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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video: Doctors Writing Fake Sick Notes at Wisconsin Protests

Think about it. All week, public sector union workers have not been going to work in order to protest at the state capitol. They called in sick to do it. Then, on Saturday, when the people who actually pay their salaries - private sector workers - finally have a day off, they show up to counter-protest and find fraudulent doctors voluntarily signing fake sick notes for anyone who needs them. If sick, these workers get paid. If it's an unexcused absence, no pay.

Doctors should lose licenses and these workers should not be paid. Line of the video has got to be the rationalization of those getting the notes. Yes, their sick. They're sick of Governor Scott Walker.

Via Hot Air

Video Shocker: Bill Maher Slams Muslim Men for Treatment of Women

Some things simply amaze and this segment on Bill Maher's Real Time is one of those things. Bill Maher has successfully branded himself as an unhinged, blasphemous, and vile liberal. That's what makes this exchange with his panel - Tavis Smiley in particular - so unexpected. Maher's point here is that the Muslim / Arab men mistreat their women so much more than do their western counterparts. Smiley's point is that women are mistreated in both places and as a result, the Muslim world shouldn't take an unnecessary hit. It's almost like reverse moral relativism.

The possible explanation for Maher's seemingly conservative position in this case is that his contempt for religion is universal while liberals typically only have contempt for Judaism and Christianity.

The highlight comes at the 5:35 mark when a member of the far left audience gets in on the act and shouts incoherently at Maher about drone attacks being on par with mistreatment of women. Maher rightfully points out it's an apples and oranges argument.

Maher said at least one thing that was absolutely false, however and it comes at the end: "When you tolerate intolerance, you're not really being a liberal." It silenced Smiley though.

**UPDATE: YouTube version has been pulled. Click HERE to view.**

h/t Weasel Zippers
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