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Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, Brother: Mormon Church Baptized Anne Frank

Folks, this is not going away. In fact, if Mitt Romney gets the Republican nomination, the liberal media is going to beat, beat, beat, beat, beat on his Mormon religion. Here is yet another taste of how they're going to do it. Last week, CNN interviewed Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel about the latter's displeasure with revelations that Simon Wiesenthal's parents had been put on the Mormon list of deceased Holocaust victims who needed to receive posthumous baptisms into the Mormon faith. Wiesel was also on the list and didn't like it very much.

Now, Anne Frank is on the list.

Via The Independent:
Anne Frank, the famous diarist and Holocaust victim, was put to death on account of her Jewish faith. But earlier this month, she was nonetheless secretly co-opted into the Mormon Church.

So claim researchers investigating the US-based Church’s practice of posthumously baptising dead people - sometimes without the knowledge and almost always against the will of surviving friends and family members.

Ms Frank was “christened” at a Mormon temple in the Dominican Republic, in apparent violation of a pact between the Church and Jewish leaders. A local child, acting as her spiritual proxy, is believed to have been dunked in a font during the ceremony.

Computer records of the event register Ms Frank under her full name, Annelies Marie Frank, and say that she lived from 1929 to 1945. The baptism was “completed” at a temple in Santo Domingo on 18 February.
Of course, no story like this would be complete without at least one reference to Mitt Romney. The Independent has that too:
The practice also sometimes extends to the political arena. It was recently reported that Barack Obama’s late mother, Stanley Ann Durham, had been the subject of a ceremony. And Mitt Romney, the US presidential candidate, is believed to have held one for his dead father-in-law Edward, a staunch atheist.
I contend that this is one reason team Obama is licking its chops to face Romney. Mormonism will be under an assault the likes of which we've never seen and it is likely to torpedo Romney's chances.

Yahoo News has more on this Baptizing the Dead thing. Yes, they're tying it to Romney as well.

Video: Newt goes after Obama on Apologizing for Qur'an Burnings

Newt is absolutely right here. Obama used up his allotment of apologies to the Muslim world during his 2009 speech in Cairo. As you watch this clip of Gingrich, ask yourself if you can see Ron Paul saying this.

Via CNN:

Video: Mitt Romney / Ron Paul Alliance now Obvious?

Wouldn't you love to know how the Ron Paul purists rationalize this bit of hypocrisy? It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is some sort of a deal between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. If true, the "incorruptible" congressman from Texas has apparently decided to compromise his principles and fight for the nomination of Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul, you know, the guy who touts himself as the only candidate who doesn't play politics and simply does what's right, is said to have reached an agreement with Mitt Romney. At least according to former Congressman Joe Scarborough, there is zero doubt. Ditto for campaign strategist Mark McKinnon.

The speculation is that the deal between Paul and Romney is that Senator Rand Paul will be offered the VP slot if Romney gets the nomination. One thing is for sure, though. In the debates, Romney and Paul have left each other alone.

Politics as usual, hey Pauliens? I thought Mitt Romney was Dracula without a cape.

h/t Hot Air

Time for Catholic Church to Excommunicate Pelosi?

Perhaps it's time for the Catholic Church to do something bold, like excommunicate Nancy Pelosi. While speaking at Texas A&M, Pelosi poked her finger in the chest of the Catholic Church by twisting the entire HHS contraception mandate around and blaming the Church for not "enforcing" its teaching on contraception.

The argument from Pelosi is that since 98% of Catholic women use contraception and that, as a result, the Catholic Church should shut up and pay for it because it hasn't been effective at preventing its use. First of all, if there's one thing that has been proven over and over and over again, it's that Democrats lie when quoting statistics so I don't believe her 98% figure at all (remember when the Obama administration's claim that 90% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico came from the United States?).

Second, if the Catholic Church was "enforcing" its teaching on contraception, Pelosi would be acting like a caged animal, throwing hay up in the air about it. If you've ever wondered what a "heads I win, tails you lose" argument is, this is it.

Nonetheless, if Pelosi wants to play hardball with the Catholic Church by saying it should shut up and pay for its employees' contraceptives because it hasn't enforced its own teachings, I can think of no better response from the Church than to say, "You know what, Nancy? You're right. We haven't been enforcing our own teachings and we're going to change that today, starting with you. We are hereby excommunicating you from the Catholic Church because of your position on abortion."

Via CNS News:

Obama on Gas Prices Then vs. Now

First up, Barack Obama on the Campaign trail four years ago, touting wind, solar, and bio-fuels. Note that he talks about not having to worry about high gas prices in future summers because of his promise to invest in alternative energy sources. More than three years into his term, which started with gas prices at about $1.85 / gallon, is the specter of $4 / gallon gasoline and $500 Million down the Solyndra money pit.

Contrast that with what White House press secretary Jay Carney said just yesterday about their being no magic solutions to high gas prices:


Ok, so in 2008, we were told that because of our investment in solar panels, we wouldn't have to worry about high gas prices. In 2012, the administration admits failure without admitting failure by saying there are "no magic solutions."

So, then, who was the genius who told Obama to tout algae as an alternate energy source just this week in Miami. I'd say algae being the answer to high gas prices is rather magical:

Just a few months ago, in addition to touting "algae" as a solution, Obama suggested "wood chips" and "switchgrass" would be good too.

Again, pretty magical, eh Mr. Carney? Oh, if lies were switchgrass, just think of the possibilities.

h/t Hapblog
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