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Monday, January 11, 2010


Thanks to an email from listener Gary. Granted, as you watch this you will find yourself asking how this is any different from any other story about a home run to win the game. Don't be fooled. You will find an ending to this that is almost guaranteed to be something you never could have guessed.


This one speaks volumes. This crosses into yet another realm. Not only was Nidal Malik Hasan shuffled through the system because of political correctness (cowardice) but those responsible for doing so weren't just ignorant - they were willfully ignorant. At some point, someone other than Hasan, who is not Muslim and IS in the U.S. military must be identified as having blood on his / her hands.

The AP reports:
A Defense Department review of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, has found the doctors overseeing Maj. Nidal Hasan's medical training repeatedly voiced concerns over his strident views on Islam and his inappropriate behavior, yet continued to give him positive performance evaluations that kept him moving through the ranks.

The picture emerging from the review ordered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates is one of supervisors who failed to heed their own warnings about an officer ill-suited to be an Army psychiatrist, according to information gathered during the internal Pentagon investigation and obtained by The Associated Press. The review has not been publicly released.
Positive performance evaluations were issued to keep him moving through the ranks? Toward the end of the article, the root of the problem is summed up by juxtaposing two paragraphs.
Between 2003 and 2007, Hasan's supervisors expressed their concerns with him in memos, meeting notes and counseling sessions. He needed steady monitoring, especially in the emergency room, had difficulty communicating and working with colleagues, his attendance was spotty and he saw few patients.
Then 22 words later comes this...
Still, Hasan's officer evaluation reports were consistently more positive, usually describing his performance as satisfactory and at least twice as outstanding. Known as "OERs," the reports are used to determine promotions and assignments. The Army promoted Hasan to captain in 2003 and to major in 2009.
In light of the PJTV video I POSTED earlier, it might be safe to say that the former D.O.D. analyst in the video makes some claims that are bolstered by this news.


Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media Television delivers an expose that is extremely shocking about the level of Islamic infiltration into the highest levels of the United States government. Reports were issued - according to one of the two men interviewed - that demonstrated this but that high level officials not only ignored it but shunned those who are adamant that the truth be told.

Both men interviewed in this piece remain anonymous. The first is a former DOD analyst who says the government knows that the moderate view of Islam is not the dominant one. He maintains that Islamic law "supports the radicals". That's not the most shocking part. The shocking part is what the entities who tasked this analyst to research - the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Defense - actually do with the information.

Their response to his conclusions? Unresponsiveness.

The second individual interviewed is a former FBI Special Agent, who makes reference to the Holy Land Foundation trial and that every major Muslim organization in the United States is a front group for Muslim Brotherhood. He names Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) specifically.

Click HERE for the video and decide for yourself if the threat to America isn't radical Islam but Islam itself.



A publicity firm named, Special Guests, Inc. is promoting an event at the Des Moines airport this morning. Former arab Muslim terrorist and current Christian, Walid Shoebat will be wearing a shirt that says, "PROFILE ME" while walking through the Des Moines Iowa airport on Monday, January 11th.

Special Guests' RELEASE:
Former Islamic Terrorist Walid Shoebat who speaks at Universities and to the news media concerning threats of terror will deliberately test the TSA system as he passes through airport security at Des Moines Airport to bring awareness to the public the proper measures needed to secure the American people.

A news conference will be conducted Monday January 11 from 8:45-9:15 am Central in the Northwest Airlines terminal in the departures area. During this time Walid will answer questions from members of the news media prior to walking through security around 9:30 am CT while wearing a Sweat Shirt that in large writing says, "Profile Me!"
I'm sure the media will be all over this.
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