the kind Republicans might be able to work with, might be a target, the answer is that she’s a Democrat who survived what was otherwise a GOP sweep in Arizona, precisely because the Republicans nominated a Tea Party activist. (Her father says that “the whole Tea Party” was her enemy.) And yes, she was on Sarah Palin’s infamous “crosshairs” list.
How about Keith Olbermann focusing on Sarah Palin's "targets" drawn on a congressional map that indicated Giffords was someone she wanted to help defeat in the 2010 elections?

Via Gateway Pundit:

How about Hanoi Jane's Tweets? h/t Weasel Zippers:

Leftwing Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who vowed last year called SB 1070 "racist" and said he would instruct his deputies not to enforce it if passed, blamed talk radio and some television (Fox News perhaps):

Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona State Senator Linda Lopez blamed the Tea Party. H/t to Conservative Nation for posting the video of Lopez appearing with Shepard Smith. Fast forward to the 4:18 mark to see her associate the Tea Party with the incident.

Then there is far left blogger Markos Moulitas at Daily Kos. He tweeted that Sarah Palin is to blame...

Using Moulitas' logic, one of the bloggers who writes a diary on the Daily Kos presents Moulitas with a bit of a problem. His name is Boy Blue and he posted about Giffords two days prior to the shooting. HERE is part of what he said:
She (Giffords) wins her re-election and told me she was still a supporter of Speaker Pelosi at her victory party. We talked about how Nancy Pelosi was a successful woman and accomplished oh so much in just four years as Speaker.

Today, just a little while ago, I saw on Andrea Mitchell Reports (out of the one eye in can still see out of) that Giffords voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi as our Minority Leader. Rhetorical question: I fought back from my condition and jumped in with both feet to help Gabrielle Giffords for THIS s***???

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is dead to me now. I won't lift a finger, make one phone call, nor will i EVER vote for her in the future. And why did she do this? Giffords never told me she was conservative Democrat. And her voting record is okay. Damn.
That post appears to have been pulled down from Daily Kos.

Again, there is one person responsible for this very tragic and despicable act - Jared Loughner. Perhaps not so coincidentally is the fact that the left in general doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal responsibility, which might explain their blaming people who have no affiliation with this individual or his actions. What's more outrageous is that applying their logic would necessitate blaming themselves because everything points to the shooter being antithetical to the Tea Party movement and more closely aligned with the left.

I still don't blame Krugman, Olbermann, Fonda, Lopez, Dupnik, Moulitas, et. al. for any of this. I blame Loughner.

Their gall, however, is beyond the pale.
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